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  1. He will be missed, I just checked the survivors records and I first played Ken in game 58 then three more times. I never fought against him except in game 58 when I was Central Russia and he was playing Czechoslovakia. How long ago was that??????? Don
  2. I think they are one in the same, Matildas is what the Austrian's called the British tanks?
  3. Is that a Matildas?
  4. "the best method of dealing with the Irish invasion of the island of Britain is to drown as many as possible on the way over and knock the others on the head as they crawl ashore" Modified from a "Former Naval Person"
  5. I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and I wish you all a happy New Year. Don of England
  6. We don't think Norwegians are ugly, Don of England
  7. don

    Game 99

    Good game all from the Russian alliance, We held xBerlin after big push from west. Saudi and Jordan repulsed after pushing north into Southern Russia.
  8. 1200 Southern Russian bombers burning on the ground in Turkey
  9. This he knows but how I ask, did Bulgaria arise?
  10. Southern Russia seems to be rolling towards my border. I wonder says he if a peace he would accept? Don of Greece
  11. don

    Game 99

    You are allowed to run 120 orders after 50 turns, but I try to limit it to 90 but have run 120 once in this game. Bit tedious as well. Don
  12. don

    Game 99

    The Russias are hard to run as well, especially when you are spread out from Munich to Siberia.
  13. don

    Game 99

    Well, at least some of my enemies are fighting each other, Mother Russia is hard to conquer. Don of Southern Russia
  14. don

    Game 99

    I believe the Dogs of War have set a new record, Southern Russia was bombed 17 times by 7 different nations in 14 days. Let the good times roll. Don of Southern Russia
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