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  1. And congratulations on a huge victory , Hobnob and company .
  2. The turns are finally here....
  3. Antimatter Power Plant Complex is Adv Proc Radioactives and 5th Gen Civil Eng
  4. Orbital Solar Power Station is 4th Gen Civil Eng and 4th Gen Civil Admin....in Andromeda at least
  5. DCS are a poor man's ICE.....I am glad I never started a position in Draco , it is way too slow . No gates , no wormholes , max 8 AP.......RTG has you tied up for years with little progress .
  6. so , kinda like ICE is super dooper slow motion , right ??
  7. Rare elements ...so you can make ICE . Oh wait , you can't do that in Draco 😲
  8. Only problem with that is that there is a step missing in the battle moon research process . The line is not able to research to the end without that one step . Battle moon would be the ultimate warp point assault instrument .
  9. Nothing really small in the fleets , was probably about 30-40 ships taking part in the battle , if the enemy did not make changes . You saw it , I am sure . That is the battle we know of . If there was a battle with thousands of junk ships , then that was not us .
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