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  1. Ok, I didn't stroke out but I did find 4 dead ends off of the same 9 WP system with three of them being a Warp Nexus. Of course, there could be closed warp points in some of those "dead ends"...as the Mighty Jingles would say, nothing like a little surprise...hmmm...that might be a tad risque for here... Still got three directions to survey and explore. There be a lot of strange Out There.
  2. In the SN:ROTE ORDERS SUPPLEMENTAL, on the "Build Ship" under "Build Priority" is states; "Any positive number that indicates where in the Shipyard Queue you want this set of ships to appear. Enter a zero (0) to put this group of ships first." Now my assumption, be it ever so dreaded, by the wording of the statement would be that ships would be build from 0 priority in an ascending order, i.e. ships at 0 priority get built first, then ships at 01 priority, then 02, 03 and so forth. BUT.... Actual experience shows that ships are build in a descending priority order. I increment my priority number by 10, i.e., 10,20,30,40 and so forth. Ship Orders using priority 40 are shown to be built first. OR at least the turn is saying those ships are built, then the ones at 30 priority and so forth down to 0 (or till you run out of shipbuilding ability). So RTG, is the description wrong in the rules or is the program thumbing its nose at ya? Now not a huge big deal but rules and gameplay reality should be on the same page. Makes up for all the books and real world reality that are not on the same page....... That and ya know I love giving ya grief....😎 keith
  3. Always a pleasure to know your neighbors are.....well vicious.... << System Beacon >> THIS SYSTEM IS INTERDICTED BY DMX SECTOR 0935 WARSHIPS -- FURTHER INCURSIONS WILL RESULT IN THE EXTERMINATION OF YOUR SPECIES I'm sure they are all nice guys and thinking maybe a pint at the pub might be a good ice breaker....or not....
  4. 😭 ...but at least I now have a clue.
  5. Profundity. For next week's good word we'll go with something a bit more obscure .....oh wait, were you talking about the turns....oh, silly me......current word is "Clue" modified by "No".
  6. tap...tap,tap...tap, tap, tap...tap, tap, tap, tap...yawn...tap...
  7. Actually (yield*20)+1000*number of plant IS the formula I'm using. The other one was one I use for like Iron mines and such. but in any case both hydro and geothermal is what I needed to know, thanks. Now to colonize that ideal world...and fix my eyes.
  8. OUTPUT = (# OF POWER PLANTS)*(RESOURCE YIELD-(# OF POWER PLANTS/10)) Seems to be accurate on my Homeworld.
  9. ...hope I haven't ask this question before... Does the Geothermal Power Plant use the same formula to figure who much power it generates per plant on a particular planet as the Hydroelectric Power Plant?
  10. Psst...pssssst...dude, ya got anything? You know, you got any, you know, good stuff? I need some man, I need some bad! Shakes, man, I got the shakes bad, man.....
  11. What is this "postal" that you speak of?
  12. Yes I yahoo and yes I got my turn Friday. No big deal, usually do My Supernova turn on Friday and start on my Takamo turns Saturday....
  13. NO TURNS FOR ME!!! Guess I'm Friday.....
  14. Using a SURV when you don't know the rating (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,...omg) is to me a possible waste of an action. Unless your scout can crack anything. Some of mine (older single Pathfinders) can't even crack a "C". MOVE,SURV,WARP is also a no-no unless I KNOW I can crack the warp point. MOVE,SURV,WARP,SS,SURV is a pipedream for now...or a lot of wasted actions. "What do you mean I can't jump through the warp?? I did the survey first so I could warp!" "Sorry you fail your survey. Your race is still too stupid." "But I'm suppose to system survey and do a warp survey in the next system! Lord and Master and Torturer For Anything That Displeases is expecting my report...or it is off with my head!!" "What can I say...You're screwed! Ahahahahahahahahahahaha....." ....you are talking about doing this as a series of these action by a single fleet in a turn...right? Otherwise.... Nevermind
  15. Thanks Pete! Now I know...till I forget....
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