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  2. Convoy Route

    Everybody has done it at one time in there game playing And one that i hope my 240 orders were straight as i can get them
  3. Convoy Route

    And it’s highly probable that you will be there again😂
  4. Last week
  5. Deep Core Surveyors

    Yes it is. It’s what allowed the kind of resource extraction needed to build those monster warships massing in the 10’s of billions of tons in Andromeda. If a ships of those tonnages ever get built in Draco it would be an effort worth legendary status to the builder😎
  6. Game 101

    Welcome to yet another insighful report straight from the land of the sheep! Count em 8! yes 8 declarations of war so far from the tiny country of Lowlands. Who would have thought that the Dutch would have so many enemies? The game is still young so I wonder who the Dutch will declare war on next? It looks like the Germans have gotten off thier collective butts and kicked the Poles out of xBerlin. I hear the Poles are even now mounting a counter-offensive to push them right back out again. We shall see. Iceland seems to be having issues with its pilots not being able to hit ANYTHING. By contrast they drop out of the skies like flies with one airgroup suffering 50% casualty rates. We suggest a crash training program there Iceland or the war will be over quickly. There seems to be much activity in northern Africa with Algeria on a tear through Morroco. I hear it wont be long before the capital itself falls. In southern europe the waring sides seemed to have pulled back a bit and might be waiting the onset of spring. dont know why exactly. The weather in Southern France is quite pleasant this time of year. Until next time. This is the vicious savage bloodthirsty warlike sheep signing off.
  7. Deep Core Surveyors

    In my view advanced stripmines are a waste. With that much production pluc ice you should have a colony for any resource you don't have on the hw. You also can't recycle tgd Adv HM once you are done with it. ICE is nice!
  8. Deep Core Surveyors

    here is what i just did on my hw with ice -4 it just is 7.5 million a turn The turn before Rare Elements Mine: 17,915,936,610 Rare Elements(s) were produced in Population Group # 759 This turn i just got Rare Elements Mine: 46,215,018,525 Rare Elements(s) were produced in Population Group # 759 it was with 3 leader hits also This is going to be the first time i ever did 240 orders since i been playing the game . I been playing 5+ years now .If you doing that ever turn then there is some major problems. I think i would have one of the old hand look at your turn to figured out what wrong . If you trust any of them
  9. Deep Core Surveyors

    160-200 orders per turn?.In the 14 plus years I have played the game Ive never needed more then 2 turn sheets. I think some stream lining is in order.
  10. Deep Core Surveyors

    wait tell you get ice-3 or ice-4 then you will see a lot of difference in the stuff
  11. Deep Core Surveyors

    Hi All, I'm now up to 200 DCS on my HW, and am getting decent Yield gains on everything. My Hydro Yield is over 5000, making it easy to power the DCS I build each turn :-) Been building 20 a turn for the last few turns, now reaching the point where I can produce enough Adv CM for 40 or 50 per turn, but my Hydro yield needs to be a bit higher to power them all! My GG is now over 3k population, and still gaining pop each turn, so turning into a useful mining world! I just got Advanced Stripmines a few turns ago, so upgrading from Improved Stripmines to Advanced is giving me all the spare population I need for my other mines. I'm only 2 or 3 turns away from Advanced IC too :-) Also, I'm recycling the Improved Heavy Machinery back into iron, to make Adv Hvy Mach for the Adv Stripmines :-) Need to build more recycling centres as there's big numbers involved, LOL. I'm now producing 50,000 ICE-2 per turn, my limit is the amount of production I can spare, as I am now getting more Rare Elements than I can convert each turn - this will change when I get Adv ICs. I haven't dropped any yet, I'll have half a million soon, I'll drop it on my GG then, to see what gains I get. I did notice that someone mentioned that even large ICE drops still don't add anything to resource yields that are 0, shame about that. I guess when my colonies are big enough, I'll be importing stuff I can't make on my HW. The only downside of all these tech advances is that the rebuilding of my plant's economies around the new tech is resulting in bigger turnsheets, my last 2 turns have been about 280 orders instead of my usual 160 or 200 orders a turn. Doesn't help that I'm rewriting my Colony routes for newer , faster colony ships I've been building :-) All in all, I'm at a really interesting point in the game :-) Cheers Gixxer
  12. Convoy Route

    been there done that also
  13. Game 99

    Czar of Southern Russia has noticed the probing of his borders in Persia and Germany as advancing single divisions of his enemies have been destroyed in both locations. Is this a precursor of a major attack I ask?
  14. Convoy Route

    Do it in one try and then fix the mistakes. It uses less orders. Pete is spot on. The failure to close the order had been my friend. It makes a real mess.
  15. Convoy Route

    Thanks everybody i guess i could gate them and loss 50% of them or more
  16. Convoy Route

    The only thing that I found impacts convoy routes big time is the arrival of war fleets in your home system. I
  17. Convoy Route

    Mechanically, it doesn't matter if you do it all at once or split it over two turns.
  18. Russ News

    Hi Guys, My wife's mother passed away suddenly this afternoon so my schedule for the new few days will likely be hit and miss. I'll do my best to keep things relatively caught up but just wanted to let everyone know that things are little hectic on my end. Best wishes, Russ
  19. Convoy Route

    With the potential for such a long convoy route, just be sure to stop convoy route recording. Avoid the madness of recording your remaining issued orders and all of your standing orders into it!
  20. Convoy Route

    Question for everyone I'm going to put in a convoy route but it will be 60 orders long . 1. so would it be better as one big order 2. cut it into 2 orders
  21. Official: Turns Are In Thread

  22. Earlier
  23. Game 101

    75%???? That’s some pretty rotten luck there Predator.
  24. Game 101

    I understand you frustration
  25. Game 101

    75% cancellation rate over last four turns! I know it’s winter in the Alps but damn the sun has to shine sometimes!!!!🌞🌞🌞
  26. Game 101

    Time for summary executions for pilots refusing to do their duty.
  27. Game 101

    If there’s even a cloud in the sky my pilots refuse to fly!
  28. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Massive coastal flooding in Massachusetts. Let’s hope Pete’s abode weathered the storm 👍
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