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  2. Game 102

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrrhic_victory A Pyrrhic victory is a victory that inflicts such a devastating toll on the victor that it is tantamount to defeat. Someone who wins a Pyrrhic victory has also taken a heavy toll that negates any true sense of achievement. The sheep forget that first they need to reconquer their own lands.
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  4. Production Clarification

    Here's a big one... 9,850,900,000,000 Crystals
  5. Game 102

    And to the player playing Spain. If your out there..... well done!!!! That was a brutal hard fought campaign on land and sea. We 🐑 salute you
  6. Game 102

    Yes that true but his allies currently have their hands full as well. The 🐑 learn fast. We may beat you to Berlin after all
  7. Game 102

    You would think the French or Italians would come to your aid are they not your allies?
  8. Game 102

    It was finally over. General Salazar looked over the city from a surrounding hilltop and could see nothing but devastation. The city was for all but destroyed. Just a few sturdy structures remained partially intact and the rail station was still operational. General Melzi commanding the Spanish marines defending the city was offered a chance to surrender but his one word reply was “Nunca!!!” The final battle saw Portuguese and Spanish soldiers fighting hand to hand with fixed bayonets as ammunition was nearly exhausted. General Melzi himself died a hero’s death charging a Portuguese machine gun nest with nothing but his sidearm in one hand and his saber in the other. The rest of the Spanish marines inspired by their general fought to the last man. In the end the Portuguese were victorious but at a very high cost. It would take weeks to bring up enough reserves to bring the army up to full strength but at least the army was still alive. That couldn’t be said for the Spanish who now have to figure out how to keep the Portuguese from capturing all of Spain. A very bleak outlook for the Spanish high command considering the Portuguese aren’t their only concern. 😊
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  10. Game 102

    What’s the longest it has taken to break an NAP? Anyone know off hand? Just curious.
  11. Entry program for a MAC

    Have you had any luck with an emulator?
  12. Game 103

    Andorra is checking in
  13. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Thanks For the updated
  14. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Got a reply from Pete at 11:10 CST........ Grinding out the printouts and data files – probably another hour or two to go. Pete
  15. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Pete was on 2 times last nite and didn't say a word about any problems And also some empire could a big ground combat or a big space combat also but who knows
  16. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Any word on turns?
  17. Game 103

    Why, yes I am
  18. Earlier
  19. Entry program for a MAC

    That sucks
  20. Game 102

    7.425% chance
  21. Entry program for a MAC

    I've never heard of one, and I don't think I'll be able to convert the new one to MacOS. Wouldn't know where to begin. Sorry, I guess you're stuck with Wine, Bootcamp or a virtual machine.
  22. I have recently switched to a MAC. Is there an entry program to upload turns for the MAC?
  23. Game 103

  24. Game 103

    So... Saudi Arabia checking in?
  25. Game 103

    Yup still the same as when you last checked in. 😕
  26. Game 102

    It’s about time!!!!
  27. Game 103

    Checking in
  28. Draco Rumours

    The Eridani Enclaves are doing pretty good. Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire possesses a very strong colonization effort. Additionally, your sources report that your standing army is among the largest they have encountered in their travels. Your sources also indicate that your merchant marine is quite strong.
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