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  1. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    My turn ended up in the junk mail folder. I'm a hotmail user. Guess i was lucky.
  2. Returning Player Questions for Draco

    What about the SCM stat? Is that a factor at all or has it been bumped up to be more effective like GCM?
  3. Colonial attrition

    Find planets that mirror you homeworld. Growth rates will be really high when you drop enuff installations to maintain 1 to 100 rate.
  4. Colonial attrition

    In an email from Pete many years ago, he stated each facility effected a certain variable. So a domed city and a subterranean city, each effect a different variable, even though you would think each would effect the same. I think the verbage in the csv are just fluff. The only one that seems to really mater is the pmap.
  5. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Hope all is well with Pete and his family. I can wait, id rather my GM and his family be safe than worry about my turn.
  6. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    It was 60°f this morning here. Had to wear a jacket.
  7. Upest and angry

    Only person negatively affecting your gameplay is you. Maybe instead of rants and accusations, send an email to Pete informing him of what anomaly occured on your turn.
  8. Deep Core Surveyors

    I recommend you bump up your DCS's. With 10 thousand, you could hit cap in a few turns. Then put that pop back into something else. Only need 2 billion adv con mats. And those con mats can be used on adv ic's later. Gas giants are very difficult to impossible to colonise. Good luck. I lost a few thousand population before i could get everybody off.
  9. Preplanning In Draco

    You can offset the one high ap fleet with several fleets running to the same colony. I wiuld send fleet 1 turn, fleet 2 would start the following turn, etc etc.
  10. Wasted or Useful Research

    Thanks for the reply. Pretty lame about explore hits being meaningless.
  11. Wasted or Useful Research

    I finished the MK4 EAG and IDFS, nothing poped up. Annoyed since i know MK5 and MK6 EAG exist. Still trying to follow all possible leads, hopefully soon.
  12. Player Aids

    Gas giants are tricky. At low pop, a colony can probably survive. i tried to colonize one years ago, had all the tech, droped a few hindred no issues. I got cocky, dropped somethimg like 30k more pop and built it up. Then i notoced my pop was dying greater than my growth. Tried to offset it with more pop, got worse. Lesson learned.
  13. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Got my turn, except the pdf is missing Fleet Report.
  14. Wasted or Useful Research

    Nope. One of many useless techs.
  15. Wasted or Useful Research

    Keep exploring, you too may be able to find Advanced Survey Landers.