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  1. Isemann2

    Draco Galaxy turns

    Pete, There might be other issues. I noticed that at least on my 2 turns that I received back that the Ships that were transferred or built didn't populate the fleets correctly. Would those issue have effects on SURV mission's?
  2. Isemann2


    Yes, Scientist still have Survey Ability, Explorer have a higher survey ability. The Emperor just doesn't act as both Scientist and Explorer when Surveying, thus no double bonus.
  3. Isemann2

    Draco Galaxy turns

  4. Isemann2

    Draco Galaxy turns

    Incoming again Looks like Pete took a little time away from his family for us.
  5. Isemann2

    Draco Galaxy turns

    Turns incoming
  6. Isemann2

    DECF clarification

  7. Isemann2

    Santa Points?

    Thanks Pete, i didn't know that it looked at other slots,
  8. Isemann2

    Santa Points?

    It just means that the left over points and the 150 points of research just given will be put to the research in slot #1 up to Tech lvl 3. Which might complete whatever research that is. Points are only used in Slot #1
  9. Isemann2

    Draco Galaxy turns

    Any one have information on Empire KOG Kogi #5177.
  10. Isemann2

    Draco Alert!

    What a way to find my first DMX, 2 Unarmed Fleet scouts. Guess it's time to redeploy some Light Cruiser that way. Alien Fleet Sighting : Jabez Warp Point # 52740 [in-system move by empire # 7267] [Stellar cartography reports that Warp Point # 52740 has not yet been surveyed by your scouts] DMX Death Machines # 9999 'Metallic Sphere Orbiting Dead World' [Zulu] X0062-3 1 ML EX4M (Minelayer - 60,000 tons) Lost a senior Explorer and Scientist to boot
  11. Isemann2

    Draco Galaxy turns

    AND they are incoming
  12. Isemann2

    Draco Galaxy turns

    A Course, you guys are Not talking about Draco turns, they are due next week
  13. Isemann2

    Draco Galaxy turns

    And they are in
  14. Isemann2

    Deep Core Surveyors

    Thank you
  15. Isemann2

    Deep Core Surveyors

    Being brand new to the game. ???? What are the requirements for these Deep Core Surveyors in Draco???