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  1. Krelnett_of_Kraan

    Draco Species Introductions

    Greetings from Barentras! We are the Garthim and we look forward to meeting you all in the cold dark depths of space. It's cold out there; don't go alone. Kinglord Gotram Meskeliar of the Barentrasi Economic Trade League Former member of the Galactic Senate Former Master of Mead for the Holy Brotherhood of Brewmasters Co-founding member of AWAIN
  2. Krelnett_of_Kraan

    Draco Species Introductions

    A place for new species in the Draco Galaxy to introduce themselves to their future allies and enemies.
  3. Krelnett_of_Kraan

    Orbital Crystal refinery

    ...like the lack of ICE in the Draco Galaxy, for instance?
  4. Krelnett_of_Kraan

    New Galaxy - version #2

    Magus666, did you see the extra PDF in your email this turn?
  5. Krelnett_of_Kraan

    Orbital Crystal refinery

    What about the ability to upgrade the orbital facility to making Adv RefCrys without having the DISM/CON the new one?
  6. Krelnett_of_Kraan

    Ground Attack

    Turn X: NM to the planet or moon, COLB. Turn X+1: OC troops into newly-created popgroup, DIV, GATK.
  7. Krelnett_of_Kraan

    Official: Turns Are In Thread

    They're here!
  8. Krelnett_of_Kraan

    Data Management : Tools, Tips, and Tricks

    I use Excel to track production and research. I have been using it to keep track of planet and system data but a quick-and-dirty database might be better for that now that Flagritz has mentioned it. I also have a sheet in Excel that reads in the warp point info from my MDB file and produces the code I plug into GraphViz (it's free) to make my maps. Probably very similar to Omnigraffle as mentioned above.
  9. Krelnett_of_Kraan

    Official: Turns Are In Thread

    *twiddling thumbs* Hm. That's out of character. I'm going to have to design a lifeform with thumbs at some point...
  10. To get the most out of them, you need to build it on a planet as different as possible from your homeworld. Which means you'll probably need environment-mitigating installations so your science buildings don't go boom.
  11. Krelnett_of_Kraan

    game 93

    I know enough about British English to know that a chemist is what we'd call a pharmacist. I don't get the toothpaste joke, though.
  12. Krelnett_of_Kraan

    Official: Turns Are In Thread

    As a bug, I resent the fact that people keep trying to "fix" us or "squash" us.
  13. Krelnett_of_Kraan

    Google.com and Personal messenger

  14. Krelnett_of_Kraan

    Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Dang. Forgot how useless the starting Pathfinders are. Well, there's a few more wasted orders for my new position.
  15. Krelnett_of_Kraan

    Some Newbie questions

    I find it better to use multiple small ships for the simple reason that it's easier to reallocate them once a world is fished out.