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  1. Official: Turns Are In Thread

  2. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Turns are here....
  3. Naval Encounter Order

    Two positions on one planet , not really much to figure out for a ground battle . Sure , that argument is ok if 7 or 8 positions were on one planet , but if they are all on one planet , they are going to be allies .
  4. Naval Encounter Order

    Probably a malicious thought by Pete to clear data ( units of any kind ) from the data base . I believe the thing to where the GATK will engage everybody , including allies , is exceptionally stupid . I have just barely south of 1 million Kur divisions on one of my main planets in Andromeda , and if anybody were to break through the hundreds of billions of tons of mobile warships and the surface installations , then somebody lands troops on the place , then the Kur divisions kill whoever would land , and then I have to put the troops someplace else , and then land Ori divisions to retake the place . Think of the amount of orders that would take . A complete win / win for RTG . It would cost me several hundred dollars in real money to get things back to the way they were ( and then remember I have to input all the build orders again ) . I could transfer the divisions to the Ori position , but the Kur are the ultimate ground pounders thanks to species engineering . I guess having the Kur defend an Ori planet is worth the thought of the attacker's face when they get their turn , and then see what they landed on . But yeah , I wonder what Pete's rationale is to have total allies attack each other in a ground combat situation .
  5. Official: Turns Are In Thread

  6. Official: Turns Are In Thread

  7. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Once again , Incoming .....
  8. Preplanning In Draco

    For pesky rabbits , we have the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch ...just kidding , I have no fight with wabbits....
  9. Preplanning In Draco

    I tend to think the bomb order is pretty good , depending on the psyche of the person you are bombing . I hope Pete fixes the BOMB order . I have a position with a hundred thousand or so total conversion bombs sitting in stockpiles , and I add to that every turn just in case . I bombed a person's HW , and he lost 40-50 thousand pop....ruins the HW's balance , making that person have to waste many orders to get the HW back into balance . The person dropped his position after that , and I captured his HW a couple of turns later with very little effort , so don't ever definitely say bombing a HW or a colony is a bad move to do . While pop is the most valuable resource , capturing pop strengthens your position sometimes immensely .
  10. Official: Turns Are In Thread

  11. Love for Andromeda

    I remember that ship . It got scrapped at Heloise-2 .
  12. Does No Anything About This Empire

    Having ICE means you can save orders and have a safer supply of resources in one compact area . Having to ferry those resources in ships means the ships can be intercepted , shot down , and your factories stand idle due to no or not enough resources . You will never get the concentration of resources in one area with the Draco region . The same can be said over the deletion of planetary gates and universal gates . While it might not be so critical in Draco , it sure does make you use more orders to get the same thing done . I would rather mine the resources on one planet , and have said resources feed directly into my industries on the same planet . The only way you can interdict that is by landing troops on that planet , and all I can say is " good luck " to that endeavor .
  13. Does No Anything About This Empire

    ICE-4 is my dear friend and helper
  14. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Turns are here !!! Thanks Pete
  15. The BOMB order

    In the old SuperNova the Death Machines got points toward being Unit Prime by how many biologicals they killed , and their level of being a Death Machine also gave them higher levels of more destructive MDD's .