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  1. I can verify that they can hide your own pop groups.
  2. Cloaking devices on ships just don't work. They serve as prereqs for other techs now. I agree that the level of programming effort would be sizeable which why I was trying to keep it simple yet workable. It also brings into question the interaction with Planetary Field Distorters. Are all fleets stationed at an orbit with a PFD within the bubble? If so, then they wouldn't be detectable until you ran across them in real space.
  3. I wrote the above a work and since then have had some time to write up a better version of it. Please let me know your thoughts. Here's a better write-up for the Ping idea. I was thinking the range sensors would have a range in orbits but I think using AUs for their ranges would be more realistic. This would make it easier to include warp points. This could mean that you have long range sensors at orbit 1 but don't have the AU range to hit one or more warp points. You would just have to move the ship to a deeper orbit to try to cover everything. There would be three numbers: Detection Rating, Detection Threshold, and Detection Awareness. Detection Threshold (DT): Each fleet would have a DT based upon their total tonnage. It could be a simple divisor used for all fleets. Another idea is tonnage ranges similiar to what's used to classify a ship. I like the simple divisor because it's easier to implement. The bigger the fleet, the easier it would be to detect it. Detection Rating (DR): Each ship would have DR based upon the Short/Medium/Long Range Sensors installed on it with positive bumps from Fleet Patrol Sensors, Gravitic Sensor Webs, Mass Detector Sensors, Intelligence Sensor Packages, Computer Systems. The base numbers from the S/M/L Range sensors would be based upon the Mk level. The bumps from the other items would also be based on the Mk level. The Fleet's DR would be equal to the highest DR of the ships in the fleet. Maybe a slight bump from other ships with a DR higher than 0. Detection Awareness (DA): This is a number for the each fleet and would be based on their level of installed Range Sensors. It gives chance to detect if they have been pinged. And I can see it giving reports saying you have detected sensor energy from an orbit/WP. This is a flat percent change to detect that you were being scanned or detected the energy of their sensors. If the Detection Number exceeds the Detection Threshold, you get a report saying there's a fleet at that orbit/warp point. You could even flavor it by having a part in there about the empire. If your empire has already encountered ships of Empire A and you successfully Ping a fleet of Empire A, your Ping report could say you detected a large fleet of Empire A at Orbit 5. If you haven't encountered that empire before you would get an Unknown Energy Signature of a small fleet. This could also work in reverse for a DA report. "You detect sensor energy from Orbit 4 from Empire A or from an Unknown Source". You would still get a turn delay. Turn 1 you issue a Ping order. Turn 1 results you get the results and discovered two unknown fleets. Turn 2, you send fleets to those two locations. The fleets could have moved anytime after the Ping order.
  4. No, this isn't about the beloved SS order. It's the start of conversation about scanning system for fleets. Currently, all ships have a built-in stealth mode in that in order to know a fleet is at a given warp point/orbit, it needs to be collocated with one of your fleets. Even if you move to an orbit with a fleet and that fleet moves before the end of the that particular order number, you won't see it. Both fleets have to be at the same location at the same time in order to see them. Even the sensor sweep only affects the orbit or warp point you are located at and doesn't extend past that. In just about every Sci-Fi show or book ships can usually detect the presence of other ships within the same star system through various means. While we do have Short/Medium/Long range sensors, they don't do a whole lot. And the other detection systems are kinda in the same boat. Currently, if you want to know if another player's fleets are in a system, you need to put an asset at each warp point and each orbit (those bouy things or an actual ship). That can get pricey production wise depending on how big you want to make the asset. Then these assets just sit there until another fleet shows up. Either make the sensors worth more by letting them ping a system and detect ships and orbitals (probably not surface forts) with an order. Or put in the game a device that would allow that. Like make the Short Range Sensor ping the current orbit plus one to either side of it. The Mediums could do the current orbit plus 3 to either side while the Longs could do the whole system. And say Mk I/III can detect ships but not orbitals or surface forts. Mk IV/Vs can detect ships and orbitals while Mk VI/VIIs have a small chance at surface forts. Items like the Fleet Formation Scanner would give a bonus to detecting fleets when doing the ping. The SLY equipment could also provide a bonus to the chance to detect items. The FPS could also be used to bump up the chance to see things. Even the Gravitic Sensor Webs and Mass Detector Sensors could also provide bonuses. I understand that it would take a lot of programing and probably won't make it into the game (assuming it isn't since I haven't come across anything like it in game so far)
  5. That is correct. If you are building Construction Materials on Turn 1, they will be available on Turn 2 for your CON orders. However, if you build 100 iron mines on Turn 1, they will produce iron on Turn 1 during resource generation stage and before your production orders.
  6. I know that when you do a RN and move ships from one fleet into another, they take their full share of fuel unless you specify otherwise. Now, will that apply when the ship being moved has fighter bays (and/or drone racks)? Like if the ship being moved has 1,000 fuel and 1 fighter bay, it takes 1000 fuel and enough fighters/gunboats to fill the fighter bay? My guess is yes, it would but wouldn't really care about how many of each if there is a mixed gunboat load. But if the gunboat load was a single type, I figure it would take as many of them as it could handle. What has been your experience with this?
  7. Reaching out to the Scarab empire due to our recent peaceful fleet sighting. You may contact me privately via the board. The Eridani Enclaves #5805
  8. Yeah, it's new in Draco. I came across it a while back.
  9. Feel free to private message me here on the forums. Sakarissa #938 The Circle
  10. If he made a change like that, I would imagine the new engine thrust ratings would be enabled on your existing engines. "Your engineers found this strange button on all the engines. When they pressed it, the engines started working far better than in the past. When it was investigated, it was discovered that an engineer failed to document this button and all engine efficiency suffered. This engineer has been severely punished."
  11. While I won't address each point individually, I can live with the 8AP cap. In fact, my fastest ship (a defenseless scout) is only 4 AP. I had to use 74.5% of the ship's tonnage to get there. That was with Mk II Fusion Engines. I have better engines now and could drop that % down a bit and probably get a faster scout. However, it's DMX bait. I have lost several of them to the DMX. I have worked up an armed and armored scout ship but with my current best engine, it's looks like 3AP. Not bad but I wouldn't consider it a main battle line ship by any stretch. It can successfully defend itself against single DMX minelayers, light cruisers, and heavy cruisers. Hobknob does bring up a good point about engine thrust values. They are on the weak side and i also feel that the nerf-bat swung a little too hard on this part of the game. With the current system, I have resigned myself to the fact that large warships will be 1 AP no matter what. I kinda picture a 2 billion ton warship being pushed along by a single Mk I Nuclear Engine. Seems a bit ridiculous, doesn't it? Even with stronger engines, I don't expect a 2 billion ton warship to have much more than 2 AP or possibly 3 AP if the design sacrifices enough tonnage for engines. The trade-off will ultimately be firepower with armor and shields a close second. Having improved and advanced versions of the venerable Fuel Shuttle would help address the refuel issues. Currently, I've been putting more fuel shuttles on my designs than I do in Andro to make sure my ships can refuel faster. And 1 AP warships simply won't be able to help with an ally 50 jumps away. It would take 50 turns (almost 2 full real-time years) to get there. And how old will the tech be on that ship when it get's there? Long range cargo ships are possible with a couple of nifty techs out there so I'm not too worried about them. I will say I do miss my Planetary Cargo Gates in Draco.
  12. Thanks for the share. I haven't encountered any of those empires so far in my explorations.
  13. Reduced Shield Strength - I like this. It makes armor and repair bays far more useful. You might get a few combat pulses at full strength damage output before the shields are blown down and integrity loss kicks in to decrease your damage output. Becomes more of a slug fest. I can see empires forgoing force shields on their combat designs and opt for more armor and/or weapons. The argument can be made that enough damage output on the first combat pulse (the only pulse you are guaranteed full damage potential since you are at full integrity - at least for this example) is the best hammer. If you have enough to blow down their opposing shields on the first pulse, you are starting to degrade their damage output. And tonnage dedicated to repair bays takes away from other items. However, the ability to self repair (at the beginning of a turn if I'm correct) means that a ship can be wore down a fair bit or even destroyed if enough waves come at it during the turn.
  14. Adv Stripmine (ASM) = 500 Adv Hvy Machinery = 9,000 Raw Resources Adv Industrial Center (AIC) = 500 Adv ConMats = variable output but maxes out at 5000 tons of input so we'll use that. To get at an even amount between the two you would need 5 ASMs (Generating 45,000 Raw Resouces (RR)) and would need 9 AICs (accepting 45,000 input tons). That would generate 4,500 tons of Iron a turn for 2,500 AHMs, and 4,500 ACMs. Now, let's say I have a yield of Iron at 604. If I put 2,800 mines on it then I generate 907,200 Iron a turn fairly efficiently for a cost of 1,400,000 CMs. If I go the route of ASM/AICs to generate the same amount, I would need 1,008 ASMs and 1,815 AICs with 3,000 AIC input lying fallow. That takes 504,000 AHMs and 907,500 ACMs for a total cost of 1,411,500 materials. So, it's slightly cheaper in materials to go with the specific mines. 1,400,000 materials (specific mines) vs 1,411,500 materials (ASM route) 2,800 Pop vs 2,815 Pop Let's increase the Iron yield to 1328 and put 5,500 mines on it (not max number of mines but a reasonable number of mines due to the costs of moving pop around in Draco). 4,279,000 Iron for 5,500 pop and 2,750,000 materials (CMs) vs 4,279,500 Iron for 13,314 pop and 6,657,000 materials (AHMs and ACMs) And that's not mentioning the additional production costs for AHMs and ACMs versus CMs. Plus the cost of moving large numbers of pop around. I'm still hoping for Improved Colony Berths to make it easier. And, as HobNob pointed out, with engine thrusts severely downgraded, ships with colony berths are pretty much 1 AP (with a large number of CBs). You could go the route of 1 CB on the ship with multiple engines to get higher APs for 1 CB but the cost in making enough engines to make this worked (like a 1,000 ships with 1 CB) is prohibitive. Now, if you are populating a colony 1 jump from your home system, that's a 4 turn round trip for a 1 AP colony berth ship. I found it was more economical to create large 1 AP ships rather then the swarm of small ones.
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