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  1. Game 101

    Well said, John! Not only lifelong friends, but world wide friends as well!
  2. Game 101

  3. New Forums Software

    Hmm… I received your message (and a couple of others, as well) and was able to respond to it. Seems I am unable to initiate a new message, though. Might be a problem with my system, and the way my voice recognition system interacts with the new forum software. I'll have to do some more experimenting.   Kevin
  4. New Forums Software

    Just tried to send someone a private message. It failed. Might want to look into that.
  5. Game 101

    When did this happen and where is the discussion thread? I would be very interested in trying a no TA game or one like Reece talks about. Ed, game 101 will indeed have TAs. The non-TA game Reece mentioned was game 96. Interesting concept, although I don't think it's to my taste. :-)
  6. Game 101

    Richard, it's easy enough to get into an ongoing game of Victory. People are dropping all the time, and some TA groups even have occasional need of a new player to replace a dropped TA. Because I didn't want to wait until game 101 started, that's exactly what I did, and I've been playing in game 99 for several months. The dropped positions are rarely in the best condition, but hey, at least you're playing! :-)
  7. Game 101

    I think the shrinking player base is the reason.   Can't be poor customer service because the customer service is great. In all the years I've played Victory I've had ZERO problems. Russ can be a little slow to update the final game standings, but other than that, he's always been very responsive to any questions or concerns I've ever had.
  8. Game 101

    People playing that keep exploiting the known bugs in Victory, making it less interesting for others to keep playing? The only bug that I know of is the fighter cover/intercept bug. I've never experienced it, but I've seen it mentioned on here. Are there others?
  9. Game 98

    Exactly. I see it like a game of chess. You don't get bent out of shape if you lose a piece or two. And it's not a big deal if you lose a game. It's all about enjoying playing the game!
  10. Game 101

    Very good point. It's probably worthwhile waiting a little longer to see if the remaining positions can be filled.
  11. Game 101

    Apparently, we're still stuck at 9 countries left (77.5%). Just waiting on the game to fill.   Are you signed up for 101, Predator?
  12. Game 101

    NOO! You can't play Greece, after trying to kill Greece for so long! Well, Marklen, have YOU signed up for game 101 yet??? Sorry Kevin, I have my plate full at the moment.Don't see me getting into another game for a bit. I like to keep it at 2, and I am in 98,99,and 100, and 97 will end this turn, that's enough. Yeah, I know how that goes. Sooner than you know you're in more games, and it's more like work than fun! :-)
  13. Game 101

    NOO! You can't play Greece, after trying to kill Greece for so long! Well, Marklen, have YOU signed up for game 101 yet???
  14. E-mail problem

    No, it's affecting everyone trying to send emails to Russ. Maybe this is his way of taking Sunday off. :-)   Kevin
  15. Game 101

    Cool. With Reece, I think we're now up to 50%. Only 20 more to go! :-)