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  1. Will this do? Link to Vicmap Personally I use a PSD version, it happens to have grown beyond 200 layers (per country, rail, population, AICs, army movements friend and foe), 10.000 x 10.000 pixels, 300 dpi. Just try to explain that to friends, family, relatives, that you had to order extra memory to visualize a game that is still only ASCII text.... Example If somebody is in need for one including Northern Africa & Middle East or US/Canada then let me know. Shouldn't take more than an hour to create that. Of course in Victory 2 Russ will automagically create and update this map....
  2. It's been a while, too busy catching up with real life! :-) But finally I found some time to create this video of our 3 and a half year period of fun: Movie
  3. And kudos to the US and Spain! And shame to the UKs, Icelands and Irelands! What a push overs they were, fighting the computer took more turns and effort than chasing you away, and it is also more frustrating!
  4. And where exactly did you get that info from....?
  5. Did I miss the end results?!?!
  6. Well well... Interesting twist there, who can keep the Sponge from actually loosing before tech 20 in a game.....
  7. Hmmmm game 80 is about to end. Guess that will cause some players to sign up. Von Manstein There's nobody left but us in that game! Predator is still running with his tail between his legs, he ain't got no time to play any vic games till he's all settled in his new place.
  8. Tech/turn 30. I'll post my final map after the game closes for obvious reasons (territory, enemy and TA unit movements, pop centers, rail cap, and so on) Hell, I'll even throw in a full animated jpg of the evolution of Vic80! (only need to find an app that can handle MASSIVE jpgs...)
  9. You mean something like this?
  10. What? All 4 of you at the same time?!?! And not interested...? All your postings and actions suggested otherwise. Hmmm.....
  11. Well besides that we can conclude our main enemies totally collapsed, only Spain seems still active, amazing after 3 years of intense battles and then to give up in the last 5 turns...
  12. What a gross Portugese negligence... You give somebody a warning that he should consider building LDBs in his home country by a teasing Air40 airdrop somewhere halfway into the game only to find out he didn't take it seriously... Time for those lovely Skymasters with their 32 MCR to keep taking out some more of his 99 pop cities! PS you don't think Spain and Algeria have made the same mistake, do you?
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