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  1. Hasenfratz

    Game 103

    It is very quiet here... Northern Russia is still open for negotiations. ☎️
  2. Hasenfratz

    Game 103

    Northern Russia checking in. Any neighbours who wants to start political negotiations, please send me a message.
  3. Hasenfratz

    Game 98

    Perhaps I should try to start playing again... My last game was about 5 years ago... Mmmm
  4. Hasenfratz

    Game 86

    Greece checking in...
  5. Hasenfratz

    Who do you hate the most

    I did not vote for the character to dislike, I have no problem with any of the provided characters. On the other hand, spongebob, I find you indeed the most entertaining figure on this forum. There is always something happening when you are in the neighbourhood.
  6. Hasenfratz

    Offical 76 Battle Thread

    Finally!!! The battle of Great Britain has begun. I am very curious where I will find those British vacation locations from "the Sponge". It looks like Portugal is also reclaiming something from the US, since they are at war now. And that for former allies! Tsssss...
  7. Hasenfratz

    Offical 76 Battle Thread

    Ireland here, Still alive and intending to stay that way for some time.
  8. Hasenfratz

    Offical 76 Battle Thread

    You are mistaken about many, many things...
  9. Hasenfratz

    Who Is Spongebob Squarepants

    Oh my God! That means that I actually am fighting the Sponge! Well, not the sponge alone, he brought 3 other friends with him to be sure to have at least a slight chance to win...
  10. Hasenfratz

    OC - drawing trough AIC

    Naturally, that's it! The lvl1 is not going to search in his lvl2's and 3's. That must be the misunderstanding. This occurance does not fit my AIC-thinking... Thank you Norbert
  11. Hasenfratz

    OC - drawing trough AIC

    Some turns ago I did notice the following: When you offload some specific cargo into a port city, that cargo isn't available through AIC until the next turn. I tried to draw air replacements through the AIC network, but this didn't work. No replacements were drawn becouse the order couldn't find the necessairy AIR points. Same happened when I tried to build ground replacements in another city then the port city where the ARM points were dropped off. Something like that happened also when there were CP's involved. Production however seem to be drawing properly through AIC. Your factories seem to find the needed hvy, lgt, pet and coal, also offloaded at the beginning of the turn like above. I didn't try it yet, but I assume that if those CP, ARM and AIR points are transported through special rail, this orders can be processed in the same turn? Is there some (game-mechanic?) rule I missed in the Victory! rulebook?
  12. Hasenfratz

    Offical 76 Battle Thread

    We are enjoying the nice wether while we are drinking French wine and planning our vacation in Madrid.
  13. Hasenfratz

    Offical 76 Battle Thread

    Ok, Still here... Just like Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, USA?, Egypt, France and Great Britain
  14. Hasenfratz

    Offical 76 Battle Thread

    – All Irishmen and Americans are welcome, free whisky for all – (but don't you dare to aim a gun at us) – To my Portugese friend, after repeated invitations I accept and will pay you a visit. You can already open a bottle of wine – – nemo me impune laccessit – (no one harms me unpunished)
  15. Hasenfratz

    Offical 76 Battle Thread

    Things are becoming very clear now. Some posts ago, Portugal tried to declare himself a victim from us, now they cowardly attacked my fleet before "our" French coast. Also USA is trying to get hostile with me by trying to break his N.A.P. I think it is very obvious now who initiated a war against us. – Ne conjugare nobiscum –