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  1. I was under the impression Poland and Denmark dropped in that alliance!?
  2. Hope to see Lisbon fall this turn😀
  3. Except he didn’t block you as the Swiss cut him off from going further west than Erfurt. You had plenty of room in Germany to continue south into Swiss held territory whom you had no agreements with. You also could’ve gone into Lowlands who you were already at war with. your argument has no merit....
  4. I’m sure they’re not quitting because the Danish army got annihilated at alsfeld by the Swiss...🤪 Doubt it has anything to do with what Czech said two months ago
  5. You picked a tough country to get into the game last minute. Ever since Russ started allowing players to choose their own countries most groups are formed before sign ups. It’s hard to catch on with an alliance after that. Good luck!
  6. Welcome back! I’ve missed fighting you😁
  7. Looks like we are just one group in Europe from starting! Let’s go people last push to sign up and get this thing going!
  8. I have to agree that is pretty messed up. The field of players playing victory has shrunk over the years to where literally your lucky to have two games start every 14 months. People that enter into agreements such as this and back stab their opponents will find it very hard to find people to work with them in the future as there isn’t as much of a variety of players. if you want an NAP with a country that you can break whenever you want you just offer it on your turn without contacting them. When you give someone your word and break it you are committing victory suicide in my opinion.
  9. I would but literally added 3 and filled my group in the last 24 hours. good luck Your welcome to email me for advice or help anytime, my email was posted on the last page of this thread
  10. Now that’s funny...
  11. Would like to be contacted by Egypt/Libya pairing, I’m assuming they are together since they were taken at the same time
  12. Myself and one other looking for possible TA’s....maybe another group of 2 or 3 out there wanting to join forces shoot me an email at predatorjohn.beierle@gmail.com
  13. What does all the yellow signify?
  14. No sign ups in quite some time😕
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