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  1. Steerpike, if I were you, I'd contact Dageraad, he's an excellent player and a great dude, and would be a perfect mentor for you in your first game.
  2. Yep, nice job. Couple of corrections though, it was Libyan, not Egyptian bombers that followed the oil slick. I actually had the order written to put a couple of divisions into xMinglanilla, but they didn't make the cut when I had to get to only 120 orders. I gambled I could wait one turn. Oh, and that's less than one turn of Libyan air production.
  3. I am joining 105, and consider it an obligation to help newbies. Issue is most people these days, myself included, join with a TA group. If you're not in a place that would make it impossible for us to cooperate, I'll do all I can for you, if you are, I'll still help with details. Email me at TDCinc@aol.com
  4. I can tell you for a fact, there was zero communication of any sort between myself and any member of the Italian alliance before I declared on this board that we were attacking them. I had my privacy option on, and other than your TA Canada, and one member of the eastern alliance, nobody in this game outside my own TA group knew who was playing Libya, and nobody else in our group does diplomacy really anyway, so the concept of a "deal" between us is rather laughable. I've been fighting the TA group of Tunisia-Algeria-Portugal-Spain since turn 4, when Tunisia invaded me. I gut punched him early, and then was invaded by Algeria with 36 panzer divisions back in the teens, crushed that and started moving west, where I fought all the way to the coast. I doubt anybody in this game didn't know I was fighting them, so if you are disappointed that your attacks from the west helped me, you have nobody to blame but yourselves. I had to fight all the way there, you only had to sail, and I was quite surprised you didn't get there first. I appreciate your offer, when we mentioned it to our foreign minister, he choked on his hummus. I hope those sheep can swim, only way they're getting home.
  5. And regarding Egypt. They would be unable to focus on the western front if we played on, a very good thing for us good guys!
  6. Well, it is the propaganda ministry, but as of this date, I haven't fought a computer. Tunisia fought on well after he lost all of his country, Algeria fought until I reached the Moroccan border, and Spain and Portugal didn't drop until the last two turns, so if it makes you feel better to believe that, go ahead. As for the fighting on, I think the combination of you and the eastern bloc would have been tough to handle. We had nothing to gain but a fun fight, as who wins this game on turn 73 is already determined.
  7. Well, the play on has been vetoed. You guys can deal with me all by yourself now, shouldn't be too hard.
  8. Well, it is the propaganda ministry. Seriously, it was a good move on your guys part. I didn't even equate Denmark with your alliance. So question, since it's relevant if we play on. Who all is on your team? You know our 5, I'm sure, but just to be clear. Libya Egypt Trans Jordan Iraq Syria
  9. Hmm, I didn't realize we were going to war with the west now. I figured it was if we all extended. In the early morning hours of January 9, a day that will live in infamy, the cowardly Danish navy sailed into the straits of Gibralter and leveled the peaceful city. After years of friendship, the western allies by this craven sneak attack have thrown the world into a war that will lead to worldwide suffering. This aggression will not stand!
  10. So Fremen, are you mates in?
  11. Hehe, nah Fremen. Though I do think being able to use B-29's and other late techs for longer would be a lot of fun. Unfortunately I don't get them1
  12. Guys, The game is winding down, and I have a proposal for the remaining players. We have 3 alliances still with viable positions, the western allies, the Russian/Baltic alliance, and The ME/African alliance. As it stands right now, I think our alliance will win the game without much difficulty, and the only real issue is by how much. What I propose is we fight on after turn 73. I propose that in this way. If the other two alliances combine to fight against us, they will have a slight advantage in production and materiel, however we will probably be more cohesive. The fight would be to the finish, and I think could be epic. The western allies have far more power than just Libya and Egypt in the west, but have longer supply lines, so it will be a tough sled either way, and the NE group would basically be fighting Iraq/Syria/TJ, which they would outnumber. Russian tech is a liability in this sort of game, but their numerical advantage would likely make up for it. As I said earlier, we are almost certain to win if we stop at 73, so we have nothing to gain from this proposal but lot's of fun fighting, and isn't that what we play Victory! for? Everybody on our team has victories in the past, but the prospect of an epic 5 on 11 fight (I think Denmark is still fighting, and perhaps Lowlands as well) raging throughout the entire map sounds like a great time. It requires a unanimous vote to do this, and I know it's a long shot, but we thought we would give it a try. Mark
  13. Maybe I'll jump in a new game, now that 100 is done.
  14. Come on Southern Russia, you thought I was just going to roll over and let you have your way? We know we can't beat you, but hope that left a mark.
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