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  1. Nice! now nobody attack the map guy! Lol
  2. Gecko those are a lot of good ideas but unfortunately Russ is not going to make any changes. i think the age of the programming creates a lot of issues for any changes that can be made i think air drops are ruining games as well. 91 turned into trench warfare with nothing but ge and airdrops every turn. I wish a vic II had been developed...unfortunately there isn’t a big demand for this type of gaming these days
  3. Italy-4 lowlands-4 france 3 or 4 spain2 denmark2 city defenses don’t mean much after 16 bomber groups come through. I think you proved that in Czech Unfortunately victory is an unbalanced game with how powerful air forces become. Some games are playable to the end and some aren’t. Your group is centralized and can bring a lot of air power to bear against an enemy. My group is spread out over a large area and is unable to counter. If it was a matter of sitting there and defending an area the game would still be playable. When you can carpet bomb everything out of existence without needing to engage your enemies ground troops the game becomes unplayable for the defender i wish Russ would further tweak the game but it is what it is I guess... hope to see ya’ll in 104
  4. Now that has to be some beautiful country!?
  5. I think the sixteen bomber groups coming in every turn against a single target were responsible for the results. That and the fact your group works together and my allies aren’t interested in helping Baltic despite the fact I’ve been begging for help seeing several turns ago what was coming. you have to look five to ten turns ahead in this game. If you are reacting at turn 40 you’ve lost. This game has evolved into alliance vs alliance. If one alliance works as one country and the other alliance the countries all do their own thing well this is the result... good game see some of ya’ll in 104.
  6. Hey mark what turn is this game on?
  7. I’m having the same problem with Iraqi spies...
  8. Lol time to put all those spare parts to use! Sure thought Lowlands second army was out of range though it was worth it to all but ruin Denmark’s army and all the air kills were a nice bonus gonna continue to be bloody....
  9. True but if you sail around with destroyers and a few carriers on naval movement orders the subs will try to engage and your fleet will sink a bunch of subs
  10. The Italian navy is busy elsewhere
  11. Ya Problem is there aren’t enough orders the meat is spoiling
  12. Poland is still the place armies come to die...There has been a Hungarian sighting in Poland! Will they suffer the same fate as the last four Hungarian armies that ventured there!? Time will tell🙃
  13. I know the flood of ju-88’s are coming😁 I have a plan for that...
  14. Your first mistake was starting in Italy 🤪
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