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  1. Sakarissa

    Warp Nexii

    Some of the things in Draco got me thinking about how to get more use or make nexii more interesting. Right now, no one really likes them. There's no orbits to take advantage of. That means no pop groups, no gas giants, no industry, and the only way to defend a nexus is with starships (no orbitals). And if you get a lot in a small area you get a modern day sargasso sea that you can get stuck in if you don't know the full scope of the sargasso. Now, they can fit in your defensive posture. But, they are still uninteresting and mostly useless. Now, the biggest stumbling block is the lack of orbits. Without an orbit, you can't drop a colony beacon. Which means no pop group. And the pop group is what is needed. The idea I have is to give each nexus a set amount of "orbits" which would be discrete areas of space around the star(s) in the nexus itself. For sake of argument, let's say we code 10 orbits for each nexus. Since there is an orbit, we can drop a colony beacon to put a pop group there. Then, since shipyards and shipyard slips are already space-based (close planetary orbit but still in space) they can then be CON'd in that nexus pop group. What about power? Orbital Solar Power Stations. They are already placed in space (close planetary orbit again) and could be used in this situation. You could then bring things in via cargo ship (Andro and Draco) or by WHG or UG (Andro only) to build a deep space station and defensive orbitals. You could also tow orbitals to the warp points for defensive purposes. Or provide repair for damaged ships. And there are areas of space where a nexus would be a better place for a set of trade pop groups between empires. I'm not saying to code this into the current games but something to think about for the future. And this is the result of not getting my turn results yet.......
  2. Sakarissa

    Division types

    The numbers so far add up the same in Draco as in Andro so far with the divisions we can build currently. When I start opening up the other divisions, I'll check them out.
  3. Sakarissa

    Division types

    5 categories to be precise.
  4. Sakarissa

    Division types

    Imperial Army Heavy Infantry = x4 Close Combat, x3 Heavy Weapons, x3 Small Arms Imperial Guards Heavy Infantry = x3 Close Combat, x5 Heavy Weapons, x2 Small Arms Imperial Marines Heavy Infantry = x3 Close Combat, x5 Heavy Weapons, x2 Small Arms Here are the strengths and multiples for the three different Heavy Infantry types to help illustrate Hobknobs earlier post.
  5. Sakarissa

    Division types

    Each division, with the exception of the Fortress division, provides 10 "multiples" spread across 1 or more ground combat strengths. There are 35 ground combat strengths to include Close Combat, Air Defense, and Biological Weapons. Let's take a Combat Engineer division as an example. It's 10 "multiples" are x1 Close Combat, x7 Engineering, and x1 Special Weapons, and x1 Subterranean. The game will total up all the "multiples" your divisions in an army provide. Those multiples are multiplied by the total strength you have in that category. Let's assume you have a single army of 1 Combat Engineer. You have 1 multiple for Close Combat. Let's say you haven't researched a whole lot of Ground Combat techs that provide strengths to the Close Combat category so your base strength for Close Combat is 500. This means your army of 1 Combat Engineer has a total rating of 500 in Ground Combat (1 x 1 x 500 = 500). Now, you focused on a few techs that provided strength to the Special Weapons category so your base strength is 4,000 and your army's total Special Weapons strength is 28,000 (1 x 7 x 4000 = 28,000). But if you had 10 Combat Engineers in that army you would have an army strength of 5,000 Close Combat (10 x 1 x 500) and Special Weapons strength 280,000 (10 x 7 x 4,000). The Fortress division differs slight since it has 100 multiplies instead of 10. Now, each division has different sets of multiples. Only way to find them all is to research enough techs to have a base strength greater than 0 (zero). You then DIV a division from a pop group to an army and then do a TAC. That will show you the multipes that division provides (assuming you have greater than zero strength in each of that divisions multiples). Alternatively, do an RA from one army to another army to transfer a single division and then do a TAC. I spent a lot of orders figuring things out on this. There are over to 323 ground combat techs that I know of and I haven't uncovered all of them.
  6. Sakarissa

    Draco Alert!

    Thanks to everyone for posting their experiences with the DMX. I do consider them the primary enemy in Draco.
  7. Sakarissa

    Templars Draco

    I haven't.
  8. Sakarissa

    TKD Telchar Kazad-Dum #5731

    First time I've heard of them.
  9. Sakarissa


    Your fleet would engage.
  10. I also got the Aeroculture Farm but I'm sure lots of you have popped that one by now.
  11. I'm guessing the standard 100:1 ratio. Means 1 Terraforming Station for every 100 pop.
  12. Sakarissa

    Draco Alert!

    I warped into a system I suspected where a DMX minelayer came from this turn with my kitchen sink design. I'm pretty sure I'm right since it encountered 3 fleets of 3 light cruisers for a total of 9 light cruisers. I lost my ship and did some minor damage to two of the CLs. I'm not sure if the large number of CLs are part of the increased activity that Pete hinted at but that system definitely belongs to the DMX......for now. Has anyone else seen a concentration of DMX ships like this? Anything else weird about the DMX since Pete dropped his hint?
  13. Sakarissa

    Drone/carrier resupply

    Just the Pop Group number for the TR orders. Too bad there isn't a SUPPly order where you can specify what is to be transferred from one fleet to the other. In the case of fighters, they can just fly from one fleet to the other collocated fleet and you're done. Drones could be a little more problematic. Maybe have the order cost an AP to account for that.
  14. Sakarissa

    Drone/carrier resupply

    In all my years of playing SN, I've never really done a lot with drones and fighters. If I had an attack fleet with drones/fighters and a separate bunker fleet with drone racks/fighter bays with spare of each, how do I transfer them to the attack fleet from the bunker fleet?
  15. Sakarissa

    Zulu in Draco

    I don't have all my fleets at Zulu. Now, if I'm sending a fleet into DMX space I would consider putting them at Zulu but since the DMX fleets are already at Zulu, I don't need to. I think I would only use it when actively at war with another empire and only with fleets in the area of space. Very situational for me. There might be some systems I don't want anyone to enter, even allies (I would warn them). Now, I have tested the Yankee setting with Total Allies and it does work.