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  1. Hmm my biggest problems as an island nations was not the COAL or PET.. but to turn that PET into FUEL and the MONEY to pay for all those insanely overpriced boats
  2. paranoia is not needed with enough panzers.... and ofcourse some intell.... and on that matter I am a bit paranoid that I know too little... so first priority is too make sure to eliminate all the things that makes me paranoid....
  3. oh but it is a solution and a viable one.. only thing they changed is that the starting resources of Iceland are a bit more.... would indeed have like a reduction in fuel cost and credit cost of a naval fleet.. oh and gamescom has started... and we eagerly await some new trailers for RoHos
  4. Probably. As there is no one fighting the middle east it is no big surprise. I get that Hamburger feeling costly business building all those CHAB and CLAB getting my airdefence going.. then again it is not so costly as a navy.... still remember the day vividly when I had a few fleets..... the extra order turns.. the fuel .. ship points and money cost.. and all could be easily sunk .. too easily.. who knows vic 2 will improve it all.... and with that remark we only have to wait til hell freezes over
  5. nah .. they just needed a pretex to go to War...
  6. Yes, you are doomed. We have started working together with all parties around you. Now remove your armies, and surrender. Resistance is futile! ah you may play as the Borg as long as I get to play with seven of nine...
  7. you mean UAE has declared war on Yugoslavia Egypt has declared war on Yugoslavia ? if they coordinate their attacks like you and hungary are doing, it will hurt... I once owned half of poland (oke, it was the poor half) and now its back to a quarter... darn.. I am at war with 13 countries... and it looks like no. 14 is just around the corner there goes my thoughts.. of keeping a low proflie .. flyingunder the radar and walk away with prize.. hmm I need more LDB, Clab and above all LAA.. HAA and some interceptors.... bombing Burgas to Hell... tssk seems you are also trying to coordinate future attacks with Egypt and friends.... guess Dageraad could color the map all Blue except for the middle section... now lets see how much we can reduce that hidous color lets see if my spies can find a weak spot again
  8. well my top list was in my mind Mannstein with a warm wet soapy sponge... brrrrrrrr
  9. Can I interest you in some second hand sponges? Can I intrest you in some second hand tanks, currently rusting in xDanzig with no means of escape. Unless you plan to use them as boats. he still got plenty of big floating devices.... wish Bulgarian defence forces would sink as quick... darn does scared little basterds hiding behind excellent fortifications with elite status....
  10. I am also working on an idea of winning the lottery and enjoying a life of luxury oh well ateast the first part went ok... but with 10 eur's the second part is not coming along so I am now working on an idea thinking to improve my winning chances and who knows if ever someday....
  11. nothing much .. just drinking some coeur de Cognac.. and chasing some bulgarian and rumanian love dolls...
  12. I will wait till Vic 2 will be released..
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