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  1. Sakarissa

    Can't remember an order

    Thank you!
  2. Sakarissa

    Can't remember an order

    Checked my notes and couldn't find it. At one point in time, there was an order that would bring all empty fleets back to the homeworld. Does anyone remember what that order is?
  3. Sakarissa

    Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    Pete, When figuring the CIDS defense/ship tonnage part of the formula, is that truncated, rounded, 1 or 2 decimal places?
  4. Sakarissa

    Draco Alert!

    I finally ran across my first DMX encounter. I lost 4 civilian planetary explorers to a single minelayer. They were headed to the last system at 4 jumps that I hadn't explored yet. It was at the warp point leading to that system. I had not encountered any system beacons at all. Time for a recon in force into that system to see how badly screwed I am.
  5. Sakarissa

    Draco Rumours

    The Eridani Enclaves are doing pretty good. Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire possesses a very strong colonization effort. Additionally, your sources report that your standing army is among the largest they have encountered in their travels. Your sources also indicate that your merchant marine is quite strong.
  6. Sakarissa

    Can't remember an order

    I seem to remember an order being added that was the Fleet equivalent of the TAC order for armies. I just can't seem to find it. Or has dementia settled in?
  7. Sakarissa

    Draco Galaxy turns

    Okay, I'm a little worried. I emailed my orders in this past Monday. Never got the confirmation email. Posted on the forum yesterday about it and sent an email to supernova as well. No turn results so far and RTG hasn't responded yet.
  8. Sakarissa

    Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Anyone else not get the confirmation email of orders received this week?
  9. Sakarissa

    Ground Combat

    The leaders don't get automatically transferred. After you created the new army, you could issue the AC commands to transfer the leaders, use the OC command to offload the divisions to the pop group, use the DIV command to move them from the pop group into the new army, and then issue the GATK.
  10. Sakarissa

    Draco Bastians

    This is my fault, guys. I was talking to Pete about something and the Bastions came up and that got him to thinking. Blame me.
  11. Sakarissa

    Universal Gates

    I typically keep my UGs at 10 jumps or less. I can usually get it down to a 1-2% loss rate.
  12. Sakarissa

    Draco - ROE settings

    Thanks for all the input. Now the question is this - is this something we want changed/addressed or do we go with what it currently is? I understand the desire to trim down the joint operations shenanigans from Andro but it feels like it's swung too far in the other direction. Thoughts?
  13. Sakarissa

    Draco - ROE settings

    Per the pdf that set the setting for Draco, there are only 3 ROEs - Quebec, Romeo, and Zulu. I'm not sure if they are unchanged from their Andro equivalents or not. I'm guessing that Zulu is attack anybody regardless of PAP agreements. I'm asking since I'm trying to formulate a way for two empires to jointly defend points in space without shooting at each other. If we were to PAP each other to Total Ally, how does that actually play out under the ROE settings?
  14. Sakarissa

    Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Nym, I control The Circle. Sakarissa
  15. Sakarissa

    Contact has been made

    I'm hoping the player of the empire I ran across this turn is on here. Would the owner of: XYB Experiment YB117 # 7685 'Winged Snake Bound In Chains' [Quebec] 120th Recon Group Please contact me at chaosian@hotmail.com. And I want to state that I appreciate the fact that neither of us blew the other one up..