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  1. Will there be a Victory v2?

    Guess the results of the poll were still there waiting to be shared..... Waiting patiently on another Glorious Victory II Era!
  2. Vic! 89

    Nothing more than the usual stuff, Queens sinking left and right (enemy queens of course), even in harbors far far away, Greece is an untakable fortress, used to be beaches, all concrete, armor and planes these days. Turkey must be the same, except they don't call it Turkey anymore :-)
  3. Vic! 89

    I learned that Me-262A-2s are GREAT at unintercepted maritime strikes. Oh boy, should have known before.
  4. Vic! 89

    I'm looking forward tot the end of the game as well! Getting sick of being stuck in Greece :-)
  5. Vic! 89

    Well every turn I see all these nice ships pass by from UAE and Syria but just not the capacity to sink them having lost my main bomber force earlier in the game and having to invest heavily in fighters. And I would say Russian tech is not the reason for not succeeding in the invasions. It's a flaw in your and UAEs tactics or lack of knowledge of naval capabilities which I am happy to disclose. After the game of course.
  6. Vic! 89

    where's our recognition!??! mumble mumble...... been fighting the trenches since the beginning while everybody else ran over countries players for some reason left early.... grmbl mumble
  7. Vic! 89

    Yep. That was another FAIL. Can I expect another today?
  8. Vic! 89

    Sooooooooo, can I expect another attempt to conquer some beloved Greece by the desert rats? Another failed one perhaps? 9 more turns, I think I will actually make it to the end
  9. Vic! 89

    I wish 'they' would try stop invading my beloved Greece! How many more turns to the end?
  10. Vic! 89

    Hmmm. Massive buildup going on for the last 7ish turns from the UAE in Turkey. Egypt been knocking at all the Greek doors, keeping his pal Syria safe. I'm afraid the Greek winter will be too warm to prevent another serious round of fights.
  11. Vic! 89

    For 47 turns now we've been bashing heads of more enemies I dared dreaming off, as far as I know we're the only ones battling the desert people. Czech is out, we had to let go of him. He'll be remembered, stuck with it till the end. The very end. Like in not a single city or province owned. Respect. It'll be a Challenge if the rest of the Balkan Alliance can make it till the end. One for All, All for One.
  12. Vic! 89

    I can smile a bit more, might even start to look like a Big Grin Ooh...Now I'm really intrigued. Please do tell. Well loosing out with your armada of Bayfields to a lousy 10 CHAB must be frustrating But heads up, word just in from the fly boys, another lousy 5500+ AIR scored on the Syrian and UAE air forces, keep 'm coming guys, good for morale, was a bit low lately. Oh and a freshment Bayfield delegation tried to sneak into the theater. Can't have that, we love our country, it should stay Greek. Now let's see what the Egyptians are up to, way too many bombers.
  13. Vic! 89

    I can smile a bit more, might even start to look like a Big Grin
  14. Vic! 89

    Who wasn't??? We used to have clear skies, nowadays it's all bombers, stopped counting the countries they are from. They are not Greek and therefore ugly as hell. But it is a nice feat if I say so myself, to score 4500 AIR by just intercepting, and only 2 fighter groups who did all the work, so promising for the future, they haven't met the others yet See I can smile again. Not for long I'm afraid.
  15. Vic! 89

    Uhhhh, the Egyptians! Couldn't care less about Saudies! Nice blow though. Respect. Even with the 4500+ AIR scored last round on all those bombers I am not worthy. More fighters, more concrete, more Panthers, I don't even have a need for fuel anymore, they get bombed in the factories.