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  1. Draco Alert!

    Alien Fleet Sighting : ] [Stellar cartography reports that Warp Point has not yet been surveyed by your scouts] DMX Death Machines # 9999 'Metallic Sphere Orbiting Dead World' [Zulu] X0329-4 1 ML EX4M (Minelayer - 60,000 tons)
  2. CIDS

    A little late , but if I understand properly the important thing is the tech generation more so than the accuracy. If you use fighters then you want an equivalent or higher tech generation for the CIDS system than your enemy has to keep your fighters from being disadvantaged. If you are defending against fighters then you want a higher generation than your enemy to give his fighters a disadvantage. Is this correct?
  3. Beginning Ships

    The crystal palace entry program is the name of the program you have been using to enter your turns
  4. Player Aids

    I believe since all Draco galaxy shipyards are the robotic shipyards version the minimum size is 25k tons
  5. Interesting warp points

    I got an interesting suprise this turn. Found a system with 3 warp points that all go to the same system
  6. Wasted or Useful Research

    In Andromeda at least, a single exploration hit didn't move the bar. However it was really nice running large numbers of high AP exploration ships so that when you did research a tech way down the road you could cut off 10 to 25 exploration hits worth of research from it.
  7. *sigh*

    Made fleets to spread out my beginning ships to explore the home system. Forgot to put ships in the fleets. Sent fleet with ships to next system. So in essence I got nothing done on the first turn
  8. *sigh*

    You know it's going to be fun when you start off a new position and totally screw up the first turn
  9. 9th gen Space Science

    Anyone discovered 9th gen space science, or any other 9th gen besides 9th gen computers?
  10. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Turns are in
  11. Which players are controlling game content?

    Hmm I took it to mean he was asking which players are controlling npc's like the death machines.
  12. Enemies of the Flagritz Republic

    Sounds like a reincarnation of Highwayman
  13. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Got mine
  14. Threat Level????

    Threat level has to do with how a ship in combat chooses which enemy ship to fire at. Ships with lots of weapons are going to be viewed by your ships as a bigger threat than an unarmed freighter , or tanker. So your ships will be more likely to target them first. The Flag Bridge ships component really makes use of this to give your ships a better chance of going after those 10 billion ton behemoths instead of spending all their time shooting at the little 1000 ton defense satellites.
  15. Realm of Cric #1373

    Looking to make contact with, or acquire information about Realm of Cric #1373