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  1. Draco Diplomacy

    Yes, I am confused. I thought Y ROE would attack any ship I DID NOT have a diplomatic agreement with. Since my choices are "no agreement" or "war" that does not help leaving only a Total alliance. Isn't a Total Alliance the only way I could avoid attacking his ship. Total Alliance just sounds so binding and has connatations I am not ready to apply to the relationship Given a TA has no other advantages then it is almost a meaningless word and we just have to get over the appearance issue. IN Draco you only have TA's, Enemys, or nuetrals. A TA just means they are NOT an enemy or neutral but the next turn I could declare war on my alleged TA if I am so inclined?
  2. Draco Diplomacy

    I see my error. The Draco rules state: PAP proposals limited to No Agreement, War or Total Alliance Pete......How am I suppose to use this limited list of diplomatic agreements with an Y ROE?? Given a Y ROE isn't a total alliance the only option to keep my ships from opening fire on my new friend? Can't we have something between War and Tooal alliance when using a Y ROE?
  3. Draco Diplomacy

    Pete.............. Since you gave us the Y Roe, I decided to offer a neighboring race ( of dubious character) a diplomatic agreement. This is what I got back on my turn: PAP: XXXX, Non-Aggression Pact Your diplomatic envoy is unable to enact a Non-Aggression Pact as ordered, as that is not a diplomatic agreement that he is aware of. What happened here???? Do I have to await my neighbor also issuing this order????
  4. Draco Galaxy turns

    Turns are in! Turns appear to be arriving a wee bit earlier now that the snow has finally melted in New England.
  5. Ground Combat

    what is the latest information on this topic? What is the latest info on this topic? Is a ABP required before an attack from a newly created army? If not......what is the default settings of a newly created army that is attacked or is attacking?
  6. Draco Bastians

    So if I call my next planetary fortress (or orbital) something like "pete" then I can put it in any deploc and ROE?
  7. Draco Bastians

    Pete has given us a new tidbit of information to digest: Bastions will now assign themselves to Deploc 1 (overriding any fleet formation orders they might otherwise have) to ensure they are on the front lines, steadfast in their determination to defend with their full capabilities. Does this only apply to the Badtians from the original Draco setups. Can I design, for instance, a Bastian in Deploc 10 with the ROE of my choice?
  8. Returning Player Questions for Draco

    Can anyone report if Draco has any Neutral worlds? If they exist, I wonder if they will be as lame as in Andromeda or if Draco has real treasures. In short is it worth my time to do PMAP's on world/moons that are not good candidates for colonizing just to find neutral worlds?
  9. Draco Galaxy turns

    Turns are in!
  10. Draco Alert!

    Here is a new DMX related event of minor interest. I am about to witness what will happen when two different DMX Collectives collide! I was moving to a DMX controlled system with the intent to explore a new area beyond it that did not appear to be controlled by the DMX. The system had the usual beacon: << System Beacon >> THIS SYSTEM IS INTERDICTED BY DMX SECTOR 0246 WARSHIPS -- FURTHER INCURSIONS WILL RESULT IN THE EXTERMINATION OF YOUR SPECIES No big suprise and I have been destroying DMX Sector 246 ships pretty heavily but...... My scout was promptly destroyed by what appears to be a new arrival in the system: X0866-3 [ROE: Z] *EXBIO* (Fleet Tonnage: 60,000) [Deploy Location 1] 1 ML EX4M (Minelayer - 60,000 tons [each]) <11,400 Fuel> ** I had detected 866 warships some 5 systems away by an entirely different route but now they appear here! Will 866 back off and leave this space to 246? Will 246 continue to claim it and tell 866 to take a hike? Stand by for more details when I send another scout in this direction latter in 2018. Assuming that I have grievously wounded 246 then shouldn't the presumably stronger 866 expand into this space to try and harm me? Will we ever get a galactic rumor report on which DMX Command is Unit Prime? It would be nice to know if I am up against a very strong DMX command or a weaker one.
  11. Draco Galaxy turns

    Turns are in!
  12. Draco Galaxy turns

    Turns are in!
  13. Draco Rumours

    Pete, Are we likely to ever get a rumor report on the status of various DMX groups status towards becoming "unit prime"? it would be interesting to know if we are taking on the strongest (or the weakest) DMX franchise.
  14. Superterran Star Kingdom of Rex

    My experience with the incarcerated has been positive. I have a strict rule that all conversations are limited to game topics and e-mail only conversations. i am sympathetic to their plight and if I were in their shoes (or stripes), I would find the mental diversions the game offers to be a lifeline. I also disagree with you that they always protect each other and gang up on mutual enemies. In one experience, I found an intense rivalry between two individuals caused one of them to pass on secrets and maps that caused great harm to his friend with loose lips. I was happy to benefit from this rivalry but it's just the nature of the game that the system can work against you.
  15. Hey Rex! I found your dog wandering around my system named Gwledyr. This Beagle appears to be lost and should be leashed. We should talk at your leisure. E-mail me when you get a moment