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  1. Game 102

    Has anyone gotten their turns back from Saturday??
  2. Game 103

    Damn the entire southern portion of the map, except for Trans-Jordan and UAE have been taken.
  3. Game 100

    I would gladly get run over by the SP-4449!!!!!!
  4. Game 102

    Well, I had at one time a Reputation of going out of area while on Deterrent Patrol. And when that happens, it hard to make a nickname like that go away
  5. Game 100

    Well, turn submitted on Friday just got looked at by Russ. guess it will be interesting to see when and where
  6. Game 102

    Confusion??? I didn't think anyone here had served on the USS Lewis and Clark (SSBN-644), aka Lost and confused.
  7. Game 102

    Thanks for the REMINDER
  8. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    You know, I would rather have the 18 inches of snow then deal with sub-zero temperatures for 85 hours straight. I can at least snow blow the snow out of the way.
  9. Game 102

    Any status reports on filling, last 92.5%.
  10. Game 102

    So what Nations are looking in here now?
  11. Thanks, I knew there was some work around, but it would still be nice just to hit a print button
  12. Game 102

    I'm formally of Milwaukie Oregon (go RPHS), reason I know the back ground and yeah, it was a great summer job during high school for some extra cash
  13. Game 102

    Oregon, does it for the purpose keeping job, by not allowing you to pump your own gas, you make and keep more jobs available. Everyone drives
  14. I made a severe mistake and had to delete all my turns that i had already created. Would be useful to have a print option in the Edit Order section so you can print the turn for either correction or just review. Possible or work around