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    The place which is one step behind the Sponge
  1. Game 99

    Build more and faster.
  2. Game 101

    Sponge Bob is dead, I dried him long time ago .
  3. game 97

    Too late.... my fighters are gone by the wind :ranting:
  4. game 97

    I will never invade these nasty mountains,But now I will send my killer air brigade to conquer an other of your provinces for the glory of my central Russian empire. Send more of these unsupplied paratroops. I like them. Is there really Italy behind these mountains? I always thought this is the realm of Morocco.
  5. game 97

    Nice, nice Ternitz is still mine. An additional field will be conquered next time.
  6. Game 99

    A sociologist inside a Patton ? Intresting
  7. game 97

    The russians will fight what ever it costs until the victory is won:
  8. Game 99

    Not too long, I hope.
  9. Game 99

    It seems the United States have new friends, soon they will be destroyed .
  10. Game 99

    Soon you will know......
  11. Game 99

    Thanks Don, please use the EA order to transfer the money to your Canadian friends .
  12. Game 99

    Canada , soon the US will be mine.
  13. game 97

    Oh life is wonderful ; I am able to communicate with other players without writing a single word. It seems the force is with me. Maybe you could send me a copy of this communication, I am sure it will be interesting. Anyway, did you real think it is a clever idea to take provinces at the border of CR without offering a nap? I am not stupid; I never tolerate any predator like lifeform at my border.
  14. Game 98

    They sit in the dark, waiting for you. Ready to cut your throat .
  15. Game 95

    The Sponge may hide or run, but finaly he will die.