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  1. Game 103

    Yes, a block of European countries just came off the board. Denmark, Italy, Lowlands, Germany, and Switzerland. Getting closer to a start!
  2. Game 103

    Game 103 seems to be filling at a fast rate, at least for now! Egypt, checking in. Any countries near me (or not) wanting to contact me: Kevin@boundlessinfinity.net
  3. Game 101

    You mean the Baltics/Scandinavia? The Balkans are Bulgaria, Rumania, Yugoslavia….
  4. Game 101

    Anything to deflect attention from your group, Predator. :-)   Oh yeah, we're one big group! The fact that the northern half of our "group" (Baltics, et al.) has let Poland and Czechoslovakia run roughshod over Germany, while Poland remains completely unprotected, should tell you something. But oh yeah, you want to deflect attention away from the Italy-Austria group. :-)   Nice play. :-)
  5. Game 102

    Portugal checking in.
  6. Game 102

    And... We're off!
  7. Game 101

    I really think you are mistaken on this. However, I'll go back over our messages. No need to call me a liar, though. Okay, I just went back over our messages. You might want to do the same, John.
  8. Game 101

  9. Game 101

    Can't we all just get along? :-)
  10. Game 101

    I don't recall ever telling you that Spain and Lowlands (or France) had an alliance. I recall that YOU mentioned Spain and France had an alliance when there was nothing of the sort. :-)   We are willing to be at peace with all our neighbors. It's you and the sheep who keep trying to stir things up. :-)  
  11. Game 101

    The Swiss are our brothers, as are the Germans.   And of course you sheep aren't peaceful; why else would you be constantly bleating here on the forum? :-)
  12. Game 101

    It appears that ANY words are fighting words in your book. Even words of peace. Whatever. :-)
  13. Game 101

    You need to check, and reread your forum messages. :-) The Dutch offered to have an alliance with you and GB. And the response? Dead silence. No answer to my diplomatic contact, no alliance offer, nothing. Just a bunch of bleating on the forum. :-) But if you Irish sheep are wanting to do an alliance, we are still willing, although our patience is being tried.…
  14. Game 101

    If the Irish wonder, they shouldn't have spurned all of our diplomatic efforts to contact them and make a deal with them. We have repeatedly pledged peace with Ireland and Great Britain, but to no avail. Makes one wonder what THEY'VE got planned…
  15. Game 99

    Why, thank you, Don! :-) Nothing like eliminating an entire 17 division Army! :-)   As to you and all of your friends now being against me, that's nothing new. You were all aligned against me before, and you are all aligned against me now. Methinks nothing has changed. :-)   I don't doubt your group will eventually wipe out the brave German troops, but it will be interesting for all involved while it happens!