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  1. Game 102

    So what Nations are looking in here now?
  2. Thanks, I knew there was some work around, but it would still be nice just to hit a print button
  3. Game 102

    I'm formally of Milwaukie Oregon (go RPHS), reason I know the back ground and yeah, it was a great summer job during high school for some extra cash
  4. Game 102

    Oregon, does it for the purpose keeping job, by not allowing you to pump your own gas, you make and keep more jobs available. Everyone drives
  5. I made a severe mistake and had to delete all my turns that i had already created. Would be useful to have a print option in the Edit Order section so you can print the turn for either correction or just review. Possible or work around
  6. Minimum Colony size

    Question for anyone. What is the minimum population size that would see a population growth naturally. Would 14 settlers starting see growth or should I wait for more to settle a planet or moon in ideal conditions? I am considering drop them and building the fission power plant, Imperial Commissary and Colonial Training center.
  7. Draco Galaxy turns

    It's not a big deal having the pg there. As Lord Deependra noted, those with alot of population group can figure out the separation faster.
  8. Draco Galaxy turns

    That's what i assumed. Pete might be reducing some of the code to make things quicker. Wonder what else he is reducing??
  9. Draco Galaxy turns

    Turns are in
  10. Superterran Star Kingdom of Rex

    As a current Correction Officer in the State Prison, I NEVER provide information to Prisoners.
  11. Draco Galaxy turns

    Draco Turns are in the Air, Or Email in this case
  12. Game 101

    I'd be more worried about them falling asleep, considering they are not use to combat operation yet
  13. Game 101

    It appears that way, Now I have the opportunity to mount a proper amphibious operation to relieve Hungary, if his Foreign Minister will contact me.
  14. Draco - Galactic Directory

    Oh, Nobody should trust a Retired Bubblehead like me. I like my Mk-48 ADCAP's and Tomahawks