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  1. Draco Galaxy turns

    Weathered the storm (80% of the county lost power, and many still don't have any, but we lucked out--whew). Even so, it's been a rather hectic week. I wouldn't expect results to be ready to send out any time soon--maaaaybe by 0-dark-thirty tonight, or more likely tomorrow morning. edit: It turned out to be a super smooth run--always a good thing. Turns going out now!
  2. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    The latest forecasts do have us getting hit pretty hard by winter storm Skylar tomorrow. Looking like 1-2 feet of snow with wind gusts up to 50 or 60 mph. Should taper off somewhat through Wednesday and Thursday, but it really comes down to how bad the power outages are. Best to get those turns in to Russ as early as you can; if I've got power I'll certainly push hard to get them out of here to avoid the potential for further power issues later on in the week. No way to know for sure how bad it will be until the storm starts hammering the power lines tonight and throughout tomorrow. If I don't have power on Tuesday and Wednesday, well, there's not much I can do. Just have to sit tight and see how it goes.
  3. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Wooeeee now that's what I call a multi-day engagement. Lost power to the port nacelle due to an intense solar flare (biggest n'or'easter in decades) (note this was Friday 10 days back, not just 3 days ago); engineering fixed that up at 0-dark-thirty. Good going Saturday and Sunday (again, this was a week ago, not this past weekend). Power conduits blew the following Monday; power good to parts of the ship but not all parts. Internet up but spotty. Tuesday everything went down. Fired off an Omega Drone to Russ via courier but all he could do was watch from afar. Wednesday comes around, repair crews find a bad phase--only one 120v line coming in the main conduits working, other one out. Causing all sorts of weird fluctuations. Fixed that up, power back Wednesday and Thursday but Internet real spotty. Still some weird stuff going on, power dimming, cable modem lights up but often losing connection, only to reconnect. Sketchy but functional, barely. On long enough to get orders from various government factions (that's you guys). Power running via an emergency backup power supply good enough to get the orders mostly processed. Friday morning big explosion, all power out. Internet gone. Can't finish up those government orders, but oh so close. More repair crews showed up, this time from the main Fleet Base at Andromeda Prime. Found the problem, bad neutral ground line on their part. Not really a bad line--it was just, well, gone. Sheared completely away and sent to the-void-only-knows where. That's much worse than the missing phase earlier in the week. No good ground means weird power fluctuations, explaining Wednesday and Thursday weirdness. Voltage spiking and falling in bizarre increments until it blew, not good. Fixed that up. Power back, but Fleet Comms (internet) still out. Modems light up but can't connect. DMX probably to blame, who knows. Power's rock solid, though--finally. Finished off the processing and got hard copies printed. Stuffed, sealed, down to Fleet Courier HQ (post office) Saturday morning, hard copies gone, go baby go. Emails still no go. Repair boys at Fleet HQ promise a fix, but not until Monday (today). They show up early in a big Fleet Tug equipped to handle anything. Turns out the excess power from the week before found a way to ground out other than the blown neutral line that didn't exist because it had been torn to shreds by the previous week's space storm. It had found the internet and cable lines and, desperate to ground, vaporized them faster than a Hellfire Cannon melts mere Titanium Composite. They fixed that all up. Back in operation, port nacelle looking good, Fleet Comms restored. At the end of the day (which lasted a week and a half), the effect was to delay the sending of emails from last Friday (when the turn finally finished processing) until this Monday, today. Hard copies went out right on schedule, so they weren't affected in any way. All in all, not too bad. Sure was an ordeal, though. Pesky DMX clearly to blame, and this wasn't even Draco! Feels good to be back in action again. Sorry for the delay!
  4. Convoy Route

    With the potential for such a long convoy route, just be sure to stop convoy route recording. Avoid the madness of recording your remaining issued orders and all of your standing orders into it!
  5. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Right on the coast. I can look out and see the whitecaps on the waves even now. Until it warmed up a bit yesterday, there was snow out about 50 feet on the ocean. Brrrr.
  6. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Yep - the maniacs who drive on the shoulders always pass on the right, at speed, and go right through off ramps without exiting. I'd use point defense cannons to pick them off if they get too close, but they're too fast and my targeting computers can't get a solid lock.
  7. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    RTG is based out of Aurora CO, but I live in Massachusetts and mail the hard copies (and send the email results) from there. Can't say I wouldn't mind moving back west at some point, though.
  8. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Just a heads-up that we're getting hit by a blizzard that starts tomorrow and runs through (at least) Friday. Hard copy results will probably not make it out of here until next Monday Power outages are, unfortunately, reasonably likely so I can't make any predictions on email results either. Maybe we'll get lucky and the storm will move away from the coast, but that's just wishful thinking. Feel free to spread the (bad) news.
  9. Big fleets in Draco

    Note that fire control is a lot easier to come by with the improvement to leaders. A single Admiral assigned by your enemy can give him a lot of fire control instantly, swiftly invalidating a strategy of building lots of ships. Large fleet strategies generally revolve around "gaming the system" by hoping that your enemy's ships pick your almost-worthless small ships while your ships pick his important targets instead. That can work against a very unprepared enemy, turning certain defeat into a spectacular victory, but it almost certainly won't work twice--and once you go down the road of building many ships, that all becomes wasted tonnage once he easily counters it with fire control. Instead, you generally want to have tough ships that can withstand the hits they will take, with just enough fire control to pop the enemy ships before they do the same back. 1,000 ship fleets can look impressive, but those ships will probably be small and easily destroyed by any enemy you'd normally be worried about (ie they're smart enough to assign one or more naval commanders to their attack force, never mind actually having fire control computers installed on their ships). Since shields are degraded in Draco as compared to Andromeda, Draco ships are more likely to be designed with a lot of armor. This means that larger, tougher ships that are designed to survive can be repaired and thus saved to fight another day. That can be a good way to go since smaller ships cannot be repaired once destroyed, effectively tossing their precious tonnage into the Great Void when the same tonnage could have been saved via repairs if installed on a larger vessel. Some strategies might include putting super tough escorts into deploc 1, making them more likely to be targeted by enemy fire control. This would let them soak more damage than your more offensive-minded ships that might be in higher deplocs (carriers or long range missile ships, perhaps). If you know what weapon type your enemy likes to use, defensive systems on those deploc-1 soakers could make them very tough indeed, effectively multiplying their integrity quite favorably. This can be leveraged even more if you are using orbitals (see below). Another thing to consider is that if your enemy is coming after you, he has to make the journey. That can be a big deal in Draco, as he either needs to spend a lot of time chugging along with efficient but slow speed-1 ships or he designs faster but much less offensive-minded ships because of the high tonnage requirements to reach speeds 2+. Fuel costs just to get to you are another issue he has to deal with. If he designs tankers to move most of the way with his attack force (instead of installing lots of fuel tankage directly onto his warships, in an attempt to keep them more efficient in battle), those ships are vulnerable to destruction, which would put a severe crimp in his plans. You could also consider building tugs and orbital installations in key systems (such as your home system). Orbitals have triple the integrity of regular starships, further enhancing an advantage they would have if designed with a lot of armor (surface fortresses enjoy 9x integrity), and you might even stick some Repair Bays on them so that they can repair their fleet back to full strength after successfully repelling an attack. Tractor beam ships can tow orbitals (but not surface fortresses) out to your warp points--they just need enough tractor beam strength to handle the tonnage of the orbitals in their fleet and they can move around in-system with them (typically from your shipyards to a warp point). There are a lot of ways to go, with the right decision generally depending on the composition and design weaknesses of your enemy's forces.
  10. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Turns are out - be aware that account balances on the top of the results aren't up to date (they're whatever they were from last week). Sleep deprivation is bad. Don't try this at home. No aliens were harmed in the making of these turn results. Time to get some shuteye.
  11. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    I'm starting a little bit later than usual on Draco processing this time around -- we wanted to give some folks a little extra time to get their orders in (probably caused by the Christmas mail season that is upon us). I expect to get the results out either late tonight or tomorrow morning depending on how things go.
  12. (Draco) Tech Tree Variance

    No gates!
  13. Draco Galaxy turns

    Nothing changed as far as the processing itself--it was just the print line, altered a little bit.
  14. Draco Galaxy turns

    I was just trying that out to see if it would be easier to read. I'll probably remove the "pg" since the number itself is pretty clearly the pop group #.
  15. Upest and angry

    Just a mistake on my part (human error). There's a utility that needs to be run to update that table for the results, and I forgot to run it. For email guys, I suspect that your databases have the researchable tech in the dropdown menus (for SRP orders), as the mdb files are created separately. Of course, only the newly researchable items added this turn would be different from last turn, so in most cases you didn't miss much on that (blank) page. Still, it's a nice page to have--it will show up again as usual next time. Pete