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  1. Just got back from vacation and I don't have a turn in my mailbox. I sent an email and no response. Is everything OK at RTG, Russ and Pete?
  2. They were inspired by Fritz Saberhagens Berserker series. It was a set of short stories and novels about a machine race that humans met while exploring space.
  3. ali-t-akua


    ...depends... you weren't carrying a sign saying you liked aliens, illegal or otherwise, were you? Ahhhh, it must have been the "alien on board" bumper sticker... Of course, they might have throught you were a spaceship and been OK with the speed.
  4. ali-t-akua


    It only took you an hour to get through Texas from El Paso? iIt took me over two hours from the airport to the NM border on my way to Carlsbad last summer. Maybe the law enforcement people were more concerned about your speed.
  5. I am glad to hear this worked out for you.
  6. Sure, just check this thread: http://www.rollingth...?showtopic=1145 i have findpath and it is very heplful but i am looking for a more visual mapping program. i tried graphvis and i am not smart enuf to get it.... I like Graphvis and use it for a visual representation. It is worth learning in my opinion. You can also create your own maps in Visio but that takes a lot more work.
  7. Pete has added a new capability to the DIV order. I have copied this over form the Galactic Forum so that it is easy to find.
  8. I guess all of your planets will become giant bombs, then.
  9. You are going to make a lot of new enemies if you shoot the poor jolly old elf down. Plus you all your resources will turn into Mineral Fertilizer.
  10. Turns incoming!!! Oops. Just read the posting from yesterday and today Looks like new turns will be coming later.
  11. If you want to create your own database, just copy the warp point data. You will need MS Access to do so.
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