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  1. Upest and angry

    Interesting title....upest is a word I am not familiar with . This will haunt me for the rest of my day now .
  2. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Incoming ......
  3. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Turns are in .....
  4. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Guess what...INCOMING !!
  5. Official: Turns Are In Thread

  6. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Turns are here....
  7. Naval Encounter Order

    Two positions on one planet , not really much to figure out for a ground battle . Sure , that argument is ok if 7 or 8 positions were on one planet , but if they are all on one planet , they are going to be allies .
  8. Naval Encounter Order

    Probably a malicious thought by Pete to clear data ( units of any kind ) from the data base . I believe the thing to where the GATK will engage everybody , including allies , is exceptionally stupid . I have just barely south of 1 million Kur divisions on one of my main planets in Andromeda , and if anybody were to break through the hundreds of billions of tons of mobile warships and the surface installations , then somebody lands troops on the place , then the Kur divisions kill whoever would land , and then I have to put the troops someplace else , and then land Ori divisions to retake the place . Think of the amount of orders that would take . A complete win / win for RTG . It would cost me several hundred dollars in real money to get things back to the way they were ( and then remember I have to input all the build orders again ) . I could transfer the divisions to the Ori position , but the Kur are the ultimate ground pounders thanks to species engineering . I guess having the Kur defend an Ori planet is worth the thought of the attacker's face when they get their turn , and then see what they landed on . But yeah , I wonder what Pete's rationale is to have total allies attack each other in a ground combat situation .
  9. Official: Turns Are In Thread

  10. Official: Turns Are In Thread

  11. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Once again , Incoming .....
  12. Preplanning In Draco

    For pesky rabbits , we have the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch ...just kidding , I have no fight with wabbits....
  13. Preplanning In Draco

    I tend to think the bomb order is pretty good , depending on the psyche of the person you are bombing . I hope Pete fixes the BOMB order . I have a position with a hundred thousand or so total conversion bombs sitting in stockpiles , and I add to that every turn just in case . I bombed a person's HW , and he lost 40-50 thousand pop....ruins the HW's balance , making that person have to waste many orders to get the HW back into balance . The person dropped his position after that , and I captured his HW a couple of turns later with very little effort , so don't ever definitely say bombing a HW or a colony is a bad move to do . While pop is the most valuable resource , capturing pop strengthens your position sometimes immensely .
  14. Official: Turns Are In Thread

  15. Love for Andromeda

    I remember that ship . It got scrapped at Heloise-2 .