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  1. Absolutely not tonight - unfortunately, real world issues have interfered with turn entry on this end. I haven't been able to start the run yet, so definitely late results this time around
  2. Andromeda turns update: extremely high winds overcame Weather Control Stations in the northeast, causing cascading widespread power outages. After almost 24 hours, power has finally been restored--allowing me to restart the rudely interrupted run I had just begun last night. I have to start from scratch, so results won't be ready until some time tomorrow. Ugh.
  3. Stripminers were brought up several posts back. The safety of building on a centralized world versus using regular mines on multiple colonies comes to mind -- those kinds of decisions are fundamental to how Draco works, so it makes for an interesting discussion.
  4. The cold hard math of the mining formula and the Stripminer and Industrial efficiency values answers that question.
  5. This is an interesting discussion--is the thinking that in Draco Stripminers+Industries (to convert the Raw Resources) is more efficient at producing base resources (like Iron) than using regular mines on any reasonable yield of that resource?
  6. Late start + some heavy duty engagements = late tonight results Some of you guys aren't fooling about in Draco 😲
  7. Draco won't go out until later on tomorrow
  8. Orders seemed to run fine - you might send a note to Russ to make sure he got your orders file.
  9. It's in the home stretch now. This was a monster of a turn cycle for Draco - working on pdf and data file creation now.
  10. Draco is not Andromeda, so you definitely won't get to the super high yields found there, but if your Deep Core Surveyors find everything that they can on a world you can just dismantle and rebuild them elsewhere.
  11. If your lifeform isn't well suited for colonization then open up Domed and Subterranean Cities. They're much less expensive and help more in Draco than in Andromeda, their attrition benefits stack, and they're pretty easy to research. Colonization issues solved. For lifeforms that are good at colonization they can either do without them or maybe get away with one or the other instead of both, depending on the world.
  12. Today for sure - just now starting in on making the data files and pdf's. Likely down to a couple of hours to go now, whew.
  13. An update on this week's Andromeda cycle: I'm running some heavy database utilities on Andromeda right now which will definitely delay this week's run a bit. I don't expect to be able to start processing the turn until later on tomorrow (Thursday) at best.
  14. Along with a variety of other fields, that's right. All were used for a number of interesting things behind the scenes, but that sort of detail loses value as the # of Divisions goes up, so if you're using massive armies you won't notice that anything has changed (which in a way would be ideal).
  15. Oh, they weren't stored with a quantity. Every division (currently) is like a ship, with its own stored memory of all sorts of interesting things under the hood. When you have 800,000 Divisions, that's 800,000 records. It's gotten completely out of hand as it got to be a crazy high number region-wide. Compressing the table to record only a quantity of each type loses some of that per-division information stored behind the scenes by smearing it over a larger group with a simple quantity field. In any event it avoids the issue of caps at a reasonable cost, so that's what I'm working on.
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