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  1. Looking for info or contact with the Andromeda empire ILX Ilx-Talvis # 4401 'A White City With Light Radiating From Behind'
  2. Jemanari Public Relations

    QPH Quantum Phoenix # 3886 'Fiery Wings In Nebula'

    Looking for info or contact with the Andromeda empire QPH Quantum Phoenix # 3886 'Fiery Wings In Nebula'
  3. Jemanari Public Relations

    System beacons

    With the changes between Andromedas and Dracos rulesets are system beacons useful now? I was told in Andromeda by several players not to use them since they just served as breadcrumbs to aid an enemy in finding your systems. Since borders in Draco are supposed to be a bit easier to defend is it worthwhile to use them?
  4. Jemanari Public Relations

    DRG Drogan Empire # 6444

    Anyone have any information on this empire in Draco? DRG Drogan Empire # 6444 'A Planet Engulfed In Flames With Wings Extending From Both Sides On A Black Background'
  5. Jemanari Public Relations

    Draco - ROE settings

    If Player A and B are at a warp point and have declared war on Player C, what happens if Player C comes through the warp point? Do A and B shoot at C but not at each other if a battle occurs, or do they all start shooting at each other?
  6. Jemanari Public Relations

    Returning Player Questions for Draco

    Actually with no gates in Draco sooner or later the high RB race will overcome the ground pounder if they make it into orbit of the ground pounders HW and hold it. While the ground pounder will be able to make some new divisions each turn, they lose access to all the offworld resources. The high RB race will still retain access to offworld resources and can produce an ever growing number of divisions that at some point will be able to overcome the ground pounder.
  7. Jemanari Public Relations

    Colonial attrition

    I have positive colonization modifiers so that should be ok
  8. Jemanari Public Relations

    Colonial attrition

    Did a CSV on a world and got results saying it had ideal colonization conditions. Dropped 100 pop on the world. Had growth of one and one died from attrition? Is it normal in Draco to have attrition on ideal worlds, and if so is it normal to have it at such low pop levels?
  9. Jemanari Public Relations

    Universal Gates

    loss rate is determined by the actual position in a 3d generated universe of the game. Only the game knows the exact position coordinates of each system. You cant go by how many jumps away a world is to determine its actual distance from the starting point. A system that is 3 jumps from your homeworld could be 5 light years from you, or 50, or 5000.
  10. Jemanari Public Relations


    Anyone know if Cestvel is still playing. I had a question I needed to ask him but havent seen anything from him on here lately
  11. Jemanari Public Relations

    Draco Alert!

    Alien Fleet Sighting : ] [Stellar cartography reports that Warp Point has not yet been surveyed by your scouts] DMX Death Machines # 9999 'Metallic Sphere Orbiting Dead World' [Zulu] X0329-4 1 ML EX4M (Minelayer - 60,000 tons)
  12. Jemanari Public Relations


    A little late , but if I understand properly the important thing is the tech generation more so than the accuracy. If you use fighters then you want an equivalent or higher tech generation for the CIDS system than your enemy has to keep your fighters from being disadvantaged. If you are defending against fighters then you want a higher generation than your enemy to give his fighters a disadvantage. Is this correct?
  13. Jemanari Public Relations

    Beginning Ships

    The crystal palace entry program is the name of the program you have been using to enter your turns
  14. Jemanari Public Relations

    Player Aids

    I believe since all Draco galaxy shipyards are the robotic shipyards version the minimum size is 25k tons
  15. Jemanari Public Relations

    Interesting warp points

    I got an interesting suprise this turn. Found a system with 3 warp points that all go to the same system