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  1. Austria is gone too. We're at 90%
  2. France is gone, too
  3. 1. If an Air 40 can reach you at the wrong time it will. - If the target is vital to your interest, better assume there are 2 Air 40's , or more. Als 150 LDB won't stop a Line air '40 2. RPD every turn for light. - And analyse your economy, as RPD for Energy and APD might be important too. 3. Rangers can be ruthless. - But fickle 4. ADC and ATC can spell success. - Withdrawal however can spell disaster. Especially if the place that you withdraw to isn't yours any more. 5. A legendary fortress doesn't help with nothing in it. - And after the enemy takes it down, it now is his (almost) legendary fortress. 6. Watch your bank, watch your bank and lastly watch your bank. - Budget deficit tanks morale, so better watch morale too 7. Sometimes, losing a battle and surviving is more important if you can withdraw. - After the first 10 turns ypur armed forces are probably more valuable than all of your economy combined. And see 4. 8. Just because someone is at war with each other doesn't mean their not on the same side. - After all, how else can they fly over each others position to bomb you and get extra troops to the front? 9. A stack of 18 armor is a going to die without fighters. - But later on in the game it takes a lot of bombers to kill off 18 King TIgers in a Legendary Fortress with lots of AA 10. If you see a sheep move along nothing is about to happen. - Being paranoid does not mean they are NOT after you, however!
  4. It is a self defeating conduct. Even if you profit in a game, it will hurt you in the long run. As there is always a next game. And people tend to remember
  5. It was Denmark AFAIK
  6. It is a ploy to incite new players to take a chance, else it might be full or there may not be much to choose left.
  7. I did. And accoding to my own comments and timing, I am either Portugal, Spain or Turkey. Unless I switched
  8. A month and a half ago there were still 16 unfilled positions so we are moving in the right direction. So: still room in the east, west and central Europe. Can't wait for the usual hide and seek to begin. For those that want to know: I am NOT in this game as part of a premade TA.
  9. The fact that Baltic stated totally comitted to an attack against Czechoslovakia while at war with another TA is a strong indication that his TA of Poland, Denmark and Baltic states are working together with Northern Russia, Finland and Sweden. And warning the rest of the players about it by announcing it as a dagger in the back is equal parts: - Letting off some steam - Warning everione about the risk of a runaway team - Remembering that when I was young there were no 6- member teams like this, enemies were honorable, and taxes were low.
  10. Victory has always been a game with a severe lack of information. In a way, this lack of information is the charm as well as the curse of this game. It allows for sequences and moves that are completely within the rules of the game, but also a bending of realism that comes close to breaking the game. Like: moving through a TA , DW-ing a countriy that that TA has a NAP or Alliance with and parkting 17 heavy divisions on its most important province. Timed in a way that the victim only hears about it ater his own turn. As his TA's went before the attack. . That way murdering its economy in one fell sweep, As the only group strong enough to push back is off somewhere else and can't react in time. Some call this a wellexecuted sneak attack. I call it unsportsmanlike and ugly. But of course, you could say, you would do it yourself if given the opportunity. No, I wouldn't
  11. Yea, one of the players that has done shit up to this point has had the idea to attack my team totally out of the blue. I know this game has the possibility of daggers in the back, but this one -and its possible follow-on- is cruel.
  12. Half ofthe shops are closed, As does the theater, city hall, library, IKEA etc. I am a volunteer at the local radio station which has shut down. With the exception of the hourly news. Which happens to be my task. So it is a bit lonely in the studio
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