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  1. Interesting , since we turned the Flagritz HW into an asteroid field a couple of months ago.....means they are still in the game in Andromeda .
  2. The unique thing about the SMA is that in order to be able to research the shields against the SMA , you actually have to research the weapon system . No other weapon system , unless Pete unleashes a new one in Draco , has that .
  3. I can announce that we have incoming again !
  4. We have super high yields ? They never can be high enough.......
  5. Traditionally and Pete are two different things....my question is directed at Pete .
  6. hobknob has always , in the many years since SuperNova has been running , been fair to everybody that asks him questions . When some of the noobs say he is trying to run the game , that is simply not true . Pete runs the game , absolutely nobody else . hobknob gives his insight into the game . If a noob does not like it , then so be it , but complaining about hobknob is unfair . And a word of caution...hobknob plays in Draco . It was his play in Andromeda that finally killed empire 2964 .
  7. But the game has at least another 100 years of run life to it , right ?
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