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  1. RTGPete

    Draco Galaxy turns

    No - if you issued an SRP this turn, you won't need to issue another one to flag the points to be spent.
  2. RTGPete

    Draco Galaxy turns

    It looks like Santa's elves decided to play a trick on him and not complete 3rd Generation items with saved points as they had promised. This was not a very nice trick, and Santa is most definitely not pleased. He has corrected this issue so that 3rd Generation items in Draco will complete with saved points as expected via the "slot-1" system, but that won't occur until next turn. Sorry about that
  3. RTGPete

    What would you do?

    I"m trying to get them out tonight, but if I manage that, it will be very late.
  4. RTGPete

    What would you do?

    I did; there were very, very few entries affected. If you had 2 or 3 that was around half of them right there.
  5. RTGPete

    What would you do?

    Sure, just send me an email with your empire # - easy to reprint.
  6. RTGPete

    What would you do?

    If it was in Draco, you don't really have 2 billion of Iron or Radioactive Elements -- a few entries last turn (about 6 I think total) displayed abnormally large values and I've since corrected them. You don't suddenly get 2 billion more than whatever you actually dug up
  7. RTGPete

    Santa Points?

    Points are spent beginning in slot 1, but if that item was just finished or doesn't qualify for your extra points (for example, it's too high of a generation, like 4th now in Draco), then slot 2 will be used. The code keeps looking, starting at slot 1 and running up to slot 25, trying to find an item that it can spend the points on. As soon as it finds one, it spends the points trying to finish it, and stops. If it can't find any items from slot 1 through slot 25, it doesn't spend any.
  8. RTGPete

    Draco Galaxy turns

    It looks like I forgot to run the shipcount utility before generating the results, so you might see a zero count on some ships, likely new transfers into a fleet from an RN or a shipyard. The ships exist and are in your fleets, so there's nothing to worry about, but your fleet reports might show zero as the quantity which doesn't give you an accurate reading of what you have. I'm looking into running the utility and recreating the results. If that works out, I'll send out revised copies, which will be identical in every way except for more accurate ship counts. Sorry about that! edit - updated pdf's sent out. Data files from the first email remain unchanged, while the updated pdf's have corrected ship counts and sorted stockpiles. Apologies for the trouble!
  9. RTGPete

    Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Andromeda turns won't be ready until later on Friday rather than early. Still grinding through the last part of the industrial phase (much more to do after that as well), and I'm about to pass out in need of sleep..... <yawn>
  10. RTGPete

    Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Zero chance of Andromeda turns tonight - they're still hip deep in processing (well, for races with hips), with a long way to go. Probably later on Friday rather than early. On the positive side I've added the army report section for this cycle (that adds many, many [many!] hours of processing which is why it doesn't show up every turn).
  11. RTGPete

    Robotic ShipYards

    Might have been looking at the Draco code - will examine Andromeda and make sure they're on the same page (>2b for Andromeda sounds right).
  12. RTGPete

    Robotic ShipYards

    That's correct - it's 2 billion output per turn per pop group.
  13. RTGPete


    The terms lumber and timber were accidentally swapped in the initial database and at this point swapping them back to match their correct definitions would cause a number of issues--it remains one of those little oddities that became fixtures in the game ?
  14. RTGPete

    Orders Supplement

    Well, or War, but in Draco every empire lives in peaceful harmony with their neighbors, without any thoughts of aggression, hostility or even the possibility of an unkind act. An idyllic paradise, to be sure.
  15. RTGPete


    Draco does indeed have prerequisites for many division types, unlike Andromeda.