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  1. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    Ok so that is for colonies and not say your homeworld...hmmm, wonder if it would even work on your homeworld? Pete?
  2. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    What does this mean? "Improves possibility of civilian immigration" implies to me that populations immigrate from heavyly populated worlds to colonies. But I don't remember that happening ever, though my colony experience was meager in the past. No mention of such a thing in the rules. So I have to assume (be it ever so dreaded) that it must modify something but what?
  3. Naval

    Thanks Pete! I assumed (the dreaded strikes). Edit this...edit that...
  4. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    Is it just me or does this not conjure up the thought of the introduction of a gaseous element into a showing at an Art Gallery ! Can just imagine the next day article from the art critic... "His work was vivid and striking, though one could not come within ten feet of it without a gas mask!"
  5. Naval

    Going over my new first turn in Draco. In the RTD section: Now a few pages before I noticed that Imperial Guards and Imperial Marines were not in this version of the game OR you had Prerequisite Technologies to research, unlike Andro (I was making assumptions, be it ever so dreaded). But now Naval is showing up as needing 1 Imperial Marines Soldiers to build. Soooo....... 1.)Either Naval is not a turn one tech 2.)It should be 1 Imperial Army Soldier (my assumption, be it ever so dreaded, though I find needing an army guy on a boat funny) If this is in the wrong section, please move it.
  6. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    How do you figure out how much missile defense each CIDS has? Unless it is the number after "Point Defense Accuracy", like "Laser CIDS: Point Defense Accuracy: Fair [50]", I have not a clue.
  7. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    Thanks, I think I get the drift of it now. Either that or I'll be toast for the first wave of fighters, drones and missile thrown at me.
  8. Orders Supplement

    Ah....thank you, that clears that up.
  9. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    Er...danger Will Robinson...using that formula if you increase the number of CIDS to 3500 you end up with 41.666... Maybe: 100-(100/(((cids rating x # of CIDS)/tonnage) +1)) Your example: 100-(100/(((200 x 2500)/500000) +1)) = 50 My example: 100-(100/(((200 x 3500)/500000) +1)) = 58.34
  10. Orders Supplement

    ...and not quite five years later... SNOrdersList_B pdf has an order called FOB, Fleet Order of Battle. Beyond the fact it is NOT a standing order, nor a convoy order and has no AP cost, there is nothing to explain what it is or how you fill out the order. In fact there is NO explanations of any order in the document. Which is not normally a problem because... SNOrders Supplement v250 pdf does have explanations and how to fill out the orders. BUT... SNOrders Supplement v250 pdf does not have the order FOB. Therefore my dilemma. I do not see a new version of the order supplement on the website. And so ends my drama queen moment of the day.
  11. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    This sounds like the total Fleet CIDS Umbrella fires at the total of the incoming fighter, drone, etc., force (killing some). Then each ship (with CIDS) will fire at whatever fighter, drones, etc., are attacking that ship. Yes? Sorta? No? Hate the question, not the Questioner
  12. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    An anti-assumption Question. You have many ships in your fleet in several different deployment zones. Does the CIDS weapons on a single ship attack JUST the fighters/drones/missiles/etc attacking it? OR are all the CIDS in the fleet use collectively as a Fleet Point Defense Umbrella over the entire fleet and attack the whole of the enemy [fighters/drones/missiles/etc] force? So even if one ship design has no CIDS it is defended by the FPDU... Ignorant, confused old folks wanta know... [Anti-assumption Question = A question posed so neither you nor I end up looking like the North End of a South-bound Mule. Assume, be it ever so dreaded]
  13. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    Short, medium and long range sensors. Do you need some of each? Or just whatever gets you the best amount of sensor strength?
  14. Computer System

    Is a computer system necessary for a non-combat ship? Freighters, tankers, tugs, colonial transports, etc.. Or does every ship need at least one computer system? (I do not think so but the condition of "assume" is to be ever so dreaded.)
  15. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    I, the new ending font of questions, have another. In the Exploration part of the rules: Any suggestions as to how many cargo bays I should carry on a ship dedicated to planetary surveys? What's the largest haul anyone has found on a world using the EXPL order?