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  1. Really would rather have this view in the Summer
  2. Has anyone come across Sector x0097 DMX??
  3. And we are on INCOMING ALERT again
  4. Saint Michael. Thought you would have made up with Wine and Tillamook cheese
  5. I actually bought a program called "AstroSynthesis V3.0". You can download a 14 day version and try.
  6. Pete, There might be other issues. I noticed that at least on my 2 turns that I received back that the Ships that were transferred or built didn't populate the fleets correctly. Would those issue have effects on SURV mission's?
  7. Yes, Scientist still have Survey Ability, Explorer have a higher survey ability. The Emperor just doesn't act as both Scientist and Explorer when Surveying, thus no double bonus.
  8. Incoming again Looks like Pete took a little time away from his family for us.
  9. Thanks Pete, i didn't know that it looked at other slots,
  10. It just means that the left over points and the 150 points of research just given will be put to the research in slot #1 up to Tech lvl 3. Which might complete whatever research that is. Points are only used in Slot #1
  11. Any one have information on Empire KOG Kogi #5177.
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