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  1. Germany checking in. Looking for pals
  2. There is something satisfying about a grim determination to defeat one's enemies devoid of trash talk. Serious business killing ones and zeros.
  3. Everyone except Sponge: Did I spell this word correctly? "Psychobabble" (I still find it funny that the Spongies red-quote includes the motto for the 22d Special Air Service Regt - Active Army in any case)
  4. Fearing the Sponge is like saying that I am afraid that swallowing a gnat while riding my motorcycle with my mouth open is going to give me liver cancer. I don't understand how my remote control works either, and surprisingly, it doesn't scare me either....ok...well my remote control scares me a little, but the Sponge does not scare me.
  5. Mon dieu...spongie soaked up too much jaegermeister that their German allies left for them (with little red bows tied in nazis roudn the bottleneck). It must have been a difficult decision to cede Hamburg to a hamburger bun während Ihres falsche Krieg. aj jei jei!
  6. Vous ne faites pas de sens, M. Autriche ... la seule chose qui circulent Paris est la collection de crânes allemands ... et en allemand, je veux dire tous les Allemands - Autriche inclus.
  7. Is there anyone else who thinks that København is the capital of Crazyland?
  8. Umm...yeaaahhh...about that. The French have been waiting to reclaim what was historically theirs....sooooo....we asked ourselves (collectively), "Why not now?" (I think you have seen a few of the answers) S
  9. Slicer

    Game 92

    Oh please! Stop with the phony acrimony!! Nobody is buying that you two are anything other than mutual admirers! <tsk...tsk...tsk> I mean look at my avatar! Would that face lie??? OF COURSE IT WOULD!!
  10. Slicer

    Game 92

    Only the Colonists would think about voting for an actor as president... Oh!! hold on a moment... They already did that - Doh!!!! Silly Me! You realize that we're no longer colonists, right? I mean I know you needed our help in every war against my German cousins, but please....the whole "colony" thing was sooo 18th century. You've declined, bubba... Your own lyricist agrees: ----------------------------------------------------------- I was a post-war baby in a small Scots town I was three years old when we moved down south Hard times written in my mother's looks With her widow's pension and her ration books Aneurin Bevan took the miners' cause The the House of Commons in his coal dust voice We were locked up safe and warm from the snow With "Life with the Lyons" on the radio And Churchill said to Louis Mountbatten "I just can't stand to see you today How could you have gone and given India away?" Mountbatten just frowned, said "What can I say? Some of these things slip through your hands And there's no good talking or making plans" But Churchill he just flapped his wings Said "I don't really care to discuss these things, but Oh, every time I look at you I feel so low I don't know what to do Well every day just seems to bring bad news Leaves me here with the Post World War Two Blues"
  11. Slicer

    Game 92

    Oh my god, My long lost Brother is back, your looking good, in fact just like me. So if I am the evil brother of the evil Slicersozey does two evils make a good? No, Brother. Not a Good....a GREAAA-AAA-AAAT!! (Well, at least the better half...me...mom always did like me better)
  12. Slicer

    Game 92

    Oooh... evil, then i must declare Holy War on you!!! Oh wait, already done. Now just to find some evil Romanians to battle... can you please capture Hungary so you're next to me? I'm doin' the best I can, Colonel.
  13. Slicer

    Game 92

    I have decided to Declare that I am, in fact, the evil twin of my evil brother Bob. "Hi, Bro!" (oh..and I am playing Rumania)
  14. Slicer

    Game 85

    261 Cities IMDL 429 ADL 559 Based on the info above, I am pretty sure that you guys won. Great game though!
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