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  1. Draco is not Andromeda, so you definitely won't get to the super high yields found there, but if your Deep Core Surveyors find everything that they can on a world you can just dismantle and rebuild them elsewhere.
  2. If your lifeform isn't well suited for colonization then open up Domed and Subterranean Cities. They're much less expensive and help more in Draco than in Andromeda, their attrition benefits stack, and they're pretty easy to research. Colonization issues solved. For lifeforms that are good at colonization they can either do without them or maybe get away with one or the other instead of both, depending on the world.
  3. Today for sure - just now starting in on making the data files and pdf's. Likely down to a couple of hours to go now, whew.
  4. An update on this week's Andromeda cycle: I'm running some heavy database utilities on Andromeda right now which will definitely delay this week's run a bit. I don't expect to be able to start processing the turn until later on tomorrow (Thursday) at best.
  5. Along with a variety of other fields, that's right. All were used for a number of interesting things behind the scenes, but that sort of detail loses value as the # of Divisions goes up, so if you're using massive armies you won't notice that anything has changed (which in a way would be ideal).
  6. Oh, they weren't stored with a quantity. Every division (currently) is like a ship, with its own stored memory of all sorts of interesting things under the hood. When you have 800,000 Divisions, that's 800,000 records. It's gotten completely out of hand as it got to be a crazy high number region-wide. Compressing the table to record only a quantity of each type loses some of that per-division information stored behind the scenes by smearing it over a larger group with a simple quantity field. In any event it avoids the issue of caps at a reasonable cost, so that's what I'm working on.
  7. No worries - I'll take a look at the code and see what I can do. I don't like hard limits any more than you guys do.
  8. As an aside, note that I hate artificial limits. I'm with you on that in a big way. I just need to make sure the database can handle the strain. Now, I could re-code how divisions are stored. It's a bit tricky but it can be done. This would fix the database side of things. I'm sure you guys would feel better which is always a good thing, but in reality it would just come back to the attacker bringing in more divisions. You will still have a difficult time defending your colonies, and weaker races can still get overwhelmed. That's true right now, even though Draco hasn't yet progressed to the point where such things happen very often. If the div cap is just too annoying, I can certainly take a look at a re-code where division storage is concerned. I'm okay with any solution.
  9. Unfortunately this would make it impossible to take any world, since the defender could create many armies, each with 2500 divisions, and the attacker can only GATK with one. There is no net effect on the long game because the attacker could simply have built endless divisions in any event. Should the need arise (say, multiple empires stack divisions on one world to make it outstandingly difficult if not impossible to capture), then I can always code in a way for multiple attackers to hit a world with a GATK at the same time. In any event limitless divisions causes vastly more problems than it solves, so it comes down to encouraging tech investment as the alternative.
  10. It looks like the researchable items page didn't show up on your results, but your data files have the info so the drop-downs should populate correctly when you're entering an SRP for next turn. The researchable items table on this end matches that, so you'll be ok. Sorry about that.
  11. Here's a response I just made to one player asking about it: If your enemy could build endless divisions then he could overwhelm you anyway. Limiting divisions hurts the attacker slightly because he can't just gain a free odds shift by bringing in twice as many divisions (or many free odds shifts with triple or 20 times or whatever). In any event winning a ground battle is almost always decided by tech, as gaining tactical categories grants precious odds shifts, which are gold in ground combat. Lifeform bonuses are good and certainly help, but if you achieve a massive odds advantage you're in great shape. It's all about odds in the end. The only thing that limitless divisions did was bloat the database (severely), causing all manner of problems with compressing and keeping the database in check. It might feel like a big change, but it affects both sides equally and it now comes down to actually investing in ground combat tech without simultaneously causing serious database problems. The force multiplier you're looking for is ground combat tech--odds shifts are everything. I understand that it looks like a big change, but it really isn't. Ground battles are won by gaining a massive odds advantage. You can do that by building ridiculous numbers of divisions, or by winning tactical categories. In almost every case even in Andromeda it's done by winning the tactical categories. Players there just build gazillions of divisions because they have the production to do so. When an attacker is dropping hundreds of thousands or even millions of divisions in a battle.....let's be honest here, it's getting a bit silly--and the bottom line is there are database issues that must be addressed in any event. If you don't want to invest in ground combat tech but still expect to achieve 15:1, 30:1, 500:1 or whatever odds you would need a crazy number of divisions to achieve that. Just win the tac categories and you're set. For end game play (a difficult measure in a game like SN), should a defender plop down all 2500 of his divisions on his besieged home planet and invest as heavily as he can in ground combat tech then yes, he will be a tough nut to crack. And he would have earned it. Of course, he's just one planet at that point, no doubt blockaded by enemy ships that prevent him from doing much of anything else.
  12. This Draco cycle will be starting a bit late (I'll start processing it later on tonight) so you should plan on seeing results some time on Friday. Sorry about that I'll still be able to get the postal results sent out as usual early Saturday morning, so postal players won't see any difference.
  13. Ah, those kinds of numbers aren't something we give out. You might be surprised, however, at the number of players who simply like to be left alone, rarely if ever coming into contact with any of the various major empires active in Andromeda. Draco is more heavily populated but does also have a sizable number of empires that like to keep to themselves.
  14. Just got back from a doctor's appointment today that went crazy long (everything was fine except for the brutal time lost on Andromeda turns, sigh) -- deep in the industrial phase now, but there's no way everything will finish up tonight. Results should be out at some point tomorrow (Friday). Sorry for the delay ☹️ Edit - oh, army divisional counts will show up with these results
  15. Looks like a yahoo issue, as all of the turns went out last night. Sometimes they have trouble with full mailboxes or their servers got attacked by the DMX or whatever. It generally pans out but it can take a bit. If you still haven't received your results, I could resend but from experience that has had mixed results. An alternative would be to send a note to Russ asking him to resend--that would get them into the yahoo mail servers from a different ISP (than mine), which would at least give your results a fighting chance. He has copies of all of the pdf's and mdb's for that purpose. edit - I just sent out extra copies of results to a couple of guys who emailed me about it (both yahoo), but of course you might not get those either because, well, yahoo. I cc'd Russ in on those emails just in case, so if you don't get them from me, you can try and see if he can get them through him, or wait for yahoo to repair its servers.
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