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  1. Just throwing this out there, but because of the changes to research in Draco it might be tough to find one single empire that has researched all of those starting techs. With Draco research taking much longer to complete most empires are going to specialize. Empires looking to have powerful navies won't research lots of ground combat tech for awhile. Ground combat empires aren't going to go as heavily into naval research. People will focus on one or two weapons tech trees.
  2. Im a little confused. What do you mean by "all the starting tech"? Are you referring to the horizon techs? What exactly constitutes a starting tech?
  3. Are deep core surveyor requirements the same for Draco as they were in Andromeda?
  4. Anyone who has been building the installations that boost colony immigration for Draco willing to share how effective they are and if you see them as worthwhile to build?
  5. Just came across a new DMX faction. Sector 115
  6. Maybe a use for Battle Moons?
  7. Anyone willing to publicly or privately share the ANZ for Imperial Reforms?
  8. Looking to establish contact with this empire, or gain any information from anyone that has also met them. Dendarri
  9. I was mainly wondering if the same basic division types covered the same ground combat strength categories. For example would an Imperial Army Heavy Infantry division and an Imperial Guards Heavy Infantry division have ratings in the exact same ground combat strength categories since they are both heavy infantry divisions? Or could the Army heavy infantry division have categories A, B, C, D, E and the Guards heavy infantry division have A, B, D, E, and F?
  10. Is there any reason besides cost to choose Imperial Guards style divisions over Imperial Army ones? I realize that the Guards divisions probably have higher ratings in areas, but I mean do Guards divisions have ratings in different areas than Army units? Is an Imperial Guards Heavy Infantry unit going to have ratings in areas different than an Imperial Army Heavy Infantry unit?
  11. Ran into two sets of three light cruisers moving together this turn. They were in a system that did not have a DMX system beacon in it. Designation KO992
  12. Anyone have any information on an empire in Draco called The Templars, or something similar?
  13. And an ORB order will give a list of the different category of EXPL finds that have occurred on a planet. Such as :a smashed alien observatory:, or an abandoned alien power plant:. I do not know though if you can have only one find related to that smashed observatory, or several. So using the ORB order might not give an exact count of past positive results.
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