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  1. I think I am getting old, in former days I always expected to be killed with a dagger in my back. Therefore I have always some troops at home and guest are always welcome.
  2. Egytians are heretics, they have to die.. For a free Mecca ! Oh I forgot Syria has to die too !
  3. Soon the Shah of Persia will reconquer the most holy city of Mecca from the hordes of Egypt.
  4. Last weekend the Canadian soldiers landed on the beaches of xTrondheim, they came to bring peace and freedom the the Norwegian people.
  5. It seems the terror air force of sweden had a major security problem last turn.
  6. OK I will test it by an air drop at your capital.
  7. Four people? This is fake news.
  8. Sponge Bob is dead, I dried him long time ago .
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