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  1. Game 101

    I understand you frustration
  2. Game 102

    All is quiet on the Western Front
  3. Game 102

    You miss understand. I drive old gas pickup because I love it
  4. Game 102

    Job's is the reason and I do not drive a Diesel. I drive a 1999 Ford F150. It does rain in Oregon alittle. If you do not like working in the rain, you should not live here but it is nice to sit in the old girl and have the gas pumped.
  5. Game 102

    And then there were 4
  6. Game 99

    It is so quiet in the Desert, so pleasant
  7. Game 102

    Well, 101 is rolling I see. We have and old player coming back and we are in 102. Rumania checking in
  8. Game 101

    Sure seems like alot of wining going on. I thought this was war.
  9. Game 98

    Exactly. I see it like a game of chess. You don't get bent out of shape if you lose a piece or two. And it's not a big deal if you lose a game. It's all about enjoying playing the game! Exactly, you work with what you have, anyway you can. That is war.
  10. Game 98

    Just like War, if you can do it, YOU WILL
  11. Game 99

    Still waiting
  12. E-mail problem

  13. E-mail problem

    You do know that I am computer literate, thought it was me, please tell me when I can send the move in
  14. Game 98