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  1. Game 101

    75% cancellation rate over last four turns! I know it’s winter in the Alps but damn the sun has to shine sometimes!!!!🌞🌞🌞
  2. Game 101

    If there’s even a cloud in the sky my pilots refuse to fly!
  3. Game 101

    Enemies keep sliding turns back for absolutely no reason, absurd ireland britaind DW Iceland so all that bleeting at the french group was a smokescreen
  4. Game 101

    Recon spotting ship classes are wildly inaccurate in their reports fact: France has mtn and marine div russian tech doesn’t have mtn div and they don’t get marine until turn 32 german doesn’t get marine till turn 17 he is American or British tech Baaaaa (d) intel🐑
  5. Game 101

    Typical of the French They heard the Italians marching on their position and fled Fremen those weren’t French warships if they were Russian class, France can’t be Russian tech..
  6. Game 101

    Im beginning to think all that bleeting is hogwash... why would all Lowlands forces be in Austria if he didn't have a deal with the islands 🌴
  7. Game 101

    Not sure why France Would break the political agreement with Italy. Spain and Portugal moving north in France hardly seems a good time to make an enemy of someone that had no intention of attacking you. whatever you send into Italy will die there💀☠️
  8. Game 101

    Apparently it never stops snowing at Bern🌨☃️ A Swiss panzer division has wandered into Italy- probably lost in the storm...tough luck that🤷‍♂️
  9. Game 101

    Haha well I missed that one... still makes no sense attack the one trying to break or one of the two already in Germany! Oh wait we built mtn div with German tech I see no options but to attack Austria then☹️
  10. Game 101

    This might be the craziest thing I've seen in victory in a while: let me set the stage for you czech poland invade lowlands ta germany ireland and Britain chomping at the bit publicly to land in France/lowlands portugal attacks lowlands ta France one must assume Spain to follow? italy at war with lowlands ta Switzerland in Switzerland so the most logical move for lowlands? Start a war with Italy's ta Austria and push 11 mtn div into bregenz! Ya that makes perfect sense when you guys weren't even on austria's radar! Lmao ireland you'll be happy to know the entire lowlands airforce is at Freiburg i cant stop laughing! Dracarius!🐲🔥
  11. Game 101

    Apparently the French are on my border, perhaps they are wanting a fine vintage to go with all that cheese they make!?
  12. Game 101

    Freaking genius I've probably even tripped over you lowlands at Freiburg? Thank you for sharing that no mystery why Denmark owns Rostock-to help stop Poland/Czech
  13. Game 101

    In other news Italian troops have been training extensively in anticipation of war. One general has been quoted as saying "these boys are tough and determined to bring home the victory, I have no doubt they will show the Swiss who is the better fighting force"! Italian ski resorts coming soon in the Alps!!
  14. Game 101

    Your right my bad I got that info from someone else in your group my apologies still haven't revealed why lowlands owns pau that is sketchy i wonder do the Spanish know...!?
  15. Game 101

    That is straight up a lie... you told me France was going to be allied to Spain...how could I possibly know they were allied when still to this day they are not.. I've had no communication from France he is privacy..the whole reason I contacted Spain was because you said he had agreed to ally with France and this concerned me greatly! Doesnt matter I am curious though why lowlands owns pau? You can't block Spain with no political agreement with him. So I guess Dutch troops are moving south!? The sheep will be happy to hear that I hear there are fine grazing lands in western France 🐑