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  1. Game 103

    That team can march to the eastern map edge unopposed. We need a central Europe and a eastern Europe team to sign up.
  2. Game 98

    game over!!! I wonder how long it will take for winners will be calculated. I am waiting on game 94 results still. How many positions/TA teams stayed to the end?? Persia, Turkey, S Russia did. Pete
  3. Game 98

    only 2 more turns. I guess I should sign up for game 103.
  4. Game 101

    Nope- still waiting from a different game. I hope it wasnt another computer breakage. The last one cost about a third of the players to stop playing.
  5. Game 101

    Well, that TA of mine did cede me a port city. Although its about to become Swedish. You better hurry if you want it.
  6. Game 101

    Fremen, it would be fun to have naval battles. You dont see many in this game. Pete
  7. Game 101

    What makes you think I will give up? Be careful, while your fleet is up north, who is watching the channel.
  8. Game 101

    4 Irish and Brit CAs sunk this turn isnt bad. Come back for more target practice. I am getting my bomb sight better calibrated. DEFENDER ENDING FORCES 3rd Squadron Ship Name Experience % Effective Ship Name Experience % Effective Enterprise, CV-23 Green 100% Astoria, CA-40 Green 0% Astoria, CA-41 Line 0% Task Force 2 Ship Name Experience % Effective Ship Name Experience % Effective AD-1, AD-1 Green 100% Norfolk, CA-7 Green 57% Norfolk, CA-8 Green 100% Norfolk, CA-9 Green 100% Norfolk, CA-10 Green 100% Norfolk, CA-11 Green 0% Norfolk, CA-12 Green 93% Norfolk, CA-13 Line 88% Norfolk, CA-14 Line 100% Norfolk, CA-15 Veteran 100% Norfolk, CA-16 Green 47% Norfolk, CA-17 Green 0% Norfolk, CA-18 Line 100% Norfolk, CA-20 Green 95% Tribal, DD-33 Line 100% Tribal, DD-34 Green 100% Tribal, DD-35 Line 100% Tribal, DD-36 Green 100% Tribal, DD-37 Green 100% Tribal, DD-38 Green 100% Tribal, DD-39 Green 100% Tribal, DD-40 Line 100% Tribal, DD-41 Green 100% Tribal, DD-42 Green 100% Tribal, DD-43 Green 100% Tribal, DD-44 Green 100% Tribal, DD-45 Green 100% Tribal, DD-46 Line 100% Tribal, DD-47 Line 100% AD-1, AD-48 Green 100% AD-1, AD-49 Green 100% AD-1, AD-50 Line 100%
  9. Game 101

    Fremen, I actually learn more from you than my TA. He never turned on intel sharing, and doesnt share his results. I dont even know who is playing Norway. Iceland
  10. Game 101

    Fremen, Without a TA to provide intel, I am running blind, and you ran before me again on day 1. Oh well. I knew Iceland is hard to play. Pete
  11. Game 100

    Yes it is. Hamburg, Kiel, Antwerp have all swapped hands several times. Italy
  12. Game 98

    Lord, the Suez area is full of dead SS Panzers, Fireflies, and HA Shermans. Now my amphib fleets are going down. Algeria has the largest air force I have seen. (My Swedes is game 84 were bigger though. ) Much fun guys. Pete Persia98
  13. Game 101

    Hey, what'd I do to piss you guys off. Just as I was gettin ready to offer ya somethin....... dive bombers will do. Iceland
  14. Game 101

    Iceland checking in. Been off the forums for quite a while... Pete
  15. Game 100

    who- what -where??????? The Tyrol is mine ! Italy 90 (100)