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  1. What an interesting game for me! I played Lowlands, and at one point I was down to possessing only the city of Amsterdam. But through the inaction of my enemies, and, more importantly, support from my allies, I was able to gain possession of all of the Lowlands before the game ended! A fun game indeed! It was a pleasure working with all of my allies!
  2. We want details, man! :-)
  3. I think he was referring to his intention of decreasing my expenses even more, not increasing my revenue. :-)
  4. I think Russ is running a couple of days late. If you submitted your turn on time (for Saturday) you should have your results back today. I think. :-)
  5. Can't speak for Saint Michael, but that's basically what happened to me. I'm still hanging on in fortress xAmsterdam. That's all I have. Or, as I prefer to say it, the commanders of Lowlands have decided to reduce their expenses and downsize to a more manageable level of their capital city. The city state of xAmsterdam lives on. :-)
  6. Yes, didn't you get the message? :-)
  7. Egypt here, calling all nations in the Middle East. I would really like to make contact with other Middle Eastern countries. Holler if you're out there! :-) kevin@boundlessinfinity.net
  8. How does one delete a standing order? Kevin
  9. Thanks, Pete! I think that answers all my questions!
  10. Okay, great. Thanks, Frank!
  11. Thanks, Deep! Does this mean that the 3rd generation tech has to be researched in the first slot? In other words, does it mean that if I tried to use my Santa points on a third-generation tech in, say, the third slot, that it would not work?
  12. I'm rather new to Supernova, but what does the following mean? And what is Slot One? "Also, Santa has instructed his elves to help your scientists to "Slot One" up to 3rd generation items instead of just 2nd and below." Kevin
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