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  4. Returning Player Questions for Draco

    I know I'm going to open a can of worms here but hey that's what I do. I do not believe that certain modifiers even do anything in game. Certain people will claim that the modifiers do something and always have but really have no information to back themselves up either way. If a modifier used to do three things even if it does one thing others say at least it is doing one. However, I say if it used to do three it needs to be boosted. I keep detailed records. I have one point of increased research. For breakthroughs and explore orders I have effectively increased by one point in one area in 51 turns. It means it is totally useless in game terms for these two things. However, for research races it does mean something in Draco not my race. I only receive the 5 percent gain. In Andromeda, it meant something for everyone. This means it has been reduced to effectively zero accept for a minor effect every 2+ years for both my empires. My race is a colonizer. However, in Draco colonization installations have been so inflated that a race that increases it production is not hampered by having to build them and can keep pace with me. Also, a research race gains the technology so fast it has no real wait time. A research race starting on a cold world with no negatives is almost just as effective as mine but gains the research bonus as well. How do I know this, I keep detailed records on different set up on large spreadsheets? There is no game balance anymore. A research race will always outpace other worlds if it starts on a cold world near asteroid belts or iron rich worlds. This is not conjecture it is because of the data. It would be nice to throw around opinions, but the data is for sure.
  5. Returning Player Questions for Draco

    Also kinda makes you wonder what the diplomacy modifier is used for? I say get rid of it and add that modifier to something else that’s more worthwhile like the exploration modifier
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  7. Returning Player Questions for Draco

    I would be nice if their were, but i have yet to find one or hear of anyone else finding one.
  8. Draco Galaxy turns

    yet another Nor'easter coming this way but this time it looks like it will hit a bit further south. just south of where I live in Jersey by the current expected track
  9. Returning Player Questions for Draco

    I think the DMX eliminated all ‘neutrals’ there may still be some TcKon outposts about but they probably won’t be detectable unless you somehow make yourself worthy.
  10. Returning Player Questions for Draco

    In Draco, I would say yes. There are neutral worlds. I have never seen any but suspect there are. However, some people have colonies on almost every world they encounter.
  11. Returning Player Questions for Draco

    Can anyone report if Draco has any Neutral worlds? If they exist, I wonder if they will be as lame as in Andromeda or if Draco has real treasures. In short is it worth my time to do PMAP's on world/moons that are not good candidates for colonizing just to find neutral worlds?
  12. Draco Galaxy turns

    And they are in
  13. Deep Core Surveyors

    Thank you
  14. Deep Core Surveyors

    INST: Deep Core Surveyor Deep Core Surveyor: Deep Core Surveyors are deep tunneling units that search the core of a planet for additional resources. They operate autonomously and may discover new veins of any of a variety of valuable resources. Construction of multiple Deep Core Surveyors can be quite useful, but the benefits of building more than one drop off in a nonlinear fashion. Deep Core Surveyor are energy hogs, consuming an impressive 100,000 Power per turn. Production requirements: 250,000 Advanced Construction Materials Consumes: 100,000 Power Requires: 3rd Generation Planetary Engineering as a prerequisite technology Requires: 1st Generation Terraforming as a prerequisite technology
  15. Deep Core Surveyors

    Being brand new to the game. ???? What are the requirements for these Deep Core Surveyors in Draco???
  16. Draco Galaxy turns

    Weathered the storm (80% of the county lost power, and many still don't have any, but we lucked out--whew). Even so, it's been a rather hectic week. I wouldn't expect results to be ready to send out any time soon--maaaaybe by 0-dark-thirty tonight, or more likely tomorrow morning. edit: It turned out to be a super smooth run--always a good thing. Turns going out now!
  17. Draco Galaxy turns

    So.... did Starship Pete weather the ion storm relatively intact? Or will she need another day to make repairs to her main reactor and communications systems?
  18. Colonization Draco

    The Fremen have 86127 total pop off world. We will be off that chart pretty soon
  19. Game 102

    Sandy Sheep looks asks Master Spy Baa what are the shipyards used for? To deliver Children's Balloons for the orphans in Spain. Master Spy waves to the sheep on his right and left of Libya. Is it true that we will be trying to match shipyards with the other sheep, Sandy asked while watching Master Spy Baa have to use both his legs and Sandy's legs to count all the sheep? Of course not, they are not building new shipyards those are balloon factories, Master Spy Baa said while distracting her while making Balloon animals. We'll this is Sandy sheep signing off and reminding people to be nice to sheep even those sheep in Norway. Austria has declared war on Yugoslavia France has declared war on Switzerland Italy has declared war on Switzerland Hungary has declared war on Yugoslavia Finland has declared war on Norway Iraq has declared war on Trans-Jordan
  20. Game 102

    The hot times has start and the first shoes have dropped.. Austria has declared war on Yugoslavia France has declared war on Switzerland Italy has declared war on Switzerland Hungary has declared war on Yugoslavia
  21. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Fremen, It's a good sign, but you can also scan the forum from cell phones
  22. Colonization Draco

    Well, considering I started late, I'm happy with where I'm at being my first time playing this
  23. Colonization Draco

    The Poll is to see how many people you have on colonies in Draco. Lets see how you compare to others. I have 60090 on other worlds for the rabbits
  24. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Looks like Pete's shields held. He was browsing the Forum 6 min ago. yay!
  25. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    And I hear there is yet another storm that they expect next Tuesday
  26. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    I just did a weather channel update on the area where Pete lives and they are currently under a Blizzzard warning 😕 Energize those MK IX Force Shields Pete. Andromeda version plz😊
  27. Colonial attrition

    That’s not very practical. How many HW’s mirror conditions on asteroid belts? I would say zero and yet that’s where all players will find the very highest concentration of the most critical resources needed.
  28. Colonial attrition

    Find planets that mirror you homeworld. Growth rates will be really high when you drop enuff installations to maintain 1 to 100 rate.
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