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  1. 5 batles wouldnt work very well if you used variable tech levels for each side. if you used a ground pounder with no ground tech and a brain in the jar with no ground tech, a little ground tech, half the ground tech, three quarters the ground tech and all the ground tech thats five battles right there. You would need a set for ground pounders at no ground tech, a little, half, three quarters, and all ground tech levels as well. Plus several battles at each setting to make sure you didnt get a fluke outcome for a battle. The second set of 100 would be a lot easier to set up and run because the only changes would be that the brain in the jar would have changed lifeform statistics due to the spending of species engineering points
  2. How about we do this. Have Pete setup and run a sample of battles. Use a full ground pounder race against a brain in the jar race for the first set of samples. Have varying levels of ground tech. Brain in the jars should be able to get a better output of tech with the RC bonuses. Run a hundred battles. Then have a set of battles using a ground pounder versus a brain in the jar race that has used species engineering to buyoff the negative ground combat abilities. Use varying tech levels and run another 100 battle sample. If the ground pounder always wins, no matter what the brain in the jar race has for tech or species engineering, then it needs to be looked at. That will also allow him to see how the odds shifts come out. Once its done he can then give us a brief report on what he saw from the test results.
  3. A major aspect of this game is conquest. Even as old as Andromeda is there are still a number of wars going on. Think how you would feel if someone just handed the pre-reqs for the defensive tech that corresponds to your weapon systems to the guy you have been at war with for 3 or 4 years. There are also a small number of players out there that play the villian and will use any less than honorable method they can to gain an advantage. That is why when I wrote about this before I suggested asking in private and starting out with seeking hints instead of outright ANZs. I have received help over the years from Hobknob and others with tech info and strategy advice. I always try to keep it in private, I ask for hints first, I explain whay my own efforts have been to figure things out on my own, and above all else I remain respectful and understanding if someone would rather not share info. Iformation , even though this is only a game, is still very valuable. What if it was the jump pathway to your homeworld, the size and location of your fleets, or the weapon systems you use? To you, getting the info you need would be helpful. However to someone else, you getting the info you need could be harmful. Also always keep in mind that the way you react to a situation now could mean the difference between a non agression agreement or a war declaration down the road.
  4. Just throwing this out there, but because of the changes to research in Draco it might be tough to find one single empire that has researched all of those starting techs. With Draco research taking much longer to complete most empires are going to specialize. Empires looking to have powerful navies won't research lots of ground combat tech for awhile. Ground combat empires aren't going to go as heavily into naval research. People will focus on one or two weapons tech trees.
  5. Im a little confused. What do you mean by "all the starting tech"? Are you referring to the horizon techs? What exactly constitutes a starting tech?
  6. Are deep core surveyor requirements the same for Draco as they were in Andromeda?
  7. Anyone who has been building the installations that boost colony immigration for Draco willing to share how effective they are and if you see them as worthwhile to build?
  8. Just came across a new DMX faction. Sector 115
  9. Maybe a use for Battle Moons?
  10. Anyone willing to publicly or privately share the ANZ for Imperial Reforms?
  11. Looking to establish contact with this empire, or gain any information from anyone that has also met them. Dendarri
  12. I was mainly wondering if the same basic division types covered the same ground combat strength categories. For example would an Imperial Army Heavy Infantry division and an Imperial Guards Heavy Infantry division have ratings in the exact same ground combat strength categories since they are both heavy infantry divisions? Or could the Army heavy infantry division have categories A, B, C, D, E and the Guards heavy infantry division have A, B, D, E, and F?
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