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  1. coothunter

    Game 101

    Meanwhile, in the fine country of Iraq, an invading Persian army has been spared. Faced with the prospect of imminent death, the Persians laid down their arms in surrender in the city of xErbil. The Persian prisoners have been reassigned to work in the Syrian oil fields. The Syrian generals have been praised for their humanitarian handling of the situation. The goal of freeing the city of xErbil was accomplished with minimal loss of life. Unfortunately, the Persian government continues to harass the Iraqi people. While it is always the goal of the Syrian government to peacefully resolve these situations, it appears likely that there will be some substantial loss of Persian lives in the near future.
  2. coothunter

    Game 99

    Well isn't this interesting. The New Roman Empire has been the subject of a terrorist attack. Someone has mined the sea zone off Naples. This type of terrorist act won't be tolerated! Remnants of the mines are being evaluated now. The determined mastermind of this terrorist attack will face the rath of Rome!
  3. coothunter

    Game 100

    Super groups don't always work out to be as dominant as they appear. And groups of 4 do not make a super group. Although a MINOR super group I guess means a regular TA group.
  4. coothunter

    Game 96 (No TA)

    Thanks all who stayed in this game. I thought it was a lot of fun, and enjoyed making new friends. I agree that the no TA added an interesting twist and probably turned out different than I envisioned as we began. It totally makes sense to work together however if it benefits both parties. I look forward to seeing the final results. Hopefully we can work together in future games.
  5. coothunter

    Game 96 (No TA)

    It is too bad that Game 96 is coming to an end. It is getting pretty interesting right now. It would be fun to see what would happen with another 15 turns or so.
  6. coothunter

    game 97

    Really? So shouldn't somebody tell me I am part of a "Super Group". And your math is not quite clear. I see all sorts of enemy troops - 2 flavors of Russians, Swedes, Danes, Canadians, British...
  7. coothunter

    Game 96 (No TA)

    So are Canada and US non participants now? And what is happening with Portugal and Lowlands? Are they fighting? Or not fighting? Without US and Canada to worry about, it would seem more natural for Portugal to fight through Lowlands. Morocco and Algeria are certainly active, but they are naturally more concerned with north Africa than Europe. I have no idea what is happening in northern Europe.
  8. coothunter

    Game 96 (No TA)

    Earthling, what is wrong with the RPD code?
  9. coothunter

    Game 96 (No TA)

    That is too bad that some of you are thinking of leaving Victory. As far as I can see, most people are playing within the rules. This is a vicious game. There have been games where people did the FP/DW/FP on me. Now, I guard against that tactic. Sometimes you are in a bad position and there is no realistic way out. That happens. Other times, things work out well and the game can be really fun. Because of the difficulties, it makes surviving a game quite an accomplishment. I have found this game to be fun. It is natural for countries to work together. If it is in their best interest, they should work together.
  10. coothunter

    Game 96 (No TA)

    Sven, I live near Sacramento. It is good to have some Californians in the game.
  11. coothunter

    Game 96 (No TA)

    Dagread, the map needs to be adjusted. Morocco has a slice of land through Algeria and has land up to the Saudi border. Algeria also is up to the Saudi border. Unfortunately, they have been stirring up trouble in the desert, and will have to be pushed back to their own homelands.
  12. coothunter

    Game 96 (No TA)

    Wow, Canadians in xTripoli. They are a long way from home. What has happened to Tunisia? They were going great guns, then all of sudden, they are gone.
  13. coothunter

    Game 96 (No TA)

    I would play this format again as well. While intel is available, there are trade-offs that go with it. This format makes some countries more vulnerable to being overrun, which is good for some and bad for others. I think as the game goes along, this format will have an impact on the larger battles.
  14. coothunter

    Game 96 (No TA)

    I'll trade xGibralter for some LGT. That is a good landing spot. Just tell Portugal I said you can have it. He will understand. That way I won't have to take it from him.
  15. coothunter

    game 97

    Certainly those fishermen will face consequences back home. We can't have them wreaking havoc on other countries.