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  1. After playing this game since it's relaunch 6 (or is it 7?) years ago, I'm taking my leave of the game. I have enjoyed the game and the board over the years. But in today's world where unemployment is 10+% (and real unemployment is 17.6%), I'm lucky enough to have a good job where they keep wanting me to do more and more (as I seem to produce good results). For the last 9 months, I've been playing mostly auto-turns, or turns to adjust the research queues and do simple maintenance. And there is no end in sight, at least until I retire (say in 2020) or screw up big time (and then I'd have no money to play). So, I am leaving the game. My positions, # 2516 The Colony, #3343 Apshai, and #3833 Concordium are now sitting there, ready to be plundered. Oh, they have defenses sitting in place. I did not remove anything and hopefully the defenses are decent (since I did have the Mk I Flag Bridge and some advanced weapons like the Type A Spinal Meson Accelerator). No sense making this a cake walk for anyone. The computer will start processing through the resource piles on the planets (for example, there's over 10,000,000,000 of many resources sitting on each of the Concordium HW's). If you care to chance taking the worlds, have fun. So good bye and good luck to you all.
  2. Hopes, dreams and practical plans to colonize or otherwise exploit the moon were thrown into disarray after NASA's announcement of significant water ice at the lunar south pole. A rag tag group of individuals using aliases such as MM, Hobknob, Lord Dependra, Flagritz, and many others all stepped forward claiming they had GEO'd the moon first, had the PDF's to prove it, and thus owned the rights to any resources. The issue is expected to languish in the courts for decades......
  3. He's probably referring to the older versions. So this version is better than the older ones in their ability to grow the universe / add more stars.
  4. GM Note The issue that sparked this debate was a setup utility code problem not a deliberate placement so it's not a policy thing. The galaxy was huge to begin with and still has room for additional empires so running out of space isn't an imminent problem and its technically possible to open up additional areas as well to add on to the original galaxy (various ways we could do that) so this version of SuperNova still has life as long as people are having fun and continue to play it Of course a network of system probes and system beacons are still handy things to have regardless - just in case some pesky alien critters come snooping about... Russ Darn it, they got me drooling over easy pickings. Now what am I supposed to do.
  5. SO .. the universe is closed ended, and has a limit on size and space. Interesting.... This also has some implications as to when this game will close down / end as well. Also, using a network of System probes and System Beacons to detect when someone pops up in your claimed space becomes much more important now. So you can crush them while they figure out what a Mk II type of engine is.
  6. Funny, I was thinking it looked more like the result of someone throwing rocks at a moving cars windshield. Or maybe the spider after the meed walked in front of a car???
  7. WKE235


    One item here .. on the turn after you drop the COLB, it is always possible that the enemy has built more ships. If your hold over the HW skies is weak, if they issue any order to scan space on round 1, a space battle will commence. Now, if you OC on round 1, the OC will always work (per Pete) as the battles happen after other orders are processed. If you are moving in a transport and it arrives on round 1, well, it can trigger the space battle itself. And yes I did have this happen to me (transport moved in, battle ensued, held the skies, but the transport went down in flames with 100 units). This makes for some interesting choices. If you are certain you will win the space, you can move in the transport after the battle (if you didn't win, well....) and your ready for the OC next turn. If you hold off before moving in, you best include a lot of ships as escort with the transport, just to be safe.
  8. WKE235


    Turn 1 - COLB Turn 2 - OC, NEWA, DIV, GATK (probe) Now from my understanding, once you issue the GATK, your forces and the enemy forces engage in a battle. The enemy forces are in essence tagged has having fought. So if the defending player tries to issue a GATK on say order 36, that GATK will fail as his troops have already engaged in battle this turn and they cannot launch attacks (defend, yes, launch, no). Is this correct? If the above is true, here is how I've seen the rest or turn 2 and turn 3 playing out. Turn 2 - (Late in turn, your big troop transport arrives) OC, DIV (no need for a new army as the old one still exists even if all troops were destroyed). Turn 3 - GATK (if you think you can win) or Turn 3 - EAF (Evac as they're too strong) .. the enemy player issue Turn 3 - GATK for order 1. The EAF will work as the GATK orders are processed after others, basically the battle is flagged, all order 1 orders processed, then the fight. (Again, is this correct?) Quite frankly, I do not understand how you could have your troops captured except for poor planning and poor battle execution. This is of course based assuming the items above are correct, which is my understanding. I could be wrong though.
  9. there must have been an unexpected issue for them to be this late in coming. Pete was probably busy watching the Stargate marathon in prep for the new Stargate Universe series on ScFy.
  10. My favorite headline... "The Ego Has Landed"... Want some just desserts with your comeuppance, Mr President? I'm very happy for Rio, especially after learning South America has never hosted the games. The only big negative Rio has is there are many areas of the city that even the police do not patrol. Basically, tourists to Rio for the world cup or Olympics will have to be given a map with areas in Red and warnings "Do not go there". I liked a comment I heard from some low end city official, that came out 'It's not as dangerous as some may think as the gangs won't kill tourists. They don't want to scare them from the city'. IN other words, they want more tourists to come in so they can rob them, so killing is a no-no. Wow, I feel safer already. That being said, Rio has many strong positives and I've always considered it the favorite, the one to beat in this whole process.
  11. Ha-ha-ha ... Chicago ... Hee-Haa-Haa ... Daley .. snort ... Obama ... ha-ha-hoo ... huge crowd around Plaza in Chicago ... Hoo-Hoo.Hee ... first round loss ... oh god ... can't ... stop ... laughing ... Watching the crowd from highrise window ... ha-ha-ha ... reactions below ... giggle .. best entertainment you can get ... So Take your time Pete ... ha-hee-ha ... I'm well entertained!!!
  12. The blurb on Dyson Sphere Construction states: ---------------------- A Ringworld is a ribbon of metal that stretches around an entire star, completely filling in an orbital position. A Dyson Sphere, on the other hand, is a complete sphere entirely enclosing a star. This represents a monumentally more complex engineering project than a mere Ringworld, which in itself is an almost unthinkably difficult project. Such a construct is naturally extremely unstable, requiring sophisticated gravitonic stabilizers to prevent itself from being pulled into the primary. An alternate and much safer form has been postulated to be a series of long metal strips bound together by powerful magnetic or gravitonic fields. The idea is to contain as much of the stellar flux as possible before it escapes into open space. To actually build such a thing would require that many planets be crushed in their entirety, smelted into refined metals, transported to the selected star system and then reconstructed into the desired form. Needless to say, this would require an incredible array of technologies, not the least of which is simply transporting the needed materials to begin with. In all probability such a project is nothing more than a fanciful impossibility. Should some way of smelting entire worlds down into their components parts be found, and a method of transporting said material between star systems on a planetary scale be discovered, planetary engineers are confident that they could begin work on an actual Dyson Sphere. They admit that without an outstanding array of various engineering horizon technologies there is an excellent chance of failure, but they're willing to try. ----------------------------- So... Just like in real life, the planets of one star system would likely NOT be enough to build a sphere. The wiki site on this has some calculations that indicate all the materials in our system would build a sphere only 10 centimeters thick (walk softly on the surface!). Of course, this coulb be overcome by building in closer to the star. Building a sphere around a dim star at say 0.1 AU would reduce the surface area by 1000 and means you could something quite thick with only one star systems planets. One possible solution to a resource issue would be to develop some type of total conversion technology, where you can convert matter to energy and back to matter (at some cost of course). With that, you could in theory convert the mass of an entire Star into the material you need. Just think, we go to Alpha Centuari 4+ light years away, use the power from Centauri B to run the devices than convert Centauri A into materials which are then transported (warped?) to the Earth system .. allowing a nice thick sphere to be constructed.
  13. How about 45 mins ago! Result Pete! Turns just appeared in my mailbox. Anyone else have issues with their .pdf file? Mine came back with pages 2 and 3 blank, then page 4 starts with the Army Report... Am I the 'lucky' one this cycle? Or is there any more incidents of this happening? No issues with mine.
  14. Why take the fun of discovery from them? Isn't that the essence of evil? Take the fun out of everything. No, that is the role of government. Uhh, on the other hand, perhaps you are correct........ Looks like I made a political statement, but at least it is generic. Oh oh .. Jodookus is going to yell at you. Better hide.
  15. Why? Shouting seems to be the only thing that works these days. Why just look at the progress made on a Health Care Reform plan we can all be proud of. Hey WKE, I come to SN for entertainment and politics definitely ain't that. The web is an excellent place to voice opinions and it would be real cool if you stuck to topics related to SN and left the politics in political forums. Unless you are referring to Cloning Centers or Imperial Medical Centers, please take it somewhere else. Thanks. Politics IS entertainment. I mean come on now, even clowns can't come up with the materials these fools do these days. John Stewert and Stephen Colbert have become rich of the topic. So I say enjoy the laughs!
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