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  1. Jemanari Public Relations

    Warp Nexii

    Maybe a use for Battle Moons?
  2. Jemanari Public Relations

    Imperial Reforms

    Anyone willing to publicly or privately share the ANZ for Imperial Reforms?
  3. Jemanari Public Relations

    #6552 Bessisstine- First Contact

    Looking to establish contact with this empire, or gain any information from anyone that has also met them. Dendarri
  4. Jemanari Public Relations

    Division types

  5. Jemanari Public Relations

    Division types

    I was mainly wondering if the same basic division types covered the same ground combat strength categories. For example would an Imperial Army Heavy Infantry division and an Imperial Guards Heavy Infantry division have ratings in the exact same ground combat strength categories since they are both heavy infantry divisions? Or could the Army heavy infantry division have categories A, B, C, D, E and the Guards heavy infantry division have A, B, D, E, and F?
  6. Jemanari Public Relations

    Division types

    Is there any reason besides cost to choose Imperial Guards style divisions over Imperial Army ones? I realize that the Guards divisions probably have higher ratings in areas, but I mean do Guards divisions have ratings in different areas than Army units? Is an Imperial Guards Heavy Infantry unit going to have ratings in areas different than an Imperial Army Heavy Infantry unit?
  7. Jemanari Public Relations

    Draco Alert!

    Ran into two sets of three light cruisers moving together this turn. They were in a system that did not have a DMX system beacon in it. Designation KO992
  8. Jemanari Public Relations

    Templars Draco

    Anyone have any information on an empire in Draco called The Templars, or something similar?
  9. Jemanari Public Relations


    And an ORB order will give a list of the different category of EXPL finds that have occurred on a planet. Such as :a smashed alien observatory:, or an abandoned alien power plant:. I do not know though if you can have only one find related to that smashed observatory, or several. So using the ORB order might not give an exact count of past positive results.
  10. Jemanari Public Relations


    If I remember past forum posts correctly worlds (except gas giants) have a capacity of 80 exploration hits. So once any world has 80 positive expl results it is exhausted. Getting a positive result does not have a 100 percent chance. The more positive expl results a world has had, the harder it gets to get new positive results. The base chance to get a positive result is modified by certain character types and different pieces of ships equipment. There is a list of some of the equipment that is helpful somewhere in this forum. Also if I remember correctly the modifier provided by each piece of equipment increases based off how many of that type you have on the ship doing the order. So type B science labs have a bigger modiefier than type A science labs, but 50 type B science labs gives a bigger modifier than 10 type B science labs.Some higher generation items actually list an exploration modifier on their ANZ.
  11. Looking for info or contact with the Andromeda empire ILX Ilx-Talvis # 4401 'A White City With Light Radiating From Behind'
  12. Jemanari Public Relations

    QPH Quantum Phoenix # 3886 'Fiery Wings In Nebula'

    Looking for info or contact with the Andromeda empire QPH Quantum Phoenix # 3886 'Fiery Wings In Nebula'
  13. Jemanari Public Relations

    System beacons

    With the changes between Andromedas and Dracos rulesets are system beacons useful now? I was told in Andromeda by several players not to use them since they just served as breadcrumbs to aid an enemy in finding your systems. Since borders in Draco are supposed to be a bit easier to defend is it worthwhile to use them?
  14. Jemanari Public Relations

    DRG Drogan Empire # 6444

    Anyone have any information on this empire in Draco? DRG Drogan Empire # 6444 'A Planet Engulfed In Flames With Wings Extending From Both Sides On A Black Background'
  15. Jemanari Public Relations

    Draco - ROE settings

    If Player A and B are at a warp point and have declared war on Player C, what happens if Player C comes through the warp point? Do A and B shoot at C but not at each other if a battle occurs, or do they all start shooting at each other?