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  1. Game 101

    Fremen, Without a TA to provide intel, I am running blind, and you ran before me again on day 1. Oh well. I knew Iceland is hard to play. Pete
  2. Game 100

    Yes it is. Hamburg, Kiel, Antwerp have all swapped hands several times. Italy
  3. Game 98

    Lord, the Suez area is full of dead SS Panzers, Fireflies, and HA Shermans. Now my amphib fleets are going down. Algeria has the largest air force I have seen. (My Swedes is game 84 were bigger though. ) Much fun guys. Pete Persia98
  4. Game 101

    Hey, what'd I do to piss you guys off. Just as I was gettin ready to offer ya somethin....... dive bombers will do. Iceland
  5. Game 101

    Iceland checking in. Been off the forums for quite a while... Pete
  6. Game 100

    who- what -where??????? The Tyrol is mine ! Italy 90 (100)
  7. Game 100

    Italy chiming in. Home of the spaghetti western!
  8. Game 100

    Russ sent out emails to those who registered for game 100 (now game 90). He is asking everyone to confirm there participation. Start date is March 12. Pete
  9. Game 100

    I heard from Russ, maybe soon, let your buddies know.-Pete I think I have enough. Just have to go through the registrations, some are fairly old, to make sure. I also may have to check the coding (a simple thing but going from a 2-digit game number to a 3-digit one may cause me some issues – this game was originally coded in 1991 so you never know what will pop up sometimes…). Russ
  10. Game 100

    Russ just answered my question as to how close game 100 is to starting. He said it is at 50% for game applications. I know my group of friends have submitted. That is 7 signed up. Who else has signed up? (groups can answer) Lets get signed up folks!
  11. Game 95

    I will share Libya's results. My goal was to take a country that had few survivors and try to finish. There are a few that had less than 15. What next? Pete
  12. Game 95

    It's all over. Thanks to all that stuck in there to the finish. there were quite a few this game. Now to submit for game 100!!!
  13. Game 94

    Here is some more RWE United States has conquered xTebessa from Algeria United States has conquered xSbeitla from Southern Russia Morocco has conquered xChambi from Tunisia
  14. Game 94

    Game Over. This one drug on. But I survived to the end. Thanks Des for hanging with me. Congrats to the obvious winners from the east. Pete USA
  15. Game 98

    Poland checking in!