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  1. Naval

    Draco does indeed have prerequisites for many division types, unlike Andromeda.
  2. Draco Galaxy turns

    No technical issues - just a long grind all night to get them done. Enjoy!
  3. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    I'd have to dig deep into the combat code to find out, and such a daunting task definitely falls into the category Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here. In any event, I wouldn't worry too much about minuscule fractions on such matters -- they rarely mean much in the grand scheme of things. 50.025% missile defense or 50.03%? Your ship is already very probably either fine or about to become a mass of radioactive debris floating off into the Great Beyond, and the microscopic difference in missile defense, however it ends up being calculated, almost certainly won't save it.
  4. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    Let's say that one of your ships has been targeted and is about to suffer 30,000 points of missile damage. Normally, it would suffer 30,000 / 1 = 30,000 damage. However, it has sufficient CIDS systems installed to give it a rating of 20,000 missile defense. It might have gained that by possessing 500 CIDS units that punch out 40 missile defense each, or it had less but gained some from its fleet umbrella (perhaps you have a carrier with some interceptor fighters that have CIDS ratings). In either case, let's say that it is a 10,000 ton ship with 20,000 missile defense. That gives it a mitigation bonus of 20,000 / 10,000 = 2. Therefore, instead of dividing by 1 (a ship with no missile defenses whatsoever), that particular ship gets to divide by 1 + 2. In this case, it would suffer 30,000 [incoming missile damage] / (1+2) = 10,000 effective damage. This would be applied against its shields (if any), and then directly impact the ship's integrity. Note that fighters, drones and gunboats can be very effective weapons, but CIDS defends against their missile firepower exactly like any other defensive system mitigates damage of the appropriate type. In the case of fighters, drones and gunboats, however, that same defensive system not only mitigates their missile damage but also destroys some of them. Other defensive systems don't do that--they just reduce the damage that impacts their ship. In this way it is possible to destroy some of your enemy's offensive firepower (his fighters, drones and gunboats) without being required to damage or destroy his ships. Normally, you need to damage (or, hopefully, destroy) your enemy's ships directly in order to reduce their effectiveness. Deployed ordnance commands a variety of advantages, but being destroyed by enemy point defenses (essentially doing "double duty") instead of enemy primary weapons batteries is certainly not one of them.
  5. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    Be sure not to mix up the concepts of "firing at and destroying" with "provides a defensive benefit like any other defensive system". CIDS, wherever they are, will shoot down enemy fighters, drones and gunboats. This destroys those deployed ordnance units. Individual ships have their own mitigation values against enemy missile firepower. This is usually generated by having CIDS installed on a ship being hit with missile damage. That ship's inherent missile defense can be increased by way of umbrella coverage provided by friendly fighters, drones and gunboats that happen to have CIDS ratings. This reduces incoming missile damage and does not destroy anything--just like every other defensive system.
  6. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    CIDS on a ship will indeed contribute to the CIDS total for their side for purposes of destroying enemy fighters, drones and gunboats. For defensive purposes (reducing incoming damage), they apply only to their own ship. Fighters, drones and gunboats that happen to have a CIDS rating divide that over their side's ships, adding to each ship's individual CIDS rating--effectively providing mobile umbrella coverage by providing some protection to all of them.
  7. Computer System

    It is not required for any ship (or fortress or orbital). The minimum requirement for a starship in Draco is any engine and at least 25,000 total tons, so you could make a freighter out of 1 Mk I Nuclear Engine and 24,900 Cargo Bays if you wanted to.
  8. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    I received one turn kicked back from, yes, hotmail.com again. I'll be out all day today, so send a note to Russ if you use hotmail and haven't received your results yet--he has copies of all of the results.
  9. Draco Galaxy turns

    I received two email kick-backs as undelivered, both from hotmail.com email addresses. Perhaps you were one of them. The automated message from hotmail's end didn't specify if it was a full mailbox or other issue, but the results definitely didn't get through. Send a note directly to pete@rollingthunder.com and I can manually attach your results and try again--maybe their issue has been resolved by now.
  10. Draco Diplomacy

    Non-Aggression Pact isn't needed, because the NENC ROE settings that it applies to simply aren't in Draco. You can set your fleets to Quebec, Romeo, Yankee or Zulu, and Non-Aggression Pact doesn't apply to any of those (it won't stop an alien fleet on Yankee or Zulu from attacking you, and it is ignored in any event if they are Quebec or Romeo). Perhaps I am missing a diplomatic state where you would need Non-Aggression Pact instead of using the existing Draco ROE and diplomatic settings to accomplish the same goal. edit: Yankee was added in because it allows you to let Total Allies fly freely within your territory (except to a world with Bastions, which are always on Zulu), while keeping everybody else out. You don't need to declare War on anyone and your pickets will still attack anyone you know or don't know, so long as you're not Totally Allied. Yankee also covers the "unknown alien" problem where someone you've never heard of shows up, or if you want to move your Totally Allied fleets together pulse by pulse blasting anyone you see, known or unknown, so long as they aren't also Total Allies.
  11. Draco Bastians

    Sure, you can do what you want with your own designs (not named Bastion). The Bastions you received with your setup were intended to provide a very strong defense against other players and DMX intrusion during the early stages of the game, along with a a counter to player exploits (deliberately sabotaging your own defenses to give your home world to a neighbor). Strict rules on their use are needed to ensure that they remain capable in those roles. What you do with whatever you choose to build yourself is entirely your business.
  12. Draco Bastians

    The code looks at the ship class name, so anything called Bastion would fall under the same rules as the starting Bastion design.
  13. Deep Core Surveyors

    Think of comfort zones, whether for temperature, attrition or other factors, like this: during the comfort zone, attrition steadily increases at a slow, linear rate. Once outside the comfort zone, each point of difference increases attrition by an amount that is greater than that suffered in the comfort zone--and it increases in a logarithmic fashion instead of being a straight-line, steady amount. If the increase were steady forever, it would be the blue line in the chart below. Sadly for colonists everywhere, that's not how it works Instead, it's steady for a while (about half of the chart below) and then begins to curve upward fairly rapidly once outside the comfort zone. If you are able to increase the comfort zone for something, that means that the bad curving-upward part doesn't start happening until later, which is a good thing.
  14. Draco - ROE settings

    That's certainly an option. Preventing early exploits and therefore huge imbalances in local space (which would only spread) made it well worth the mandated Zulu. Once the Bastions can be overcome by real enemies or your Total Ally coming in to clear them, they'd have already done their job. At that point players had best build up solid defenses of their own against whoever they consider serious threats, or risk being crushed
  15. Draco - ROE settings

    A real Total Ally wouldn't, but if you could set your Bastions to Yankee, you could have a friend come in, drop a beacon, and conquer your world, all arranged ahead of time by both of you. Can't have that, so Zulu is mandatory for the Bastions. Once they're gone, well, at least somebody had to work for the conquer instead of cheesing it.