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    Kriegspiele, Port, Cognac, Netmeets (don't ask), Armagnac, cigars, english shoes, italian suits, good food. All things that are good taste, old fashioned and high quality.
    Allmost forgot: Victory! and everything related to WW2, especially Germany.
    Special interest: Killing Sponges.
  1. Noo, please. It's allmost Christmas, Life is good, Vic is fun. Pleaaaaase don't mention Sponge. It kinda ruins my good feeling. Anything, send six SS armies my way, 12 groups of bombers, anything but Sponge. Thanks Von Manstein
  2. Allways the same sh*t in wargames. Why can't we just get along?
  3. Not sure this would be profitable for Tunesia. Mountains & concrete are a formidable barrier. Austria desires peace.
  4. Correction: Austria has no desire for a war with Tunesia. Von Manstein
  5. I have two games nearing the end. V87 en V89. Who has signed up for V94? I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and enemies.
  6. I think the word you yanks gave to zhe solution is 'butcherbird'. Mighty german engineering with wings. As I said Ich am looking forward to future encounters! Von Manstein
  7. Vell it was about time. Zhe mighty austrian armies have liberated Vienna. Seems the nordic untermenschen were not able to pay the high cost of living in this mighty metropolis. Und what is even better, zhere are rumours of new Pussies: Panthers with a G-spot... We are looking forward to encounters with our enemies. Von Manstein
  8. Austrian troops are heroes. They get the job done. No matter what. I expect them to get bombed! Please send bombers, please send ALL your bombers. My fighters need the practice and I need the Air pts.
  9. Ul Ultravox I assume? Let's turn on some modern music: The Austrian Walzers. They sing like shit but they do have Panzers. Enjoy Vienna while it lasts. I look forward to scoring some more Arm points.
  10. Let's just say the 'temperature' map should show a new colour in southern France. Lots of fun though.
  11. Never a dull moment. And indeed, Most of Northern central Europe is now a wasteland. Kinda like a WW3 nuclear winter. No life, no infra, no industry.
  12. Me too. Just to annoy the Sponge.
  13. Italy quit after the landings. He was disappointed with Vic I heard.
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