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  3. News Flash...... The Irish 🐑 continue to hang tough laughing at the Libyans hiding in the surrounding mountains of xBilbao. As a matter of fact there are NO Libyans hiding in the mountains any longer. 😈 NEXT!! baaaaaahahaha🤣
  4. They are Not gonna run away with anything. was Baltic even part of the Poland/Denmark alliance when you made your alliance? If not I don’t see how it’s a backstab. And besides when you play in the middle of Europe it’s suicide to not leave forces home to defend your own country.
  5. The fact that Baltic stated totally comitted to an attack against Czechoslovakia while at war with another TA is a strong indication that his TA of Poland, Denmark and Baltic states are working together with Northern Russia, Finland and Sweden. And warning the rest of the players about it by announcing it as a dagger in the back is equal parts: - Letting off some steam - Warning everione about the risk of a runaway team - Remembering that when I was young there were no 6- member teams like this, enemies were honorable, and taxes were low.
  6. I think I am getting old, in former days I always expected to be killed with a dagger in my back. Therefore I have always some troops at home and guest are always welcome.
  7. I think the game has many ways to play. An 18 stack of Armor versus a stack of airborne with long range can change the battle every turn. Using LCM's and cutting off rail lines disappearing the next turn. Strategically placing intercepts and fighter cover can end a TAS campaign quickly. Destroying a persons fuel, gen or fuel at night can be devastating. Using rangers can really mess with planes, rail and even leaders. You can't protect against everything. However, its always fun to see if we can spend all the money without hitting the negatives every turn. I agree about agreements which I always follow. I really enjoy playing the game it is filled with great players.
  8. Any deals you or your TA's make should apply to all TAs on both sides unless Explicitly spelled out. Otherwise you are just backstabbing someone
  9. I left the USS Kamehameha after it went through the Panama Canal to go to Hawaii.
  10. Victory has always been a game with a severe lack of information. In a way, this lack of information is the charm as well as the curse of this game. It allows for sequences and moves that are completely within the rules of the game, but also a bending of realism that comes close to breaking the game. Like: moving through a TA , DW-ing a countriy that that TA has a NAP or Alliance with and parkting 17 heavy divisions on its most important province. Timed in a way that the victim only hears about it ater his own turn. As his TA's went before the attack. . That way murdering its economy in one fell sweep, As the only group strong enough to push back is off somewhere else and can't react in time. Some call this a wellexecuted sneak attack. I call it unsportsmanlike and ugly. But of course, you could say, you would do it yourself if given the opportunity. No, I wouldn't
  11. Earlier
  12. Frank Eisenman, Sioux Falls SD currently. Originally from Portland OR and started playing when introduced to the game by some fool (can't remember the shipmates name) on the USS Kamehameha in Pearl Harbor HI in 93-94. I was also the first person who put the Victory Maps available to everyone in electronic form.
  13. Must be Poland has declared war on Switzerland
  14. Yea, one of the players that has done shit up to this point has had the idea to attack my team totally out of the blue. I know this game has the possibility of daggers in the back, but this one -and its possible follow-on- is cruel.
  15. Paul edmonds, 10 miles south of cicninnati oh, located in KY
  16. David Fromerth Manchester, Connecticut - USA
  17. yes, well I was too stupid to look far back until you mentioned this, so turns received 🙂
  18. Raven Zachary in Portland, Oregon, USA. I play two empires in the SuperNova Draco Galaxy, led by Honored One Grey Raven of The Seekers of the All- Seeing Eye & First Citizen 00110001 of 01001001. I am also the author of: SuperNova: Rise of the Empire Player Aid SuperNova.Wiki I've been playing SuperNova since mid-2018, so I am still learning a lot.
  19. All of the Draco results went out late last night - if you haven't received yours let us know. I haven't received anything kicked back by any mail servers as undelivered.
  20. had about 300 work emails today, hoping though to get the one I really want to see. 🙂
  21. I am staying home bound except for the rare trip to the dump, I am getting a lot done that I could not do while I was working so much. This would be kind of nice if it was not so serious. All of you stay home and stay safe. I will be hunting you or getting my behind kicked. At least we can still play.
  22. Going good Rednas!! thanks for asking!! I’m still working making deliveries of things that are critically needed. Just last night we delivered a load of medical supplies and ppe to Queens NY.
  23. Hello, How is everybody doing? For me personally I am at home, home officeing, since last week tuesday. Did leave my home in this time only twice for a short walk. No contact with other people, Cannot see my grandchild...or just by video calling. But I guess we will manage that all...but the big question when and how will the world look like? Take care. Greetings Rednas from Austria.
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