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  1. Game 101

    Ahh yes but now we have the Alpine region as well... so who are your new friends? I’m guessing probably Finland’s group that’s about all that’s left or maybe US /Canada
  2. Game 101

    New friends!? How much did cost? The 🇮🇹 Now flies in the Alps🗻
  3. Game 102

    TIme for the wolves to start hunting sheep!
  4. Game 101

    You can’t hang what you can’t capture... and you can’t hang anything if your afraid to step off your ships!🧟‍♂️
  5. Game 101

    Free wool? That will come in handy this time of year fighting in the cold snowy Alps!❄️🗻
  6. Game 101

    Oh crap I’ve been warned...🤪
  7. Game 101

    Standing at the top of the Alps on a clear day one can almost see the sheep grazing in Britain. Celebrating their victory over the Swiss with wine and cheese someone in high command mentions wouldn’t some mutton taste good right now!? 🐑🍴
  8. Game 101

    Time to finish off the Swiss ... Looking forward to the next challenge... maybe some occupied 🇷🇺 territory! Or maybe we’ll just hunt 🐑
  9. Game 102

    Two big groups in Europe that did not even attempt to talk strategy or negotiate deals with our group.. Well at least we don’t have to worry about anyone turning on us🤪🧟‍♂️
  10. Game 101

    Anyone seen wed thurs even fri turns?
  11. Game 102

    All quite on the forum but the back channels are buzzing
  12. Game 102

    You won’t see those till Wednesday
  13. Game 101

    Facing defeat the Swiss army has tried to defect to Italy. ⚔️
  14. Game 101

    Damn sheep
  15. Game 101