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  1. Draco Rumours

    Pete, Are we likely to ever get a rumor report on the status of various DMX groups status towards becoming "unit prime"? it would be interesting to know if we are taking on the strongest (or the weakest) DMX franchise.
  2. Superterran Star Kingdom of Rex

    My experience with the incarcerated has been positive. I have a strict rule that all conversations are limited to game topics and e-mail only conversations. i am sympathetic to their plight and if I were in their shoes (or stripes), I would find the mental diversions the game offers to be a lifeline. I also disagree with you that they always protect each other and gang up on mutual enemies. In one experience, I found an intense rivalry between two individuals caused one of them to pass on secrets and maps that caused great harm to his friend with loose lips. I was happy to benefit from this rivalry but it's just the nature of the game that the system can work against you.
  3. Hey Rex! I found your dog wandering around my system named Gwledyr. This Beagle appears to be lost and should be leashed. We should talk at your leisure. E-mail me when you get a moment
  4. Draco - Galactic Directory

    While awaiting publication of the great Galactic Directory, I thought I would compare notes with others. My explorations have found two unusual systems that appear to be Galactic hubs with 9 warp points leading to each of them. Has anyone else been finding "hubs" like these? Anyone find a world with more warp points than 9 leading to them? Anyone care to project how these kind of "hub" systems will affect strategy and tactics as the game develops and players find themselves with neighbors along large border areas? I am blessed that these systems are EXTREMELY far from my homeworld but I would develop a paranoia about defending them if they were close to my homeworld.
  5. Draco Galaxy turns

    Turns are in! Where re have the two weeks gone?
  6. Exploration

    How cryptic! looks like my Emperor will be firing up the royal space yacht and head for the nearest unexplored warp point to discover what his "skilled advisors" are capable of! i
  7. Exploration

    The concept of the Emperor being a jack of all trades is an interesting one. I have just seen a photo of "Emperor" Kim Jong Un (of the star system North Korea) giving "instruction" to his nuclear scientists. Given my emperor is twice as smart and thrice as good looking as Kim Jong Un then cracking a H warp point under his supervision should be no problem at all. I still look forward to Pete's comments on his suggestion that an Emperor might be able to crack a warp point.
  8. Exploration

    Pete could you please elaborate? An Emperor can help crack warp points???? My "Emperor" in every game is listed as a diplomat. Can a diplomat help crack warp points?
  9. Draco Galaxy turns

    Turns are in!
  10. Draco Alert!

    Having just started playing, anyone able to provide me a decent warship setup to deal with a basic DMX fleet? Anything with any combination of armor or weapon strength greater than the enemy total defense and attack power will carry the day. Don't dwell on details, just get sufficient armor and weapons. The biggest concern is guessing how many enemy ships you will face. The have been seen in packs of 3 or 6 light cruisers and now we are starting to see a heavy cruiser added to the mix. Zero, one, or two minelayers can also be in the fleet. I guess you prepare for the worst and hope for the best if you don't have recon ships ahead of your fleet.
  11. Draco Alert!

    A new variety of fleet organization was seen this turn. I saw a new combination of 3 light and 1 heavy cruisers with the same ship types as previously reported. I destoyed 3 light cruisers and 2 minelayers in another DMX fleet.
  12. Contact has been made

    One of my empires ran into DM in a system next to the home system Was the DMX force the usual gaggle of three Light Cruisers and one minelayer? What DMX force number have you found???
  13. Draco Alert!

    The mysteries yet to be uncovered is the process of how the DMX Sector Commands give birth to new fleets. We know nothing of the rate of production that we can expect. What upgrades will be given to future ships and at what rate will we see improvement? Tactically we have yet to get an indication of how the DMX will deploy its future fleets. Will they send new improved fleets in the direction of areas they have had significant losses or will they send new fleets into areas they have had victories. In a nutshell, will they reinforce success or will they reinforce failures? We have much to learn and a LONG time before we will have the resources to mount attacks on the enemy Core forces. Do Andromeda players have any input on what the future holds (assuming Draco DMX are similar to Andromeda DMX)?
  14. Draco Galaxy turns

    Draco turns are in
  15. I am ready to give up my ancient windows XP miniature laptop I use for travel. Will a cheap chromebook laptop or hybrid tablet run our favorite Supernova turn entry application? If it doesn't am I stuck having to get a Windows machine to run Supernova and Victory stuff?