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  1. Meh, I don't mind sharing. Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire's standing army is among the largest they have encountered. Your sources also indicate that your merchant marine is quite strong.
  2. I'm on the fence about Neutrals. In Andro, the only really good thing was the colonizing effort mentioned by HobKnob. But any halfway decent race design coupled with installations can colonize just about anything anyway so that's not a really big reason for me. My guess is that the DMX replaced the Andro Neutrals. And if Neutrals did exist, once the DMX found them they would nuke them since they are squishy fleshlings. It would be a race against the DMX to find these Neutrals, DIP them into your empire, and protect them enough from predation from the DMX and fellow players. I'm not missing the Andro Neutrals in Draco. Yes, it could mean more orders by players but I'm not sure if that's a serious enough bump in the order count. Once I get to systems x jumps from my homesystem, I don't really do a lot of planetary scans. This is due to having enough orbits across multiple systems that I can colonize eventually. With the loss of UGs, WHGs, and the 8 AP cap, moving population is painfully slow. But that's another discussion.
  3. *facepalm* I drafted the email and attached the orders but never hit send. *sigh* Yay for auto-turns!!
  4. Got my results. Yay! It appears that it didn't append the results of the orders I submitted. After the splash page, it starts with X orders and went straight into convoy routes and so on. Am I the only one missing that first part of the results? I did verify that I didn't send in an empy file. #5805 The Eridani Enclaves
  5. I don't mind the cap being the same as what the deep cores have in Andro. I've seen one world max out at 32k and one at 38k. Not sure why there is a difference but it is there. I thought ICE would adhere to that limit and just get you there quicker. I was corrected on that and have been having a lot of fun dropping 10m ICE-4 on colonies and homeworlds. I do agree with Hobknob that the limit should be tied to the size of the world. We already have the diamter value for each world. In a recent SS, I got two worlds with diameters 24,128 and 63,869. I can see the second world having a higher yield cap than the first one since the second one is almost triple the diameter. And since asteroid fields always show a diameter of 1, then a static cap could be put in place for them. I guess I'm making the case to use the diamter value as the yield cap. I used a quick volume calculater using inches and the 24 inch world had a volume of 233 and the 63 inch world had a volume of 4,233. That's 18 times the volume of the smaller world. Seems like a good way to set the caps.
  6. 1a - I agree that this was a welcome addition to Draco. The neutral pop groups in Andro were not well developed and usually not worth it. The DMX forces make things a lot dicier for unarmed and defenseless ships like most scouts. 1b - I have lost ships to them and am working on building armed scout ships. The only drawback is those 'scouts' are now limited to 1 AP since I need a fair amount of tonnage for weapons and armor/shields. 1c - This might be an earlier setting since they were 'asleep' and player actions are waking them up. Pete did say that since a mother fleet was recently destroyed, the others would take that into account so future engagements will probably be tougher. 1d - They do lack in variety but I think that has more to do with saving Pete time in creating them and getting them out there. This might change now that the DMX is rousing from a deep slumber. 1e - BBs existed earlier than the recent changes. Probably a change in their aggressiveness since we upstart meatbags are starting to fight back and they are responding. If big jumps like this are going to be typical then I agree they could become a major nuisance. 1f - I agree that there should be more rewards than just eliminating the nuisance of a mother fleet pumping out DMX warships. In Andro, Pete hinted that ships could be captured but I haven't heard of anybody that has captured a ship. The DMX forces do have some interesting ship components that I would love to get my hands on. I suspect the mother ships are the DMX versions of Pop Groups and their mining shuttles are their mines. I would love to have their shipyard tech.
  7. First of all, I am very appreciative of the automatic upgrades to our ground divisions whenever a new tech was finished. Can you imagine if we had to upgrade our divisions to take advantage of the new tech? Like building steel and weapons to upgrade your armor divisions because you researched the Heavy Tank tech? Or building electronics because you got the J2 Jammer and wanted to upgrade your EW divisions? In that kind of scenario, I could see the need to record each division as a seperate entity because of this. It would be a nightmare in paperwork, orders, and production in that model so I'm thankful we don't have to go through that.
  8. I'm not expecting turn results until tomorrow afternoon. If I get them earlier than that then it's a pleasant surprise.
  9. I think the majority of players, if not all, didn't realize that each division had it's own record with stats for that division. For small scale combat, that could actually be quite cool. However, Supernova isn't small scale. I think we all thought that each division was generic and just had a number assigned showing how many we had in that army. Pruning all those cool fields and converting them to generic units might be the solution you were hoping for. Still doesn't cover the limitation of 1000 ground divisions imposed by Imperial Reforms. Since ICE-1 through -4 are outlawed and Deep Cores are more expensive to build due to the production price increase to make them, ridiculously high yields will be hard to come by. This forces players to create colonies....a lot of them in some cases. And when you spread out your 1000 divisions across your homeworld and colonies, it's simply not enough to defend yourself. While I haven't crossed the 1000 division threshold yet, I'm sure I will in the future (as will most players).
  10. Please play nice. I've stayed away from the Imperial Reforms just because of the 1000 division limit. In Andro, I've participated in multiple GATKs and I have to say having only 1000 divisions is a death knell. My main position has close to 800,000 divisions and I'm beginning to feel that I have a small number of divisions. Pete, what is the actual issue in the database? From my poor knowledge of databases, despite being a long term IT worker, the storage of the number of divisions shouldn't be that much of an issue. Do you mean the length of time it takes for a large GATK to process? Most of the GATKs I've been involved in have been pretty one-sided affairs and quick battles. If you post the actual issue (without giving out game secrets), maybe we can come up with some useful ideas and get around this issue.
  11. When I first saw the message on the turn results I thought I could go ahead and research Imperial Reforms since the ground division limitation way too restrictive to ever defend yourself on the ground. I guess the question is if I successfully research the Imperial Reforms and Pete subsequently fixes the database problem, will the 1000 division limit be imposed again?
  12. Thinking while waiting for my turn results - Pete, what's the state of Andro? How many active players are there? How many active empires? How many inactive empires?
  13. For The Eridani Enclaves Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire's standing army is among the largest they have encountered. Your sources also indicate that your merchant marine is quite strong. I even increased my ground divisions over the last several turns and it didn't change my rating. I'm really curious what the highest number of divisions is out there since I once had the largest standing army.
  14. Two turns ago with 5 DCS running, I got bumps of +2/+2/+2/+11. I'm guessing that the +11 was either 1 hit with really good RNG or it was a combination of two hits. One turn ago with 5 DCS running, I got bumps of +2/+2/+3/+5/+1 which averages to 2.6 per bump since I got 100% hits that turn. When I was running a single DCS I got several bumps of +4 and a +9. My average bump with only single DCS was 3.4. Has the rng been nicer to me?
  15. I got the impression when I was tracking the yields on each turn that the range of the bump depended on the yield itself. The smaller the yield the smaller the bump. As the yield increased th bump increased. Kinda hard to tell when I'm running 2000 deep cores on a single world.
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