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  1. I know that when you do a RN and move ships from one fleet into another, they take their full share of fuel unless you specify otherwise. Now, will that apply when the ship being moved has fighter bays (and/or drone racks)? Like if the ship being moved has 1,000 fuel and 1 fighter bay, it takes 1000 fuel and enough fighters/gunboats to fill the fighter bay? My guess is yes, it would but wouldn't really care about how many of each if there is a mixed gunboat load. But if the gunboat load was a single type, I figure it would take as many of them as it could handle. What has been your experience with this?
  2. Reaching out to the Scarab empire due to our recent peaceful fleet sighting. You may contact me privately via the board. The Eridani Enclaves #5805
  3. Yeah, it's new in Draco. I came across it a while back.
  4. Feel free to private message me here on the forums. Sakarissa #938 The Circle
  5. If he made a change like that, I would imagine the new engine thrust ratings would be enabled on your existing engines. "Your engineers found this strange button on all the engines. When they pressed it, the engines started working far better than in the past. When it was investigated, it was discovered that an engineer failed to document this button and all engine efficiency suffered. This engineer has been severely punished."
  6. While I won't address each point individually, I can live with the 8AP cap. In fact, my fastest ship (a defenseless scout) is only 4 AP. I had to use 74.5% of the ship's tonnage to get there. That was with Mk II Fusion Engines. I have better engines now and could drop that % down a bit and probably get a faster scout. However, it's DMX bait. I have lost several of them to the DMX. I have worked up an armed and armored scout ship but with my current best engine, it's looks like 3AP. Not bad but I wouldn't consider it a main battle line ship by any stretch. It can successfully defend itself against single DMX minelayers, light cruisers, and heavy cruisers. Hobknob does bring up a good point about engine thrust values. They are on the weak side and i also feel that the nerf-bat swung a little too hard on this part of the game. With the current system, I have resigned myself to the fact that large warships will be 1 AP no matter what. I kinda picture a 2 billion ton warship being pushed along by a single Mk I Nuclear Engine. Seems a bit ridiculous, doesn't it? Even with stronger engines, I don't expect a 2 billion ton warship to have much more than 2 AP or possibly 3 AP if the design sacrifices enough tonnage for engines. The trade-off will ultimately be firepower with armor and shields a close second. Having improved and advanced versions of the venerable Fuel Shuttle would help address the refuel issues. Currently, I've been putting more fuel shuttles on my designs than I do in Andro to make sure my ships can refuel faster. And 1 AP warships simply won't be able to help with an ally 50 jumps away. It would take 50 turns (almost 2 full real-time years) to get there. And how old will the tech be on that ship when it get's there? Long range cargo ships are possible with a couple of nifty techs out there so I'm not too worried about them. I will say I do miss my Planetary Cargo Gates in Draco.
  7. Thanks for the share. I haven't encountered any of those empires so far in my explorations.
  8. Reduced Shield Strength - I like this. It makes armor and repair bays far more useful. You might get a few combat pulses at full strength damage output before the shields are blown down and integrity loss kicks in to decrease your damage output. Becomes more of a slug fest. I can see empires forgoing force shields on their combat designs and opt for more armor and/or weapons. The argument can be made that enough damage output on the first combat pulse (the only pulse you are guaranteed full damage potential since you are at full integrity - at least for this example) is the best hammer. If you have enough to blow down their opposing shields on the first pulse, you are starting to degrade their damage output. And tonnage dedicated to repair bays takes away from other items. However, the ability to self repair (at the beginning of a turn if I'm correct) means that a ship can be wore down a fair bit or even destroyed if enough waves come at it during the turn.
  9. Adv Stripmine (ASM) = 500 Adv Hvy Machinery = 9,000 Raw Resources Adv Industrial Center (AIC) = 500 Adv ConMats = variable output but maxes out at 5000 tons of input so we'll use that. To get at an even amount between the two you would need 5 ASMs (Generating 45,000 Raw Resouces (RR)) and would need 9 AICs (accepting 45,000 input tons). That would generate 4,500 tons of Iron a turn for 2,500 AHMs, and 4,500 ACMs. Now, let's say I have a yield of Iron at 604. If I put 2,800 mines on it then I generate 907,200 Iron a turn fairly efficiently for a cost of 1,400,000 CMs. If I go the route of ASM/AICs to generate the same amount, I would need 1,008 ASMs and 1,815 AICs with 3,000 AIC input lying fallow. That takes 504,000 AHMs and 907,500 ACMs for a total cost of 1,411,500 materials. So, it's slightly cheaper in materials to go with the specific mines. 1,400,000 materials (specific mines) vs 1,411,500 materials (ASM route) 2,800 Pop vs 2,815 Pop Let's increase the Iron yield to 1328 and put 5,500 mines on it (not max number of mines but a reasonable number of mines due to the costs of moving pop around in Draco). 4,279,000 Iron for 5,500 pop and 2,750,000 materials (CMs) vs 4,279,500 Iron for 13,314 pop and 6,657,000 materials (AHMs and ACMs) And that's not mentioning the additional production costs for AHMs and ACMs versus CMs. Plus the cost of moving large numbers of pop around. I'm still hoping for Improved Colony Berths to make it easier. And, as HobNob pointed out, with engine thrusts severely downgraded, ships with colony berths are pretty much 1 AP (with a large number of CBs). You could go the route of 1 CB on the ship with multiple engines to get higher APs for 1 CB but the cost in making enough engines to make this worked (like a 1,000 ships with 1 CB) is prohibitive. Now, if you are populating a colony 1 jump from your home system, that's a 4 turn round trip for a 1 AP colony berth ship. I found it was more economical to create large 1 AP ships rather then the swarm of small ones.
  10. 1a - The minimum size limit was implented, at least partially, to limit the size of screens since that was a major problem in the first part of Andro. I think RTG wants us to go with fewer bigger ships rather than swarms of small ships (numbered in the 10s of thousands for some). Especially since each ship had a separate DB entry. You are partially right about ship costs in Draco. For ships with ingredients using normal level items, they are actually cheaper than in Andro. If they are using improved level items, then they are the same cost as Andro. And if using ingredients at the advanced level, then they are more costly than Andro. I do agree with that the ship categories tonnage ranges can be increased significantly.
  11. Meh, I don't mind sharing. Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire's standing army is among the largest they have encountered. Your sources also indicate that your merchant marine is quite strong.
  12. I'm on the fence about Neutrals. In Andro, the only really good thing was the colonizing effort mentioned by HobKnob. But any halfway decent race design coupled with installations can colonize just about anything anyway so that's not a really big reason for me. My guess is that the DMX replaced the Andro Neutrals. And if Neutrals did exist, once the DMX found them they would nuke them since they are squishy fleshlings. It would be a race against the DMX to find these Neutrals, DIP them into your empire, and protect them enough from predation from the DMX and fellow players. I'm not missing the Andro Neutrals in Draco. Yes, it could mean more orders by players but I'm not sure if that's a serious enough bump in the order count. Once I get to systems x jumps from my homesystem, I don't really do a lot of planetary scans. This is due to having enough orbits across multiple systems that I can colonize eventually. With the loss of UGs, WHGs, and the 8 AP cap, moving population is painfully slow. But that's another discussion.
  13. *facepalm* I drafted the email and attached the orders but never hit send. *sigh* Yay for auto-turns!!
  14. Got my results. Yay! It appears that it didn't append the results of the orders I submitted. After the splash page, it starts with X orders and went straight into convoy routes and so on. Am I the only one missing that first part of the results? I did verify that I didn't send in an empy file. #5805 The Eridani Enclaves
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