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  1. I can announce that we have incoming again !
  2. We have super high yields ? They never can be high enough.......
  3. Traditionally and Pete are two different things....my question is directed at Pete .
  4. hobknob has always , in the many years since SuperNova has been running , been fair to everybody that asks him questions . When some of the noobs say he is trying to run the game , that is simply not true . Pete runs the game , absolutely nobody else . hobknob gives his insight into the game . If a noob does not like it , then so be it , but complaining about hobknob is unfair . And a word of caution...hobknob plays in Draco . It was his play in Andromeda that finally killed empire 2964 .
  5. But the game has at least another 100 years of run life to it , right ?
  6. And congratulations on a huge victory , Hobnob and company .
  7. The turns are finally here....
  8. Antimatter Power Plant Complex is Adv Proc Radioactives and 5th Gen Civil Eng
  9. Orbital Solar Power Station is 4th Gen Civil Eng and 4th Gen Civil Admin....in Andromeda at least
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