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  1. Hello from UAE I would like to open talks with you concerning the status of our two great nations. As neighbors we stand a lot to gain and even more to lose. Myself, I have five(5) solid allies within striking distance of your country, two of whom are prepared to make haste on War Day(turn 3). I am very much prepared to fight. However, I would prefer that you and I come to an agreement of some substances, apropos either an Alliance or a Total Alliance, I am open to both. As allies, we would both have secure borders that would allow us to focus on a larger picture, i.e. Persia, Iraq, Trans-Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Turkey. This would also allow us the freedom to share resources and intelligence resourcesw to fight to Victory! If you are open to any kind of agreement, please submit a PAP request on your next turn or submit a RNA request and contact me at the address you receive. Looking forward to hearing from you UAE