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  1. Just got back from a doctor's appointment today that went crazy long (everything was fine except for the brutal time lost on Andromeda turns, sigh) -- deep in the industrial phase now, but there's no way everything will finish up tonight. Results should be out at some point tomorrow (Friday). Sorry for the delay ☚ī¸ Edit - oh, army divisional counts will show up with these results
  2. Looks like a yahoo issue, as all of the turns went out last night. Sometimes they have trouble with full mailboxes or their servers got attacked by the DMX or whatever. It generally pans out but it can take a bit. If you still haven't received your results, I could resend but from experience that has had mixed results. An alternative would be to send a note to Russ asking him to resend--that would get them into the yahoo mail servers from a different ISP (than mine), which would at least give your results a fighting chance. He has copies of all of the pdf's and mdb's for that purpose. edit - I just sent out extra copies of results to a couple of guys who emailed me about it (both yahoo), but of course you might not get those either because, well, yahoo. I cc'd Russ in on those emails just in case, so if you don't get them from me, you can try and see if he can get them through him, or wait for yahoo to repair its servers.
  3. One fleet could SURV the way out of a system and another already at that warp point (or a fleet that moves there) could WARP, SS, SURV assuming it has the capability to execute orders after a WARP. All of that could be done in the same turn if you wish. One fleet could do all of that if it had enough action points (with again, the capability to execute orders after a WARP). As you note, however, that first SURV is best done with confidence or subsequent orders would be at risk.
  4. The above exploration sequence makes the most sense to me. It should be noted that every warp point in the game is technically one-way. It's just that most have another warp point paired with them that happens to lead back. Each has its own distinct entry in the database's warp point table. True "one-way" warp points just don't have another one that points back the way the fleet came. I would highly recommend that any fleet issues an SS first before even considering a SURV in a new system for several reasons. It guarantees that the system is added to your empire's "surveyed systems" table which then allows NM and MOVE orders within that system (including on subsequent orders in that same turn) along with updating your "warp points unsurveyed" table. SURV'ing after that clears out entries from that table so your drop-downs on future SURV missions in that systems are clean. If it's a critical system, issuing an SS as the first order in your turn guarantees that you will get that system scanned even if an enemy fleet arrives on that same pulse and vaporizes your ships into radioactive debris (space battles don't actually occur until the end of each order pulse). It's also very important to have that SS done first, before a SURV mission, for another reason: in case you have follow-up fleets arriving in the same turn into that system. If said fleets are transwarp-capable they could then MOVE to other warp points in that system if you happen to already know their id #'s (surveying in an ally's territory, perhaps), or possibly a blind NM order to planet 1 (should there be at least one planet in the system, even if it's only a guess). If you forget to get that SS done, or your fleet was atomized by enemy action before it got around to its SS order, it would cause all manner of havoc for these cases.
  5. Lost power this morning and it stayed out all afternoon. My backup power supply kicked in at the time, but it couldn't run forever so I had to halt Andromeda processing until real power came back--which it just did I'll try to get results out by late tonight if at all possible.
  6. Tonnage alone doesn't cause delays. Thousands of totally useless small ships? That would for sure. A few massive ships is great. Lots and lots of little stuff? That's ugly.
  7. Few hours still. Working on pdf creation now. Delay likely caused by the complete destruction of (insert your empire name here) along with all of your allies and countless empires you've never even met along with new empires you're planning on setting up. Wait, that didn't happen. Probably. Few hours. I'll get them out 😄
  8. Ships are repaired at the beginning of each turn just before orders are processed. They attempt to repair themselves but heavy damage might take several turns. Repair Bays anywhere in the fleet will allocate their damage control parties as needed throughout that fleet after each ship conducts its own repairs. Repair Bays try to finish off damaged ships before moving on to other ships. During the beginning-of-turn repair phase the text will indicate whether the ship has been completely repaired or needs additional work. There is no way to transfer or otherwise individually identify damaged ships in a fleet from their intact counterparts. For any sort of reasonably large war fleet, it's a good idea to have at least one Repair Bay somewhere in that fleet. That way if the fleet should become damaged, it will effect repairs at the beginning of the next turn, possibly to full operating efficiency if the fleet has enough repair output. In this manner you don't need to worry about damaged ships at all on following turns. Note that your starting Bastions have their own Repair Bays, so if your fleet happens to be in your home system, you could simply NM them home, RN the entire fleet into your Bastion fleet, and let them sit there until the next turn begins. With 3 Bastions providing 5 Repair Bays each, your fleet will almost certainly be completely repaired (at the beginning of the turn following their arrival into that force, as that is when all repairs take place). Having a fleet at the same location as another fleet with Repair Bays is not enough--the ships need to be in the same fleet with the Repair Bays. Placing damaged ships in shipyards means scrapping and rebuilding them. This is an extreme tactic that has several downsides--scrapping any ship in a fleet (even if you leaves others in that fleet not scrapped) will destroy all cargo in that fleet. Also, such scrapped ships are of course out of action while they are being scrapped, so they don't contribute to anything until they are rebuilt, which takes yet another turn. Your best bet is to simply have Repair Bays available in their fleet so as to effect rapid repairs in space. Placing a ship into shipyards would be done by way of a SCRP order, and is not something you should consider except perhaps in very extreme cases such as a stupendously large ship that has been critically damaged. Even then you might be better off simply repairing it in place with Repair Bays, but scrapping-and-rebuilding remains an edge-case option.
  9. Finally indeed. Was quite a big cycle for Andromeda. Time to get some shuteye <yawn>
  10. Peeking at one of your results, I see what you mean. That didn't affect any actual orders, just the ship count for the printouts. Your ships are in their fleets--new ones just might not show up with updated fleet counts. I'd bet that new items in Imperial Stockpiles aren't entirely sorted correctly as well, though again that's just a printout issue. If folks need that updated, I can re-run those utilities and send out results again. It's not a big deal on this end to do that. It's all part of the same thing that caused the initial data file issue (a human error on my part not running those utilities in the right order). edit: I've reprinted your pdf's and just sent them out. The goofy ship counts in your Fleet Reports and sometimes-a-few-unsorted Imperial Stockpiles entries should be corrected in these reprints. I certainly hope so <sigh>. My apologies for the trouble!
  11. I just sent out the Draco turns for this cycle, but the dates on your data files look like they weren't updated with this turn's data. I'll resend your results with updated data files in a few minutes just to make sure, so don't be surprised when you see two sets of results in your email inbox.
  12. Suffered a loss of power this morning that required some time to fix - as a result, I'm only now able to start the industrial phase for Andromeda. Between that and various utilities that need to run followed by pdf and data file creation, the odds of the turns going out tonight are sadly rather low I'll give it a shot for late tonight, but Friday is more likely.
  13. Be aware that when examining a division type, if you don't have at least one tech advance that provides a greater-than-zero multiplier for a particular tactical category, you might not get an accurate reading of where a division places its divisional strength. An Imperial Marines Infantry division, for example, divides its strength over more than 3 categories.
  14. Every division type splits its total strength over a variety of tactical categories, with each one having a different spread. In some cases two similar units cover the same tactical categories but give varying weight to each. For example, "Heavy Infantry" divisions tend to have more weight in the Heavy Weapons tactical category at the expense of a lower rating in something else. In other cases a similar unit might have a rating in an entirely new category, again at the expense of losing some strength in something else (Imperial Marines Infantry as an example has some strength in the Amphibious category, while Imperial Army Infantry does not, but the Army version is stronger in some other category). An Imperial Guards Heavy Infantry division is not "stronger" overall than an Imperial Army Heavy Infantry division -- they both count as "one" division in a ground combat. The difference between one division and another is strictly which tactical categories they cover, and how much weight they place into each (the Fortress division is an unusual case in that it counts as "ten" divisions, but costs more to build).
  15. No - if you issued an SRP this turn, you won't need to issue another one to flag the points to be spent.
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