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    Just a suggestion. Take it or leave it. You contacted me, not the other way around.
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  4. Just gonna get some popcorn and enjoy the fun!
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    Well, that is the challenge isn't it.
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    Attacking an ally is the same as attacking me.
  7. Greetings - You picked up a position with years of history without regard to the neighbors or the arrangements that were longstanding and in effect. You then proceed to talk trash, threaten, wander around attacking others considered allies and then wonder why you are being attacked. Here is my suggestion, drop the position and start a new position in Draco where you are not starting in the middle of established empires. I put up with you out of sufferance as you are small fish. Now that the bigger fish has been fried it is your turn. It is nothing personal, its just empire management. I wish you well in Draco. I can't say the same for Andromeda. Good Bye
  8. I am empire 4907, The Fungal Infestation and empire 2185, Nym. I actively play both of those empires. I feel I must defend my empire to a small degree. Also, I know most of the empires you are inquiring about. Here is the up-to-date information I have: 1. United Federation of Psilons #3597 - I took over their HW at Iras-5 2. The Fungal Infestation # 4907 - That is me! 3. The Warikyan Empire # 3696 - They are currently dropped. My ally is guarding their HW is a very large fleet. 4. Pandora # 2648 - I took over their HW at Everly-2 5. The 457 # 2572 - I took over their HW at Heabba-7 6. The Maltauvian Hives # 1119 - I actually have no idea who they are. 7. Katalak # 4766 - I took over their HW at Upir-6 8. The Hivers # 3491 - I took over their HW at Frick-2 which used to be Arch Terra Bane of Land. The Fungal Infestation also took over The Hivers original HW at Juliun-3 prior to my having control of empire 4907. So, the only one I cannot help you with is The Maltauvian Hives # 1119. Sorry. As to your statement that I took over your home world and stuck you in the stone age, well yes, there is some truth to that. In my defense, it is you who continuously threatened to take over empire 4907, The Fungal Infestation, when it was run by the previous owner, D.F. You only backed off wanting to take over empire 4907 when The Fungal Infestation finally had more troop divisions than you did. Now be honest, if I, or D.F., had made those exact same threats toward your empire as you made towards empire 4907, could you have ever really trusted empire 4907? Therefore, when I took over control of empire 4907 there is no way I could trust you not to eventually attack The Fungal Infestation, so I did take preemptive action and attacked first. If you had been a true and faithful ally it would not have happened. I know we already had this discussion and you told me you were just "talking trash," which may be completely true, but the "trash talking" certainly did not instill a sense of confidence in your reliability as a good ally. As for my empire needing to be wiped out...well, that may be harder than you think. While I am not the biggest empire out there, by a huge margin, I am formidable enough to stand my own ground against most empires still playing the game. So be careful, because if you find some empire foolish enough to attempt an attack, you of all people should know that I will hunt that empire, or empires, down to the ends of the universe and I guarantee they will receive no mercy. Don't talk someone into a "trick bag." That being said, I am sorry the situation between us occurred. I wish things had been different but I can not change what is done now. I do not take over an active empire without a lot of thought and consideration. The active player has to have made some transgression again my empire for me to attack them, otherwise I am a very cooperative player. I want as many empires as possible playing Supernova in order to keep the game active. If you are not currently playing the "Wood Nymphs" then I could offer you another position I am not playing, The Milarepan. Not a perfect empire, and it needs some species engineering, but I will transfer it to you if you want it. I have not turned them on for a couple of years so I do not know if it is still viable. I am willing to not hold a grudge and work with you if you desire it.
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  10. We , the Fungal Infestation , enjoy being the subject of your discussions and your fears . And yes , we enjoy the destruction of said positions and shoving them back into the stone ages . The population has been moved , and is now gainfully employed . Emperor KurtSandvig
  11. Now that, sir, is what I'm talking about. I agree with you. I'm not for giving a guide on public forum for, say, siege plasma hellbores. Something up around gen 4 to act as guide only. They still need to do whatever is in their game plan. The learning curve is how to actually implement all that tech into useful defenses and offensive strategy. As you know, high tech doesn't guarantee success in this game. Lol. I will never tell anyone how they should run their empire. I give pros and cons to different situations so they can make their own decisions. That advice only goes in private conversation and on individual cases. Happy hunting.
  12. Guess ya haven’t heard yet. That’s ok you will soon. 😈
  13. I don’t take offense at all. I’m not a rookie player either. Been here since day one in Andromeda and Draco and even before that with SuperNova II. I’m also one of those willing to share but not on the forum and not directly. I will point ya in the right direction. The rest is up to the player. There is a HUGE learning curve with SN as there are so many things not listed in the rules about a great many things. I for one want the game to continue to flourish and new players that start the game may feel a bit overwhelmed. Rather than set them up for assimilation I help them prepare so they may have a fighting chance when the time comes.
  14. Sheep have a habit of crying wolf.
  15. Oh. It seems I found a topic to get someone to post in public forum again. See I did a good thing. Ok. John makes a point that I agree with. I don't think the game would die, but it's hard to recruit new players if they don't believe they'll have a chance to grow after spending money to play if some greedy troll (no offense if your empire race is trollkind) comes in and mows him down to begin over. Yes. I know ships can survive. Note past responses that I've been playing over 10 years. Been in a few skirmishes. I wasn't trying to mean it in a literal sense. I forgot that you have to be crystal clear in things with some people bc they'll miss the ocean for the waves. If you don't understand that reference it's on purpose. Not digging on you, Fremen. Please, don't take offense. I'm no rookie player. My opinions are like everyone else's, mine. If the old players are so afraid that new players might find out some high end tech, maybe they should stick to Andromada and leave Draco to modern thinking folks. I've got a lot of positive feedback from younger (not age related) players for what I've said about sharing tech. If I give a guy reqs on negative nova cannons today, how long would it be before he could build them? (Not asking literally so don't crunch the numbers and think I should hear the total) I'd be farther ahead in my development. I shouldn't have to explain this. If you've played this game for years, you should know this already. Everyone has different strategies. I only asked one simple question and this has blown up into ridiculous theory. Lol. But, I got some new posts on the board. Something good has come out of it. I was beginning to think no one was active on this forum. So, thanks for all the input. I've had fun. I've even met some new friends. And that's why I like to play this game. So, happy hunting out there. Don't let the machines blast you into oblivion. If they do get the T-shirts. Lol. Good luck.
  16. Well the game has been going since 2003 and believe me you MANY positions have been eliminated and it’s still going 😁
  17. I guess i would look at it the same way i would look at intelligence in the political world... State secrets are hard to keep. There are actors/[players who are adept at obtaining and/or discerning information. There are those that are less so. Most of the information is somewhat available, either privately or more publicly. Most will not oppose the public discussion of "lower level" intel. Higher level intel is more likely to be controversial. There are those who want to keep information closely guarded, and those who want to open-source information. They usually do not agree Although the game involves conquest, it also involves exploration, and learning the game itself. Some people prefer conquest, some exploration and building. If the game was closed ended, then conquest/scoring would be more of a priority. This game is open ended, which does not remove conquest. but tilts the balance somewhat towards exploration and building. If too many players are eliminated, the game will likely die. Life is always an entertaining tradeoff Good hunting!
  18. Thank you for doing this, it is a lot of work and is well done!
  19. Are you unaware that it’s possible for a space battle to end with ships still alive on both sides?? I stick by my assertion. 😊
  20. In Yoda voice: Learn you have not. About chances this is not. Search oneself you must. Hmmm....Yes. Berry berry interersting.
  21. Hello everyone. SuperNova.Wiki has launched! http://supernova.wiki At this time, the site is for Draco Galaxy only. This is an all-volunteer, player-run site. I am the administrator of this site, and have only been playing SuperNova for the past year. The primary purpose of SuperNova.Wiki is to encourage knowledge sharing between players, especially for the benefit of new players. It also can serve as a quick lookup tool while you are planning your turns, which can be useful to even the veteran players. The site will continue to grow and be updated, over time. If you are interested in contributing content, please click the Contribute Content link in the left nav of the site. I will link back to this forum post from SuperNova.Wiki and will continue to check posts here if you have questions or would like to report any issues or problems with the site.
  22. (In Miagi voice) ayi! Have guuud chance but only if there is a Grand Admiral aboard that 2 billion ton ship. Also if those DMX can’t kill that monster in about 750 battle pulses then it lives to fight again and annihilate those DMX the next turn.
  23. Well I've noticed there's long periods of time between last posts in other threads. Lol. Secret Squirrel pm stuff I suppose. All good. I don't mind the dialogue back and forth. I enjoy the talk, personally. I did suspect you were getting at newbies who just expect to be shown the light, so to speak. When I started I was gifted an old copy of the rules. I received some help to get my economy setup for balance. For the next 7 years or so I found everything else the hard way. Then I met a couple of players who had complied a ton of info on weapons and other stats of the game. I had most of everything on the massive list and several things they didn't. I added my info to their list bc I thought it was a great idea. Imagine if you could plan your empire to be strong without spending a couple hundred dollars and 3 years on tech you can't use at all. I'm not talking going up to 8th gen techs. It still takes years to research the tech and, if you're so advanced, the lower tech shouldn't worry you. I think something like that would help bring in new players to the game. I don't see the issue over it. Someone asking about one tech indicates to me that they, probably, have a lot of other techs done. I think strategy has more in play than techs. When DMX shows up with 60k ships with 20 cm Gauss Guns, do you really think your 2B ton ship with 5k Negative Nova Cannons has a chance? If you have a FC of 1? My point is it's not the tech research you should fear. And giving some small info to a player you don't know might benefit you in the long run, like when he takes out the DMX Core on your border or sends aid in your repulsion of an invading empire. All I was trying to do was see what I had missed for the last several years of looking, but not really needing, one piece of tech. Now I must do my orders for this cycle. Look forward to my new friends response.
  24. LOL! Boy, the boards have been a bit quiet of late so maybe this is just pent up boredom coming through. My entire point was that tech has value and should not just be given away. This applies to folks with the tech that should not give away and those without it that should not expect it to be given to them. Period. As far as other discussions, there are lots of them about game mechanics, wars, enemies, friends, DMX, strategy etc. All fare game as far as I am concerned. Heck, I will even take the HW coordinates, planet number, scan, routing info etc if somebody wants to post it. This was never about a single poster, rather the community as a whole. This is especially geared toward those that are new to the game in an effort to explain why those of us that have been playing for years now( over 17) would not just be as helpful as one might like. And yes, there has been much "hard work" keeping positions going for that long. Yes, I will keep secrets and I will probably tell you I know about something but won't just hand it over. I am not the only person with the tech, I just seem to be the most vocal on not just giving it away. This has nothing to do with one empire beating up on another for whatever reason. In Andromeda folks have been building positions for a long time and attacking somebody else is just part of it. Whether it is honorable or deceitful is a different issue and a discussion for another thread. We can keep going back and forth on this if you like. Your turn...
  25. Well I see I touched a nerve here. So let me see if I have this straight. This forum is full of people sharing information about the game. Then, it seems, it's become taboo to share information because some players fear another player might use that information to attack their empire. But, those players see nothing wrong with destroying anyone else's empire. Ok. If you'd like to keep your information secret then don't answer a request or post that information. You all want to use the "hard work effort to get this information" as an excuse, it seems. I'm not worried about the trade or war aspect bc I've been attacked by ppl who pose as ally, then hunt until they ran into home sys. I, sir, expect attacks and that's part of the game. So go ahead and gang up on me for asking a simple question and then speaking up for the guy who helped me. He didn't give me the whole pathway. You should be happy. And if you're so worried that a player getting one tech might take out your empire, then you're not prepared properly. Build another 100B ton ship and go destroy some weaker guy's budding empire. I don't care. If making me out to be the bad guy and desiring to find and wipe me out makes you feel better, I don't care. I've done no wrong to you or Hobknob. Players have different styles like we all have different opinions. I can disagree with someone without it bothering me so bad I've got to hunt his empire down. So if everyone's through hammering on the new poster, can we get back to playing the game? Hobknob, I'm sorry if my ideas don't line up with yours. I just disagree with the fear of someone getting a tech that anyone has the probability of getting coming to rule the universe. My apologies, sir. So...Spinal Meson Accelerator is the secret weapon to destroy the other empires...🤔
  26. A major aspect of this game is conquest. Even as old as Andromeda is there are still a number of wars going on. Think how you would feel if someone just handed the pre-reqs for the defensive tech that corresponds to your weapon systems to the guy you have been at war with for 3 or 4 years. There are also a small number of players out there that play the villian and will use any less than honorable method they can to gain an advantage. That is why when I wrote about this before I suggested asking in private and starting out with seeking hints instead of outright ANZs. I have received help over the years from Hobknob and others with tech info and strategy advice. I always try to keep it in private, I ask for hints first, I explain whay my own efforts have been to figure things out on my own, and above all else I remain respectful and understanding if someone would rather not share info. Iformation , even though this is only a game, is still very valuable. What if it was the jump pathway to your homeworld, the size and location of your fleets, or the weapon systems you use? To you, getting the info you need would be helpful. However to someone else, you getting the info you need could be harmful. Also always keep in mind that the way you react to a situation now could mean the difference between a non agression agreement or a war declaration down the road.
  27. Maybe so. As a true gamer, though, I play because I enjoy the challenge of solving the game. I want others to enjoy the game as well. There's plenty of universe to work in so I believe in fairness. Most of the older players I encountered when I first started in Andromada wouldn't even attempt a purposeful battle with anyone unless they were comparable in development. I'm glad that Pete made the AI in Draco "smart" bc it's more interesting than just dropping troops on their planet for takeover. You actually have to battle DMX and they're evolving.
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