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  1. Mmmmmm....subterranean fort assembly , sounds interesting , don't have that in Andromeda .
  2. Probably not anymore , since we are terrorizing 446 and totally destroying that position , and we are gearing up to destroy the remnants of the minicheroptera position . I am plenty busy in Andro , where before it was looking kinda boring . We have reactivated 4913 ( a monster position ) , and we have a good idea where 2964 moved his 200 million pop to .
  3. The 8 AP change ( enforced by making the engines weak ) was the reason I am not playing in Draco . Progress is slowed to a crawl in the new region . What would take one turn in Andro to do , takes at least 10 turns ( if not even longer ) in Draco . No P or U gates , no wormholes ...no thanks , I have plenty to do in Andro .
  4. Interesting , since we turned the Flagritz HW into an asteroid field a couple of months ago.....means they are still in the game in Andromeda .
  5. The unique thing about the SMA is that in order to be able to research the shields against the SMA , you actually have to research the weapon system . No other weapon system , unless Pete unleashes a new one in Draco , has that .
  6. I can announce that we have incoming again !
  7. We have super high yields ? They never can be high enough.......
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