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  1. Returning Player Questions for Draco

    I would be nice if their were, but i have yet to find one or hear of anyone else finding one.
  2. Colonial attrition

    I find colonization to be pretty straightforward. Perhaps i have not been paying attention but i have not observed any hidden bonuses to keep my pathetic colonists alive. I do find that i can keep small colonies alive using domes, terrraforming, temp control, medical centers and sub cities. I find the csv attrition desciptor to be just as useful in Draco as it is in Andromeda.
  3. Colonial attrition

    How is it not random? What bad effects from installations have you seen?
  4. Colonial attrition

    I have never seen any bad effects due to building an installation. Colonist growth should not be confused with random immigration. The latter happens or not almost entirely based on a random generator influnced by installations. It is really only useful on small colonies, something like 10k I think. Some installation adhere to the stated ratio while others do not. You have to test and see. Poor colonizers notice this more than good ones.
  5. Colonial attrition

    It can still happen depending on lifeform choices. Build installations or use species engineering to improve your lifeform.
  6. Universal Gates

    Gate tax is non linear. It only tajes a bit more distance to go from 10% to 100%. My rule of ๐Ÿ‘is to keep transfers under a range of 15.
  7. Deep Core Surveyors

    In my view advanced stripmines are a waste. With that much production pluc ice you should have a colony for any resource you don't have on the hw. You also can't recycle tgd Adv HM once you are done with it. ICE is nice!
  8. Convoy Route

    Do it in one try and then fix the mistakes. It uses less orders. Pete is spot on. The failure to close the order had been my friend. It makes a real mess.
  9. Official: Turns Are In Thread

  10. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Just curious what is considered massive these days. Care to share?
  11. Draco Rumours

    I think it all depends on circumstances. I want to push out exploration as quickly as possible, but at some point I won't have many orders to devote to that due to colonization, wars, building etc. It will be relatively easy for a person who really pursues exploration to pass me, even years later. Now if my neighbor who started on day on is an exploration fiend then it might take a bit longer. Also, I can say with a great deal of experience, that a very large fleet can go away in a single turn, then you have to build a new one. That was 750B tons in Andromeda....
  12. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Wow, must have been a really big load of mailed in turns....
  13. Just open the order file up in a text editor and make all the changes you like. I have a copy of every set of orders I have ever submitted from my email records of attachments.
  14. (Draco) Tech Tree Variance

    I would not go so far as to think it will be any easier to have borders in Draco. It was never gates and WHG's that made borders in Andromeda hard to have and nothing has changed that in Draco. The biggest change in Draco is that you can't bug out and it is a much slower and complicated prospect to concentrate your assets. this invites the slow nibbling away at an enemy who can't defend every front.
  15. Minimum Colony size

    Depends on lots factors including growth rate, CB, planet attrition and lifeform choices and installations present. some will grow at 11 and others not until 15. I would say 14 should grow. You will know in a single turn. There may also be some impact for having a legendary character or other installations in the same system. The details seem to be a bit sketchy on stuff like that.