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  1. Ooh, I just got a new installation! The Terraforming Station. The description in the INST: Terraforming Stations are required to allow for advanced civil engineering projects concerned with the alteration of specific planetary features. They also directly counter some of the more irritating features of a hostile world, providing a general attrition benefit for your colonists. And in the installations section of my turn report: Terraforming Station Needed for special strategic projects, general attrition bonus; more is better Just a few quick questions: There is no mention of population needed to run these, and no firm figures as to max stations I can build, so it looks like I can use them to offset colonial attrition on worlds with heavy attrition by building lots of them. Has anyone had experience using Terraforming Stations in this way? Cheers Gixxer
  2. Gixxer

    Santa Points?

    Ah, that explains why the item I put into slot 1 didn't get researched, too high a tech level! I'll have to think again, and see if I can find a low level research item that will be useful ? Gixxer
  3. Gixxer

    Wormhole Generators

    Hi All, another question regarding Wormhole routes. I understand you can set up a route before you've built the Wormhole Generator, and have read the notes on submitting the info that Pete wrote a while ago for automatic setting of routes. A couple of things I'm not clear on. When you set up a route, is the reverse route also set up? E.G you set up Alpha1 --> Beta -- > Gamma --> Delta 2 Does this automatically set up the reverse route, Delta 2 -->... --> Alpha1, or would you have to set that up separately? I'm wondering if you can have a 1 way warp point as part of the route you choose for the Wormhole Generator pair? My understanding is that since the 2 Wormhole Generators are directly connected, and the limit of 5 jumps is just so you can't pair 2 Generators half the galaxy apart, it doesn't matter if one of the steps on the route is a one way jump, since the ships that WARP through the Wormhole Generator aren't actually travelling along that route. In other words, tracing a route through normal warp points is just a way of limiting how far apart those Wormhole Generators can be, and you are actually creating a new warp point (path?) between Alpha 1 <---> Delta 2. Think I've figured it out ? Gixxer
  4. Gixxer

    Deep Core Surveyors

    Thanks for those answers., especially Pete's, which helped in figuring out how best to reduce colonial attrition! Hobnob, thanks, re colonising better planets: the problem I have there is that worlds which are easy for me to colonise have a problem with res, specifically they don't have lumber! In systems where I have colonies, I have to set up a mining colony on a higher attrition world that will let me mine lumber, and transport it to my main colony world in that system, that is what I'v been setting up for the last few months ? Some of the colonies I started a while back don't have any lumber producing worlds in system, and until I have increased my cargo carrying fleets substantially, those worlds are on the back burner for now, as the CM (and adv and impr CM) they can produce is limited. Fremen, I have been building Subterranean Cities, (along with other attrition reducing installations) on some of my mining colonies, they work very well in bringing attrition down to zero, Your suggestion of using species engineering to improve colonisation bonuses is welcomed, too. Nym, I have seen how effective ICE can be, having dropped several hundred thousand ICE-2 on a world in my home system. I've started exporting Rare Elements to some of my colonies, to build ICE there, I'm now in the process of building cargo ships to hold the ICE until I have good quantities to drop, and researching the next level of ICE, to reduce the chances of a catastrophe when I use it! I now have 550 DCS ( just increased from building 20 per turn to 50 per turn) on my HW, and producing more res than I can use, apart from a couple of things, which I am importing from one of my mining colonies (the one I dropped the ICE-2 on). I have embarked on a massive (well massive for me, LOL) cargo ship building program, to allow importing of needed material to my HW and those colonies that I have paired with mining colonies, as well as exporting Rare Elements, Population, and building materials to my colonies. All in all, the economic changes are providing me with some interesting challenges each turn ?
  5. Gixxer


    I think you meant to say "a feature" of the game ?
  6. Gixxer

    Deep Core Surveyors

    Now up to 300 DCS on my HW,, iron and lumbar no longer a scarce resource :-) I'm producing 200k ICE-2 a turn now, and reducing my reliance on Raw Resources. Reading what people have posted here, I have had a change of direction with my colonies, and instead of trying to make each colony a self sufficient colony, I'm changing them to mining colonies to supply resources that aren't available on my HW. I dropped 500k ICE-2 on one of my colonies (not the Gas Giant) and got really good increases to around 9k yield on most resource types. That planet is now becoming a mining colony for a couple of resources I can't mine on my HW, further reducing my reliance on RR. I've also stopped making Advanced Heavy Machinery, except for a few colonies that are really far away,, until I have enough colony ships to send to them :-) I have a new question, I hope someone can help with, regarding temperature and attrition. If the temperature is outside the comfort zone, is it like an all or nothing attrition loss, or is it a gradient depending on how far out of the comfort zone you are? I'm asking because I have the situation on a few planets where the temperature is, say 150 degrees too hot, if I install the Deep Core Heatsink, it will only be 50 degrees too hot.(Can't remember exact numbers, but you get the idea) Is this worth doing, or does it make no difference to attrition? Thanks in advance, Gixxer
  7. Gixxer

    Deep Core Surveyors

    Yes, as my number of colonies is expanding, I'll have to streamline how I run them. Up to now, I have been running half a dozen small colonies, each increasing pop by only a few each turn, until the next colony ship arrives. I've been micromanaging their economies, changing production even if I only added 10 Improved ICs. Now I have my new generation of colony ships coming online, this approach won't do, too many orders :-) Cheers Gixxer
  8. Gixxer

    Deep Core Surveyors

    Hi All, I'm now up to 200 DCS on my HW, and am getting decent Yield gains on everything. My Hydro Yield is over 5000, making it easy to power the DCS I build each turn :-) Been building 20 a turn for the last few turns, now reaching the point where I can produce enough Adv CM for 40 or 50 per turn, but my Hydro yield needs to be a bit higher to power them all! My GG is now over 3k population, and still gaining pop each turn, so turning into a useful mining world! I just got Advanced Stripmines a few turns ago, so upgrading from Improved Stripmines to Advanced is giving me all the spare population I need for my other mines. I'm only 2 or 3 turns away from Advanced IC too :-) Also, I'm recycling the Improved Heavy Machinery back into iron, to make Adv Hvy Mach for the Adv Stripmines :-) Need to build more recycling centres as there's big numbers involved, LOL. I'm now producing 50,000 ICE-2 per turn, my limit is the amount of production I can spare, as I am now getting more Rare Elements than I can convert each turn - this will change when I get Adv ICs. I haven't dropped any yet, I'll have half a million soon, I'll drop it on my GG then, to see what gains I get. I did notice that someone mentioned that even large ICE drops still don't add anything to resource yields that are 0, shame about that. I guess when my colonies are big enough, I'll be importing stuff I can't make on my HW. The only downside of all these tech advances is that the rebuilding of my plant's economies around the new tech is resulting in bigger turnsheets, my last 2 turns have been about 280 orders instead of my usual 160 or 200 orders a turn. Doesn't help that I'm rewriting my Colony routes for newer , faster colony ships I've been building :-) All in all, I'm at a really interesting point in the game :-) Cheers Gixxer
  9. Gixxer

    Wormhole Generators

    Thanks, Hobnob. I suspected that, since I had never seen anyone mention them. It only came to my attention when I was deciding what to use on my GG, Subterranean Cities are working fine for that, though. Cheers, Gixxer
  10. Gixxer

    Wormhole Generators

    OK, final quick question for the day, before I go to bed :-) Change of subject, but I don't think it's worth starting a new topic for a quick question :-) So, where are my Sub-sea cities? I have cities, Domed Cities, and Subterranean Cities, I also have the Horizon Tech for Aquatic installation construction, which states: "This technology also grants a favorable colonization modifier under the right conditions by providing your colonists with sub-sea habitats." just like the horizon tech did for Subterranean construction, and I got the Subterranean cities. The pre-requisites for city types goes like this City - none Domed City - Subterranean City - So I'm guessing that Sub-sea cities should need 4th Gen Civil Engineering, and err, SuperDuper Construction Materials? I'm up to 6th Gen Civil Engineering and haven't seen them yet, is there another area I need to research? Or is there something else going on? Cheers Gixxer Hmm, 4.30am, I'll just do a bit more of my turn before I go to bed Hehe
  11. Gixxer

    Wormhole Generators

    Thanks, Lord Deependra
  12. Gixxer

    Wormhole Generators

    Esteemed Gentlebeings, A quick question about Wormhole Generators: The description says a limit of 1 per world. Does this include moons, or does it mean 1 per planet (ie, a body that has an orbital distance in the System Scan)? Not that I have built any yet, just wondered. Cheers Gixxer
  13. Gixxer

    Deep Core Surveyors

    Thanks for the info. I remember reading somewhere that you start getting pop losses around 10,000 population, so I'll keep my GG colony small. I currently have around 1,200 pop in Subterranean cities, and they are growing, so all looks good atm. I'm planning on making it a mining world for Rare Elements, using DCS to improve the mining rate, should be useful once the Geothermal yield is high enough - I'm currently using Antimatter power stations to run the few I have there. Once I have 100k ICE-2 (or I get ICE-3, whichever comes first) I'll drop the ICE-2 on my GG, see what I get. Even if I get a catastrophe, it's only a small colony :-) And yes, Im setting up my HW to produce more building materials to build even more DCS there, as well as enough to export to my GG:-) Cheers, Gixxer
  14. Gixxer

    Draco Rumours

    Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire is a bit of a damp squib, and think they could do a better job than you are doing. When are you going to retire? Gixxer Fake news, anyone? Hehe
  15. Gixxer

    Deep Core Surveyors

    Well, it has been a year since I started with DCS, and now I have 100 on my homeworld, and am starting to export the building resources to build them on some of my colonies :-) Seen some pretty good gains on my mining production, and less reliance on Raw resources. I'm not making any more DCS on my homeworld for now, as my unemployed pop is reducing rapidly because of all the new mines I am building! I'll probably add more when I start reducing the number of Improved stripmines and Improved Industrial Complexes I need, due to less reliance on converting Raw Resources I noticed that DCS will only alter yields of existing resources though, and I wondered if ICE can alter a resource that is currently 0 yield? Otherwise, there will always be some need for Raw Resources, to fill the gaps in resource production. I'm also now producing enough Rare Elements for 5000 ICE-2 a turn, and rising, I have around 45,000 stockpiled so far, still a ways to go before I get a million :-) When I got ICE-2, I dropped all the ICE-1 I had made - around 6000 - on an unoccupied world as a test, and got much better results, good gains and no losses. When I get ICE-3, I'll probably drop all the ICE-2 on my first Gas Giant colony (I only recently found out you can colonise Gas Giants!) So thanks to everyone for the tips and info on DCS and ICE, really appreciated Gixxer