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  1. Bioengineer ? I want a mech body , not another biological body . A death machine ...yeah !
  2. PFD's hide all pop groups...even your own .
  3. So , once again there is incoming 🙂
  4. You just reveal how stupid you are and how awful your grammar is . If you have something pertaining to the thread , then by all means answer...otherwise , keep your inane comments to yourself . So , explain to me how your comment pertains to 1955 . You can't , so you come across as some kind of a fairy that needs stardust to fly around stars . Save yourself the embarrassment .
  5. nym/ hobo and your other names ...and I know your real name too , you are the biggest fool on this website . Stay away unless you have something constructive to add .
  6. Alright , no response means weapons free ......
  7. Please contact me at your convenience if you are still playing the position . I would guess that 2955 just entered a system that you hold dear . If I don't hear from you , then I will act as if you are not active with the position .
  8. Oh , and the drones and fighters are almost over the horizon attacks for those of us who remember the older versions of SuperNova from RTG . Make your fire control high , and the jump drives low on your carriers to save them from unnecessary damage . Do the jump drives or transwarp engines high for your screens to shield your carriers against damage .
  9. And as something to add , remember the Wild Weasels .......
  10. After all that time , we found the 446 Flagritz homeworld at Naomy , and for good measure have turned it into an asteroid field . The rejoicing is long ......
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