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  1. Glamdring

    Draco Galaxy turns

    Turns are in
  2. Glamdring

    Draco Alert!

    My sympathies but they are quite beatable. you will not find this a death sentence but but you definitely have to prepare the right defenses. I am so curious to see if the minelayer turns around and leaves or if it starts investigating each of your worlds. Keep us up to date in your struggle. I would wish you good luck but you won't need it, the DMX are big but clumsy.
  3. Glamdring

    Draco Alert!

    My battle was as you suspect at a system that I am searching for a CORE fleet. Only 4 more worlds to search but I was sure he is here in the Torre system. Given your theory the DMX generated the fleet here at a still unknown world in Torre last turn and moved it to WP 62387 triggering the battle this turn. Alien Fleet Sighting : Torre Warp Point # 62387 [in-system move by empire # 9999] [Warp Point # 62387 is known to lead to the Rockford system] There is no way he could have jumped in from Rockford given this message I presume???
  4. Glamdring

    Draco Alert!

    I just encountered my largest DMX fleet to date. They appear to be moving about with enhanced forces. I was surprised but prepared (completly by luck and not skill) for this force: B4M class BB................................1 Destroyed EX4M class ML.............................1 Destroyed HK7B class CA..............................3 Destroyed Perhaps the DMX light cruiser is now a thing of the past. Lord Deependra.....can you expound on your rumour on the destruction of a DMX core fleet? Who? How? Losses?
  5. Glamdring


    Please refresh my memory. How do you replace an emperor after he dies? Does it just take time or does it require a REVO order?
  6. Glamdring

    Draco Galaxy turns

    Turns are in
  7. Glamdring

    Draco Alert!

    This forum is not noted for the modesty of its participants. If a DMX cruiser had died, I am sure someone would want to brag about it! I have set a trap for one but no DMX fish have not at my bait.
  8. Glamdring

    Draco Alert!

    DMX news has been sparse for months now. I assume that everyone is building their strength for the struggle that lies ahead . While we wait for news such as who will be bagging the first DMX Heavy Cruiser I have one wish to propose to the powers that be in the Galaxy. My wish is that it would be nice to get some rumors on who and what strength the DMX are achieving in their race to be Unit Prime. I would like to know if my neighboring DMX are Unit Prime or if I can breathe easier if they are not.
  9. Glamdring

    Draco Galaxy turns

  10. Glamdring

    Draco Diplomacy

    Yes, I am confused. I thought Y ROE would attack any ship I DID NOT have a diplomatic agreement with. Since my choices are "no agreement" or "war" that does not help leaving only a Total alliance. Isn't a Total Alliance the only way I could avoid attacking his ship. Total Alliance just sounds so binding and has connatations I am not ready to apply to the relationship Given a TA has no other advantages then it is almost a meaningless word and we just have to get over the appearance issue. IN Draco you only have TA's, Enemys, or nuetrals. A TA just means they are NOT an enemy or neutral but the next turn I could declare war on my alleged TA if I am so inclined?
  11. Glamdring

    Draco Diplomacy

    I see my error. The Draco rules state: PAP proposals limited to No Agreement, War or Total Alliance Pete......How am I suppose to use this limited list of diplomatic agreements with an Y ROE?? Given a Y ROE isn't a total alliance the only option to keep my ships from opening fire on my new friend? Can't we have something between War and Tooal alliance when using a Y ROE?
  12. Glamdring

    Draco Diplomacy

    Pete.............. Since you gave us the Y Roe, I decided to offer a neighboring race ( of dubious character) a diplomatic agreement. This is what I got back on my turn: PAP: XXXX, Non-Aggression Pact Your diplomatic envoy is unable to enact a Non-Aggression Pact as ordered, as that is not a diplomatic agreement that he is aware of. What happened here???? Do I have to await my neighbor also issuing this order????
  13. Glamdring

    Draco Galaxy turns

    Turns are in! Turns appear to be arriving a wee bit earlier now that the snow has finally melted in New England.
  14. Glamdring

    Ground Combat

    what is the latest information on this topic? What is the latest info on this topic? Is a ABP required before an attack from a newly created army? If not......what is the default settings of a newly created army that is attacked or is attacking?
  15. Glamdring

    Draco Bastians

    So if I call my next planetary fortress (or orbital) something like "pete" then I can put it in any deploc and ROE?