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  1. Frank Eisenman, Sioux Falls SD currently. Originally from Portland OR and started playing when introduced to the game by some fool (can't remember the shipmates name) on the USS Kamehameha in Pearl Harbor HI in 93-94. I was also the first person who put the Victory Maps available to everyone in electronic form.
  2. Incoming!!!!! Watch your heads
  3. If your able to team up with a experienced player or players and work together, it will be a more enjoyable experience. But is also depends on the nation you setup and how aggressive the people around you are. There is a lot of things that you need to work thru, Military, Economic, and Production. Plus how you deal with resource short falls. Ask question and review the help forums to get the needed answers.
  4. The tank in question is M3 Stuart Light Tank. The Matildas didn't have the high flat side.
  5. It's not uncommon for new players to have issues, we all have made mistakes, so learn and keep trying.
  6. And speak of the devil, they are now in
  7. OK, Who thought they were about to get into a major Battle.
  8. Incoming! Damn it's early this time
  9. Has anyone gotten their turn back yet?
  10. Always nice to know that my combat scouts can hold their own 400th Combat Scouts Group #400 moves to ****, Warp Point *****. ========================================================================================================================= Alien Fleet Sighting : **** Warp Point # ***** [in-system move by empire # 7267] [Stellar cartography reports that Warp Point # ***** has not yet been surveyed by your scouts] DMX Death Machines # 9999 'Metallic Sphere Orbiting Dead World' [Zulu] X0718-3 1 ML EX4M (Minelayer - 60,000 tons) [Zulu] X0718-5 1 ML EX4M (Minelayer - 60,000 tons) Side 1 [1] 2 EX4M class ML..................................................2 Destroyed Side 2 [11] 16 OSA class CL..................................................1 Minor, 6 Light, 2 Medium, 1 Heavy, 1 Crippled, 1 Destroyed
  11. Can USA and Canada message me, I'm looking for a Ocean pack
  12. Make it quick. I sent Russ a message with one of my turns. He stated that 104 is VERY CLOSE. and he will be looking at in Sept when issues settle down. He didn't say exactly how many location are actually left, but based off what a couple people have said recently, likely under 5.
  13. Really would rather have this view in the Summer
  14. Has anyone come across Sector x0097 DMX??
  15. And we are on INCOMING ALERT again
  16. Saint Michael. Thought you would have made up with Wine and Tillamook cheese
  17. I actually bought a program called "AstroSynthesis V3.0". You can download a 14 day version and try.
  18. Pete, There might be other issues. I noticed that at least on my 2 turns that I received back that the Ships that were transferred or built didn't populate the fleets correctly. Would those issue have effects on SURV mission's?
  19. Yes, Scientist still have Survey Ability, Explorer have a higher survey ability. The Emperor just doesn't act as both Scientist and Explorer when Surveying, thus no double bonus.
  20. Incoming again Looks like Pete took a little time away from his family for us.
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