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  1. Paul Edmonds - just 10 miles south of Cincinnati OH, in Kentucky.
  2. thanks to those that replied. I will see all of you in 104.....
  3. Looking to join game 104. It currently is 47.5% full. Normally I would join the game and then try to make allies. Sometimes it works out, most times not. This time, I am looking for allies before I join..... Let me know DezertCamel
  4. I do not believe the air general would have any effect on the atr of the airunits.
  5. Survived another game (first time as Iceland). Thanks to all of those who fought and stayed. It was interesting as usual, now to wait and see who won and HOV updated with the survivor stats. Willing to trade final results with my former enemies, especially Norway. Off to game 100.... Dezertcamel
  6. Minor Supergroup Morocco Libya Egypt Trans-Jordan
  7. it appears this game is going to be large groups vs large groups again. Some very interesting group setups as well. ta's and non ta's working with other ta's.....oh my
  8. Just in the swiss have invaded italy.....
  9. So quiet, so few countries declared.... I guess the forum is no longer what it used to be.....
  10. with the 10th pick off my list ------ Algeria
  11. setups to be e-mailed Feb 29th......
  12. Sent my setup request in, now all i need are a few friends......Since I know I will have enough enemies....lol
  13. depends on the version you are running x86 is for 32-bit windows 7, x64 is for the 64-bit version of windows
  14. - I reserved white for those nations left without RWE cities. So my new captial is a non RWE city........, not to mention odense...... MY complete death in this game seems to be premature....
  15. I ran the day the news was put out that norway and sweden were at war. Just did not know it was me being attacked. Currently the war between poland and germany is a sham, his entire army and every division he has built is still attacking me in southern denmark. the entire border of germany along poland remains german.... I said i switched to poland just to give germany a laugh, since he knows who is playing poland. And as far as the northern group attacking me, I guess it has been planned all along. Since they are all friends up north, where else are the going to go...... I made a few mistakes in my defenses, its a game it happens. The geman player is not happy, if it was not for having safe borders around his country he would be in worse shape then me. I will fight on, and when i finally die, i will join another game. That's why we play.
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