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  1. Argh! Just got this week's turn results. I've yet to not make a mistake in submitting orders. Common blunders include: leaving out a 0, incorrect ordering in the production queue, forgetting to queue a basic component.. and .. and.. hopefully I'll get better at this with time
  2. Random Question: What's the average # of orbits per system (that you've seen)? And, how many did the largest system (in terms of # orbits) have?
  3. Thanks for the official word Russ You didn't mention if there were other empires affected by the bug in the setup utility code.. is it true that new positions have been placed next to much larger, established empires, even if it was purely by accident? Thus far I've been thinking I've got my work cut out for me by being a totally new player, probably surrounded by neighbors who are on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th positions. Already 6 turns in I realize how I could do better starting out again. But if I'm surrounded by experienced players whose empires are 1 year.. 2 years in, I figure I'm pretty much SOL.
  4. Viro

    3D Starmaps

    Crikey! And, what does each point represent, a system or a planet?
  5. Viro

    3D Starmaps

    I was wondering if any players could post some pictures of starmaps they have generated? I'd be interested to see what a map can look like after advanding and expanding for many turns. Of course that information is probably sensitive, so maybe you could remove labels or censor it somehow (photoshop?) so we don't learn anything specific about your location?
  6. If Pete doesn't announce anything on the forums, how do you know if he adds something new to the game?
  7. It's almost friday afternoon here.. ;-) Of course I don't usually get my turns till late-late Saturday or Sunday. Damn timezones :\
  8. Thanks for the engine answers Here's another: Is it worth building multiple Colonial Training Centers? The INST doesn't say anything about the effect stacking (or not stacking).
  9. I am designing a transport ship to be used within my home system. So it won't be much more than a bit of colonial berthings, engines, and a crap ton of cargo bays. What is the benefit of putting Mk II Nuclear Engines on this design over Mk I? To achieve AP > 2, I would have to use something like 100,000 Mk II engines on, which isn't feasible at this point. Considering the cost of the two engines is the same, I might as well put Mk IIs on board, just for the sake of bragging rights. Edit: Additional Question.. assuming I choose MK IIs, why put X engines on this design assuming TotalActionPoints(X) = 2. That is, why put 10 engines on instead of 5, or 1? If Engines only affect the AP rating, then I should only need to put 1 on. Correct?
  10. Are these actual technologies in the game? Is there any reason to think so.. or is it just player speculation. I need this info to gauge how excited I should be about this post.
  11. Are the correct ways to calculate these values known?
  12. How accurate are the equations in Brad's shipdesign spreadsheet that calculate things like: Structural Integrity Shield Strength Total Weapons Strength Fire Control Rating Damage per Glob Sensor Rating Total JSS Strength Science Rating Skim Volume And how did he derive the values for the "Main Effect" e.g. that a Mk I Short Range Sensor provides quantity*2.5 to the total sensory rating, while a Mk II provides quantity*5?
  13. Basically, sensors have a Sensor Strength rating and all work the same way and do the same thing. So, for example, the Mk I Medium Range Sensor and the MK II Short Range Sensor are both 2nd generation and both have a sensor rating of 500 and so have exactly the same effect in battle. However, as Richard said, there are interesting technologies that are opened up if you research the correct sensors. Is it worthwhile to research all three, or to specialize? If I neglected Long range and Small range, and focused purely on Medium sensors.. could I end up with some awesome sensors but miss out on some other crucial tech?
  14. You do not need to go to 1a, to 1 would be suffice. Then do a GEO, 102, a to GEO 1a. The ORB and PMAP work the same, the CSV not, for that one you need to do the NM to 1a first. I want to scan both 1 and 1a in the same turn, and since my PFs only have 2APs I have to use two ships to NM and GEO. What should I put in the "Moon" field for the fleet that is at the moon?
  15. I'm entering GEO orders into the OEP, and it seems there is an extra field that is not not documented in the Orders Supplement. The field is "Moon". How does this field work? If i'm moving a fleet to a moon Orbit to perform a GEO, what should I put in that field? Example: NM, 101, System, 1 NM, 102, System, 1a GEO, 101, 0 GEO 102, ??
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