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  1. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Yup seems to be working.
  2. The BOMB order

    I'm pretty sure the DMX forces are desperately trying to override the command codes of all those fusion bombs they seem to all carry so they can eradicate some unsuspecting biological infestation:)
  3. Need To Know The Thrust Ratio For This Engines

    Actually in Draco it would probably take just a few years of actual time but if and only if that player had very high research and exploration bonuses and devoted most of his RC's to researching thrust engines.
  4. Need To Know The Thrust Ratio For This Engines

    yeah the difference is a minor one between Mk VI Gravitic Thruster and MK VI Total conversion Engine. Turns out very minor as my memory was a little off. the MK VI Total Conversion Engine thrust is 358000 Mk V TCE is 355000 Mk IV TCE is 352000 Mk III TCE is 320000. very very minor differences. I doubt that In Draco they will be even close to these thrust levels.
  5. Need To Know The Thrust Ratio For This Engines

    The MK VI TCE has a thrust of 384000 if memory serves. I also recall that the last step from Mk V to Mk VI does not double in efficiency
  6. Interesting warp points

    Now that is even more interesting! I haven't found any one ways so far:(
  7. Interesting warp points

    We have found 2 H class one of which we were able to crack with a single Mk I JSS( lots of ground installations and high level leaders) And one in a nexus which will require a minimum of a Mk III a level 6 explorer and level 6 scientist. We have both but it it will take a few turns to get the properly equipped ship to the area
  8. Interesting warp points

    Speaking of which..... has anyone ran into any I class WP's in Draco yet?
  9. Interesting warp points

    Now that is interesting. Let's hope the system they lead to is even more interesting
  10. Wasted or Useful Research

    They don't need to be. I can think of a very good military use for this stuff with the addition of some other items that can be researched in game
  11. Wasted or Useful Research

    Has anyone ever found a use for the mineral fertizer resource?
  12. Draco Alert!

    I dont know if the DMX are really all that smart. They might be insane and sending more light cruisers would be the insane thing to do.
  13. Returning Player Questions for Draco

    All cargo is destroyed sadly
  14. Wasted or Useful Research

    I wonder what will happen to the research points for those of us that used RC's and possibly Santa Points to research or buy improved foodstuffs which at the time was required to build improved food concentrates? Now that Improved/Advanced Food Concentrates is effectively a horizon tech much like pulse engines all you need to do is research improved/advanced food concentrates and not even worry about improved/advanced foodstuffs. Those items have been effectively regulated to the dustbin of Galaxy. Lets hope the research points didn't join them.
  15. Wasted or Useful Research

    I dont know about that. I hear its the galaxies uber weapon. You wouldn't want someone showing up at your homeworld with one of these installed on their Battlemoon.