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  1. Russ News

    Hi Guys, My wife's mother passed away suddenly this afternoon so my schedule for the new few days will likely be hit and miss. I'll do my best to keep things relatively caught up but just wanted to let everyone know that things are little hectic on my end. Best wishes, Russ
  2. Game 102 Recruiting

    Hi Guys, Game 102 will be the same as Games 100-101. You can choose your nation when you register based on what is available ā€“ first come, first serve. Registrations have begun so some nations are already gone but you have your choice of what is currently available: Game currently 92.5 % Full Here are the currently available nations: Poland Trans-Jordan Yugoslavia If you have more than one choice let me know (in case the first one is gone by the time I get your email) and the faster you get your choice in the better. Best of luck! Russ
  3. Game 101

    Hi Guys, I'm running behind on the Friday group (including the first turns for Game 101 (91). Working on them this morning so they'll be out later today. Russ
  4. New Forums Software

    Hello all, We've upgraded out forums software to the latest version so bound to be a few changes here and there. Still looking things over, etc. If you have any problems or comments just let me know. Russ
  5. Game 101 Starting

    The Game 101 setup results have gone out so those of you in the game should have them now The first turn is eligible on August 25th but note that I normally backdate all first turns to Day 1 of the first turn cycle since the production multiple doesn't go into effect until the second turn cycle. So, if you need a little extra time on the first turn that's ok, you can get in a little late and still have your turn processed with a Day 1 processing date. Remember that Game 101 is a 14-day interval game (affects production multiple calculations for later turns). Note that Game 101 will show, for technical reasons, as a Game 91 setup. This is not an error. The game will be recorded as Game 101 when all is said and done but during play, for all practical reasons, it is Game 91. Use Game 91 for order entry, etc. This workaround was the best solution to keep the processing programs happy, etc. Important Note: Check your privacy option and contact info (for RNA purposes) on your results and let me know if there are any changes that need to be made before the first turns start to process. Also check your tech selection and make sure it is correct - I can change it before the game starts but once turns start to process that's the end of tech changes. Game 101 is now full It is possible that one or more additional nations may become available if we get some early drops and/or position exchanges. If so I'll post a note here to see if we can fill them with active players. Once a game has reached tech period 3 the nations are set and the only way to get into that game is via a position transfer or by being nominated to take over for a Total Ally that has dropped for some reason. We will be accepting registrations for Game 102 beginning noon (my time zone so MST or GMT-7) on August 14th. Game 102 will be a first come, first serve setup as well so I want to give folks the weekend to think it over before opening up the registration process. Once things start on Monday I'll go by date stamp on email so if you are interested in a particular nation get your registration request email in as close to noon (my time zone so MST or GMT-7) on the 14th that you can. Best of luck to everyone!! Russ
  6. Game 101 Recruiting

    Updated - 97.5% full. I'll be working on the game startup as soon as I get some time to do so. The last nation can fill all the way up to the first turn processing so I expect the game will be completely full when orders start being executed
  7. Email Problem

    RTGRuss@Hotmail.com is the alternate email address if you are having email issues. Russ
  8. E-mail problem

    Okay guys - everything should be back on line. Just a new requirement from ICANN and an old email address in the wrong spot (we've had that domain for about 18 years now ) were causing some grief. All squared away now Russ
  9. E-mail problem

    I'm aware of the problem - looks to be a hosting/domain issue of some kind. Nothing wrong I can see on the admin side (domain registered, hosting acct paid up, etc.) so I'll have to call in to their technical support to get it resolved. Unfortunately they are not available 24/7 so I can't start that process until Monday morning. I normally don't process any Victory! turns Monday night so nothing is due immediately. Hopefully it will get resolved fairly quickly and we can get back to normal. In the meantime you can always contact me at my alternate email address RTGRuss@hotmail.com Russ
  10. Game 101 Recruiting

    Hi Guys, With Game 101 Iā€™m trying something a little different. You can choose your nation when you register based on what is available ā€“ first come, first serve. Quite a few nations have already been filled by players bumped out of Game 100 and by early registrations but you have your choice of what is currently available: Game currently 97.5% Full Here are the currently available nations: Hungary If you have more than one choice let me know (in case the first one is gone by the time I get your email) and the faster you get your choice in the better. Best of luck! Russ
  11. Victory! Delayed

    Ok - back online now and working to catch up. Longest internet outage I've experienced in a very long time...no fun Russ
  12. Victory! Delayed

    Hi Guys Posting from my phone here. My internet has been down for 30 hours or so now When I check the only thing I get is "we're aware of the problem and working on it..." So not sure how much longer I'll be offline. When it comes back up I'll start working to catch up. Pass the word along to anybody waiting for results or wondering why I'm not responding to email. Thx, Russ
  13. game 93

    I wouldn't be so fast to discount Syria's achievements in Game 93. First off he was part of a winning 'alliance' and if Morocco & Trans-Jordan (which was in bad shape as well after a long war against Rumania and Greece) had been able to break with an inactive TA (Spain) it would have been a 4-nation winning alliance. Your own alliance finished just a few points behind and the third alliance (Rumania, Greece and Southern Russia) were even closer to your alliance than you were to the winning one. It was a closely decided game to be sure. As far as Syria itself...yes, it was being pushed back and in the end had lost it's home territory and just had conquered territories to continue the fight. It's standing forces were dwindling but it had put up a good fight - naval kills (13,985) were 5th overall, air kills (134,420) were 2nd overall and ground kills (103,188) were 1st overall. Territory is a factor in determining victory but it isn't the only one. Syria may have been losing the war but it had been fighting hard the whole way... Game 93 was a hard fought game between three alliances and it was extremely close. If the game had continued on for a longer period of time things may well have shaken things out to a clearly dominant alliance but time is a factor in Victory! as well. At the end of TP 73, all three alliances had a legitimate shot at winning. It's a shame that Morocco and Trans-Jordan weren't able to break with inactive Spain to be part of the official winning alliance since they were very much a part of it during play but it wasn't a 'joke' that they came away with the win, even if only by a few points. Russ
  14. game 93

    Game 93 Winners declared and Hall of Victory! updated with Game 93 stats http://www.rollingthunderforums.com/index.php?showtopic=2386 http://www.rollingthunder.com/victory/HallofVictory.htm Russ
  15. Congratulations to the victors of Game 93! Algeria - Ken Rozhon Syria - Andy Brogan Achieved an alliance victory with a final average score of 566 victory points! 2nd and 3rd place went to alliances with scores that were extremely close - rounding to 562 pts for both alliances With a little more math it worked out that 2nd place (with a score of 561.80) went to the alliance of Czechoslovakia, Germany, Iceland, Italy and Poland and 3rd place (with a score of 561.67) went to the alliance of Greece, Rumania and Southern Russia. 4th place went to Morocco and Trans-Jordan with an alliance score of 536. Morocco and Trans-Jordan were, in-game, part of an alliance with Algeria and Syria but unfortunately they finished the game with an extra TA (Spain) that was inactive and that brought down their score. Otherwise they would have been part of the winning alliance at 566 pts. The Hall of Victory! has been updated with the stats from Game 93 so check them out http://www.rollingthunder.com/victory/HallofVictory.htm Russ PS - I know I've fallen far behind on the game ending stuff. My apologies and I'll be working to catch up on the backlog as fast as I can.