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  1. Landmine

    Can't remember an order

    How distressing. Why can my empire have such wonderful tech as jump drives and Mk XXIV Death Beams but does not have the intellectual capacity to develop an OFF switch on a beacon?
  2. Landmine

    Can't remember an order

    What is the order (or procedure) to delete one of your own beacons and to get it to stop transmitting? Do I go to the system and issue a LC for the Beacon? I want to stop one of my beacons from singing before another empire finds it.
  3. Landmine

    Future Resource Needs

    I am beginning a long term colonization plan and trying to determine the priorities I should give to various resource avail to me. Given the tech that I have yet no exposure too, what are the emphasis I should place on mining various resources? What is the priority list? I know the list starts: Steel crystals light metals ??? ??? ?? and ends with mineral fertilizers Can someone complete this list with their knowledge of future techs?
  4. Landmine


    Great! Can I put this in my convoy orders? Can I. Xoc some construction materials. And then have a con. Domed cities in the convoy orders?
  5. Landmine


    Can I unload some construction materials and use them the same turn to build a fission plant that very same turn?
  6. Landmine

    Imperial Reforms

    I wonder if the cap of 1000 ships also includes planetary bastions and orbital bases? Can I have 1000 ships AND 3000 planetary bastian AND 2000 orbital stations? i sure hope so...if I adopt these reforms I am going to have to build something with all these increased iron production I will gain. BTW, what are the prerequisites for this tech? Also, I can see a ton of time wasted every turn to see if I am near or over this limit. Pete, are we going to see a “total ship count” line on our printout to minimize our efforts?
  7. Landmine


    I have a fire control question. I just battled some DMX light cruisers and the fire control section of my orders was: ZZZZZ # xxxx (+40 [Leaders * Lifeform] Total tonnage: 1,223,000.....Base Fire Control: 1 [6,000 bridge] I had a fleet admiral (level 6) with my fleet What does the +40 (leaders times lifeform) mean???? I expected a FC of 7 (1 for bridge + 6 for the admiral) Did I have a FC of 41? (40 for the admiral + 1 for bridge) What is it about my lifeform (besides are outrageously good looks) that would transform a level 6 admiral to level 40??? What racial characteristics is responsible for this? when th enemy only has 3 light cruisers is FC very important at all?
  8. Landmine


  9. Landmine


    Does anyone have the ANZ results for a MK I Standard Torpedo???? I found some and want to use them but none of my data from any Draco empires or old Andromdeda empires ever found this data. If you don't have Draco then Andromeda should do nicely for my purposes.
  10. Is there a way to use the Imperial palace on an Ipad???? Any suggestions on how I can send in a SN turn with only Ipad availability???? Would there be a way to do it if I switched to an Android tablet???
  11. Landmine

    Global Exclusion

    Please describe the effects of this order and some of the circumstances it would be used. In paticular how to not take all of the processed radioactive off a colony rendering its fission reactors useless
  12. Landmine


    I noticed the same thing in one of my other games. Boardwalk was terrific and Mediterranean Avenue was lousy. Every game has good points and bad points
  13. Landmine


    Sadly, I have moved to the Midwest. But as someone once said, I will be back.
  14. Landmine


    I know that it would be far too hard to change but.......every turn I get annoyed by Lumber growing in some forest and a lumber mill converting it into timber! I am from the Pacific Northwest and I can assure you the world is quite the opposite. Timber grows in the forest and is chopped down, taken to a lumber mill where it is converted into lumber (2x4's, 4x4's, plywood, and such). The rules state: Lumber: Raw wood and other forest products in an unfinished form. Lumber is refined into Timber for use in the manufacture of more complex items. (1 ton) 10 Raw Resources Dictionary.com states: Timber Noun- the wood of growing trees suitable for structural uses or the growing trees themselves. Lumber : Noun - timber sawed or split into planks, boards, etc. Is this issue fixable???????
  15. Landmine

    Returning Player Questions for Draco

    i remain confused. I built some installations that reduce attrition but I get this: 39 population units perish in Population Group # YYYY on XXXXXs - 1 due to colonial attrition. i have reduced attrition but POP is perishing. Are there installations that stop perishing. I only have installations that reduce attrition! Can someone please pontificate on the differences between perishing and attrition!