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  1. Ok so I need to post this, we just saw that Denmark has declared war on Czechoslovakia! Denmark is run by James Obrien, and his girl friend's name is Gretchen who plays Poland. At the start of the game James and Gretchen agreed to turn 20 NAP. See below for details. Its one thing to allow their TA (Baltic) to attack Czech via Poland but now James has gone and completely violated the agreement he made just a few months ago. Be warned about working with this dirt bag. Re: 104 Yahoo/Inbox James OBrien <valhalla88@hotmail.com> To:Ted Cc:Gretchen Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 9:18 PM Hi Ted. The agreement sounds great to us. I have had contact with Lowlands. He has an alliance with Germany. He offered me an alliance. No contact with Germany. You are going to have your hands full with Bulgaria Yugo and Central Russia group. If you are working with Hungary and Rumania that is good news. That gives Gretchen only one border to worry about - Germany. I of course have the same border. We agree that there is plenty of room for all of us to expand without conflict. From: Ted Folz <tedfolz@yahoo.com>Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2019 7:39 PMTo: James OBrien <valhalla88@hotmail.com>Cc: Gretchen Ebersole <gretchen_ebersole@outlook.com>Subject: Re: 104 James good to hear from you, how about we start off with a turn - 20 NAP? So no hostile actions, BPAs, EMs, etc until turn 21 or later? I hope we don't even come to blows there is plenty of area for all of us! I got into the game with my friend who is playing Austria. We are also looking to work with Hungary and probably Rumania. How about you guys? Any idea about Germany or Lowlands? ted On Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 5:12:48 AM EST, James OBrien <valhalla88@hotmail.com> wrote: Good day Ted. Gretchen forwarded me this email. She said I was a better diplomat. We are definitely interested in a longer term peace treaty. Let us know what you are thinking of. Looks like you will be busy on your southern border. Out of curiosity who are you working with? Cheers James Denmark
  2. I for one will never work with anyone in that alliance again. Stuff like this is why the player base shrinks. When you are at war with someone then any tool or strategy is legit. When your TA makes a peace deal with someone and you don't abide by it while stabbing them in the back as hard as you can is just really, really poor sportsmanship. From what I read, all they had to do was wait a few for turns anyway for the NAP to timeout.
  3. Any deals you or your TA's make should apply to all TAs on both sides unless Explicitly spelled out. Otherwise you are just backstabbing someone
  4. Thanks for the map, I always liked seeing them in past games.
  5. Hey, I am in the game for certain. I am also looking for allies or anyone that wants to at least be friendly from to get-go. I am playing Austria, and I am totally open to working with anyone, just shoot me a message via the forums!
  6. I haven't heard much from up North, are you guys even at war? As for me, I have my hands full! Italy
  7. Guiness


    I see the non-responsive group of Bulgaria, Rumania, and Greece have finally decided to attack poor Yugoslavia. After trying for months to get a hold of one of you I would hope you have the decency to at least contact me. I will do my best to make your victory hard fought. Yugoslavia
  8. Oh, I'm not whining. Disappointed with how this game went, but sticking it out, never-the-less. Just gonna keep it out there on the battlefield. Sticking it out for awhile longer. Magyar88 As you may have guessed, I opened this account only for game 88 after a 10+ year hiatus. Magyar means Hungarian in Hungarian. VICTORY! No I am hooked again. ;-) I am always amazed at the people that come back after such a long period, Victory is truly a great game. I hope I am playing it 10 years from now. Glen
  9. Guiness


    Romania, Bulgaria and Greece are all part of the same alliance, your map is off. You look lonely down there as a little red splotch. I sure hope your choice in colors is accidental
  10. Rednas, I sure hope you aren't in the med, I have enough problems as it is now. So... When does this big surprise happen?
  11. Guiness


    Some lonely areas out there Hi Everyone, This is my first post to the listserve. Just to set the record straight, an ally of an ally of mine is not necessary my ally. UAE is wrong, my intel tells me they are part of the Persian alliance.
  12. Guiness


    Some lonely areas out there Hi Everyone, This is my first post to the listserve. Just to set the record straight, an ally of an ally of mine is not necessary my ally. I guess I better start filling out orders!
  13. Naples is still a mess after the Greeks owned it for what seemed the better part of Fall and Winter; that said, you are welcome to hold your celebration there if you would like a beach side party.
  14. Guiness


    Turn 3 runs on Christmas eve, looks like there will be bloodshed somewhere this weekend. Who will be the lucky one?
  15. Guiness


    That is too bad, you need spice to keep things from getting plain. Ruler of Yugoslavia You obviously don't know Spongebob very well. Or do you? Hmmmm Spartan you are correct I don't know Spongbob, but I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. Are you in game 90?
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