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  1. Game 102

    You would think the French or Italians would come to your aid are they not your allies?
  2. Entry program for a MAC

    That sucks
  3. I have recently switched to a MAC. Is there an entry program to upload turns for the MAC?
  4. Game 102

    Finally at war! Only took till turn 7!!
  5. Game 101

  6. Game 101

    Meanwhile the static divisions are piling up in Poland hunkered down behind growing walls of concrete☹️
  7. Game 101

    lol turn 7 and I still can’t break with poland turn due back tonight I have a 65% chance we will see fingers crossed 🤷‍♂️
  8. Game 101

    When are you going to start writing your own!?
  9. Game 101

    Lol ya I exposed myself a little but I didn’t know that other army even existed. Haven’t been able to find any other forces they must’ve been hiding underground. How will it affect the morale of the Dutch troops when they hear that army they cut through went from 30% to full strength already? Ready for the next round...
  10. Game 101

    Ya if you know your going to be attacked(which lowlands could correctly assume as he had Denmark recon my army at Nancy) and your trying to get your army home it’s a good way to steal a movement for your army without running a turn as well as only taking minimal losses he chose to stand and fight with an army at 60%. Well with a 56% defensive morale that army held its ground but lost 50% across the board while I only lost 15-17%. dmog order can change your retreat location after an attack. Just be careful where your retreating to if you use the withdrawal tactic as your enemy can possibly take your retreat location first
  11. Game 101

    The proper tactic here would’ve been to be on withdraw and change your retreat location to Bonn or lux. You take minimal losses in the battle and essentially gain an extra turn of movement defensively by retreating to Bonn or lux getting your army one province closer to home without actually running a turn.
  12. Game 101

    13% offensive morale vs 56% defensive morale... the math is simple problem with a high defensive morale is you lose half your army some of them will make it home but not enough to matter
  13. Game 101

    Send us a few cases of that good Irish whiskey and we will promise to make it a quick death⚔️
  14. Game 101

    Lol mauled Lowlands army as it was trying to run back home. That’s what you have to look forward to if you ever make it onto the continent somehow I doubt that will happen.. is that because sheep balls are a delicacy in Britain and that leaves you lacking...?🤪
  15. Game 101

    Lol can’t really take that statement seriously until you overcome your phobia of leaving that rock in the ocean!