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  2. Well, the play on has been vetoed. You guys can deal with me all by yourself now, shouldn't be too hard.
  3. It sure does. Until an option becomes available( unlikely) that will allow fleets to transfer items carried aboard the ONLY way to do this with any degree of accuracy is to OC items onto a pop ID you control and then LC. In other words You will need a 'forward operating base'. This isnt as tough as it sounds though as this base doesnt need any pop to function. You just need to drop a colony beacon and your golden. This issue is really a pain though if there are no orbits to drop a beacon on. if your in a nexus forgetaboutit.
  4. No info on those 2 Hobo. Send an in game message and see if you get a response. also park your ships next to theirs and see if they move. If nothing for a few turns then it’s a high probability that the lights are on but no one is home 😈
  5. Yesterday
  6. Does anybody know if this empire are still been played or what ? Lemuria # 775 The Swarm # 4924
  7. When you split off ships from one fleet to another they try and take as much stuff as they can hold, even if that means leaving nothing behind. The only exception is the fuel option. If you pick the fuel option fuel will will be split proportionally to the tanks. If 20% of the tanks move out then they will take 20% of the fuel. If there will only be enough space to take part of the cargo then it is generally taken by alphabetical order. This becomes a bit of a challenge when you want to resupply fighters/drones... Good luck,
  8. Last week
  9. Well, it is the propaganda ministry. Seriously, it was a good move on your guys part. I didn't even equate Denmark with your alliance. So question, since it's relevant if we play on. Who all is on your team? You know our 5, I'm sure, but just to be clear. Libya Egypt Trans Jordan Iraq Syria
  10. I believe the fleet you split off will fill up their bays with whatever ordnance is available. It won’t be based on a percentage
  11. Hmmmmmm is right. That won’t be the only aggression that won’t stand we assure you. We aren’t just your typical run of the mill 🐑 mind you. We are now a battle hardened savage warlike vicious bloodthirsty group of grazers 😈 bring it. we bleat at your supposed might...and laugh a bit too Baaaahaha😁
  12. Hmmmm...... (CANADA) Egypt has broken its political agreement with your nation Libya has attempted to break its political agreement with your nation
  13. Hmm, I didn't realize we were going to war with the west now. I figured it was if we all extended. In the early morning hours of January 9, a day that will live in infamy, the cowardly Danish navy sailed into the straits of Gibralter and leveled the peaceful city. After years of friendship, the western allies by this craven sneak attack have thrown the world into a war that will lead to worldwide suffering. This aggression will not stand!
  14. If I remember correctly it splits them based off what percentage of the total number of fighter bays in the fleet you just transferred to the new fleet. So if you transferred 10 percent of the fighter bays in a fleet to a new fleet, it would transfer 10 percent of the fighters
  15. Will first off your fighters and drones are build with fuel in them so it don't have nothing to do with your fuel you have on board
  16. I know that when you do a RN and move ships from one fleet into another, they take their full share of fuel unless you specify otherwise. Now, will that apply when the ship being moved has fighter bays (and/or drone racks)? Like if the ship being moved has 1,000 fuel and 1 fighter bay, it takes 1000 fuel and enough fighters/gunboats to fill the fighter bay? My guess is yes, it would but wouldn't really care about how many of each if there is a mixed gunboat load. But if the gunboat load was a single type, I figure it would take as many of them as it could handle. What has been your experience with this?
  17. and very belated Merry and happy to you as well
  18. well, that's done. Finishing with a drop in Morocco, something for the RWE.
  19. Earlier
  20. Once again , the turns are here !
  21. MarklenX. the western alliance is in.
  22. Waiting to hear from one member of the alliance. So for its 4 yay. 😁
  23. So Fremen, are you mates in?
  24. Maybe Yugoslavia was first
  25. Happy New Year to ye. So, last in, first out in the game. That was it for me. Thank you all for…..for…..for...yes exactly for that.
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