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  1. Yes I yahoo and yes I got my turn Friday. No big deal, usually do My Supernova turn on Friday and start on my Takamo turns Saturday....
  2. NO TURNS FOR ME!!! Guess I'm Friday.....
  3. Using a SURV when you don't know the rating (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,...omg) is to me a possible waste of an action. Unless your scout can crack anything. Some of mine (older single Pathfinders) can't even crack a "C". MOVE,SURV,WARP is also a no-no unless I KNOW I can crack the warp point. MOVE,SURV,WARP,SS,SURV is a pipedream for now...or a lot of wasted actions. "What do you mean I can't jump through the warp?? I did the survey first so I could warp!" "Sorry you fail your survey. Your race is still too stupid." "But I'm suppose to system survey and do a warp survey in the next system! Lord and Master and Torturer For Anything That Displeases is expecting my report...or it is off with my head!!" "What can I say...You're screwed! Ahahahahahahahahahahaha....." ....you are talking about doing this as a series of these action by a single fleet in a turn...right? Otherwise.... Nevermind
  4. Thanks Pete! Now I know...till I forget....
  5. Ok, been in a battle, have damaged ships. 1.) Do ships repair themselves? Or must there be a repair bay located in the fleet somewhere? 2.) How do I determine if a previously damaged ship has returned to 100%? 3.) How do I xfer JUST the damaged ships in a fleet to another fleet? [I don't think this can be done with the current orders but added it as a dirty look at Pete and Russ.๐Ÿ˜’] 4.) Anything about damaged ships and fleets that I didn't ask but should know about... The only thing I can find in the rules and the Naval Combat supplement is: So... 5.) How do you know if a damaged ship needs to be placed into a shipyards or needs specialized repair facilities? Is the Repair Bay the necessary specialized facility? 6.) How you even PLACE a ship back in the shipyard for repairs? ...wonder if Pete and Russ have any hair left on the heads....my questions have questions....
  6. I have met the enemy (DMX #9999) and though I look like I got ran over by a run away train, you should see the other guy!! Battle was at the warp point that they enter my home system, and apparently camped out at. In the metal head corner we have 1 minelayer and 6 light cruisers, sporting Selenite Battle Weave, Pulse Laser CIDS, and Light Sonic Disruptors, and the Burst Mine Racks of course. In the Baby Seal corner we have 12 Assault Frigates, 3 Heavy Cruisers, and a Bantam Assault Carrier in a pear tree....sorry lost the train of thought there...sporting the lesser Titanium Composite Armor but weapons were on par power wise. Baby Seals had Fighters and Drones, Tin Men had mines. Final tally: Machine Heads - 7 destroyed ships Baby Seals - Assault Frigates: 5 crippled/5 destroyed; Heavy Cruisers: 1 Light Damage/1 Medium Damage; Bantam Assault Carrier: 1 destroyed So killed 7, lost 6, and once again in control of Warp Point. Really don't understand a lot of the wheres' and whys' of the battle. And I don't see a mechanism to separate damaged from undamaged ships when doing a RN. Soooo....footwork and misdirection I guess. Ut mea gramina!!
  7. Use Smartdraw. Not free, sad face here. But works. And yea, fleets are shown on map. Remember the Starweb days of redrawing the map over and over again by hand as connections were discovered.
  8. I wish mine was...sigh
  9. WOW! Thanks! I think I'm feeling better now. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  10. Do characters "stack up"? If I have multiple characters in a fleet or army, do they ALL contribute to the fleet/army? Or just the highest ranking one?
  11. So far I've been graced with a system having 9 warp points, a system with 6 warp points, and 2 systems having 5 each. I cry with joy upon finding a system with 2 warp points and will probably stroke out at finding a dead end. If I had to actually redraw the map by hand on paper, such as it was way back when, I'd be doing socially unacceptable things!
  12. Ok, I bet nine. Anyone wanna raise the bet? NINE FREAKING WARP POINTS IN ONE SYSTEM!! My mapping horror just went vamp on me!!๐Ÿคช
  13. Marines look out of character, would have thought heavy on the close combat, light on the heavy weapon, heavy on the small arms. They shouldn't be the same as the Guards. Me, I'd set it up as x5 Close Combat, x2 Heavy Weapons, x3 Small arms but that's me. ๐Ÿ˜
  14. One little ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark cloudy day... Now if they will just jump to my homeworld, my little kitchen sink and the Bastions might just ruin their day. Coquina Concidat...kitchen sink in Latin, who would have thunk it?
  15. Welcome to Baby Seal Clubbing School! We specialize in clubbing the youngest of the empires with the least tech around so as to discourage the kiddies from growing up. Yes we send 6 light cruiser to join a minelayer so as to absolutely crush a newly emerging lifeform in a warppoint battle. Yes folks, 1,175,000 tons of naval inferiority complex blown to stardust. Hehe, can't let these punk biological lifeforms think they can push us around so of course we have brought along these 5400 fusion bomb eggs. Now where to lay them..... ๐Ÿคจ
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