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  1. Game 102

    I see many foes. Friends, not so much, but we Norwegians are a tough lot.
  2. Game 102

    Norway signing in.
  3. Game 99

    Who knew Poland would become such an attractive tourist destination. All three Russian nations and Baltic States.
  4. Game 99

    I must be doing it the hard way. List everything I want to do on paper (usually on the back of junk mail), then start scratching out the orders I cannot do, due to being over the order limit, then use the order entry program to type them up and submit. Saving often once I get over about 70 orders as the program has a tendency to crash, especially with my many typos that I must correct. I find this system works great.
  5. Game 98

    This in its self would not be as big an issue if it did not take months for a new game start. Kind of a catch 22 situation. More players may step up if they didn't risk getting knocked out right away, but if more players were willing, the games would start more frequently. And good odds of a different player group. I do agree, it is very demoralizing to be crushed by a multi nation alliance, especially early in the game. Russ was offering a free set-up to anybody who played after losing their capital for a number of turns. Five I think? Maybe this offer could be extended to anybody knocked out early, TP 10, 15? I know this would probably lead to mass exodus the following turn of the weaker nations, but 1 or 2 might just feel strong enough to continue on a few more turns. Sometimes you can battle back from an early loss. Gives time for the TAs to show up.
  6. game 97

    The juggernaut continues their march. I'm facing over 40 divisions in my poor besieged country. Not to mention, multi-nation air strikes. My envoys are turned away at embassies across the map. Will nobody stand up against this evil scurge? Are the Swedish people condemned to die alone?
  7. Game 98

    What we need is new blood. Do we even have enough players to field 80 positions without somebody playing in multiple games? I like to have at least 2 games active at all times, and am currently signed up for the next 3 starts.
  8. game 97

    I'm down a few boats, but I expect my armies to come under attack right away. Norway was unable to break our alliance last turn, but he will eventually. Already had a skirmish with Northern Russian troops. The forest provinces will keep the Baltic ground forces at bay, but his air strikes will do damage, unless he focusses on Poland. That was the demise of Finland. Ground forces from Norway, Norhern Russia and Baltic, plus the Central Russian air strikes. Geography just didn't allow me to help much. And what nation might you be?
  9. game 97

    A respite may be coming as Rumania will be forced to look northward. That NE juggernaut will make short work of Poland, and will be looking for a new target.
  10. game 97

    Sweden here. Interested in talking with all my neighbors near and far.
  11. Game 95

    With all the resources of Canada and the USA in one hand I am relieved that the UAE is far, far away. Yes, we here in Algeria are anxiously awaiting the liberation of xAlgiers. While dweilling in our tents is not out of character, we dearly miss the shoreline, and the ability to export our massive stockpiles of Pet. Our dear neighbors are just not willing to pay world prices.
  12. Game 95

    More body bags for the Libyan army. My condolences to the grieving families of the Libyan 5th Cav division.
  13. Game 95

    You have done a great job of concealing the last airbase of yours. I guess we have to take all of the Algerian desert and cities. Ugh! No easy spoils in Algeria. Lots of desert cities in which to hide. Now if only I could encourage my desert nomad tribes to actually establish a city.....
  14. Game 95

    As long as I have units to order, and other game mechanics to attend to, I'll keep submitting my orders. As for 97, I've been signed up a long time.
  15. Game 95

    Hmmm. Where to send my bombers this turn, now that the Morocco army is destroyed. I'll have to consult my recent intel. There have been reports of a Libyan divison lurking about.