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  1. Game 99

    I believe the Dogs of War have set a new record, Southern Russia was bombed 17 times by 7 different nations in 14 days. Let the good times roll. Don of Southern Russia
  2. Game 99

    The Czar of Southern Russia commends the troops defending the motherland in a hopeless battle in Persia. Their wives and children can be proud of their actions and rest assured that one lost battle does not a war lose.
  3. Game 102

    Ah Predator we meet again. best of luck
  4. Game 99

    Czar of Southern Russia has noticed the probing of his borders in Persia and Germany as advancing single divisions of his enemies have been destroyed in both locations. Is this a precursor of a major attack I ask?
  5. Game 99

    Apparently you don't want to be friends and fight Canada since you bombed me several times. PS bombers work better for bombing than fighters. Don Czar of Southern Russia.
  6. Game 99

    Heh Brother Monk I thought you were going to take on the US? Russia has always had a thing about the US, perhaps we could be allies and I will help you bomb the US? Their bombers aren't too good anyway so perhaps I will just keep shooting them down. Canada and Southern Russia against the world? Elder Commander Link
  7. Game 99

    What a phoenix? I thought Tunisia was long dead? Had to move my capitol due do para troopers falling out of the sky all over. Must build LDB and AA units all across empire. Czar of Russia
  8. Game 99

    Terrorist have been para dropping all me as well,
  9. Game 99

    It looks like you have quite a few friends as well, so we shall see what happens, Don
  10. Game 99

    My hat is off to the German high command to a fine victory against one of the Central Russia armies invading their homeland. However as the saying goes I am afraid Germany and friends have aroused the giant. All three Russia's and friends are now aligned against the Germans. Much like WWII Germany can stop only some of the Russian hordes. T-34's advance!!!! Don of Stalingrad
  11. Game 100

    Greece salutes the valient soldiers of Bulgaria. It is never easy to take on two opponents but your tactics are great and my commanders have been replaced due to incompentence. The replacements will do better. Don of Greece
  12. Game 99

    Southern Russia does not like what is going on in Turkey
  13. Game 100

    Once the dogs are let go it is hard to get them back
  14. Game 99

    Pretty quiet out there? New alliances present new challenges. Good gaming
  15. Game 100

    The bigger they are the harder they fall or so the saying goes?