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    Just a suggestion. Take it or leave it. You contacted me, not the other way around.
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    Well, that is the challenge isn't it.
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    Attacking an ally is the same as attacking me.
  4. Greetings - You picked up a position with years of history without regard to the neighbors or the arrangements that were longstanding and in effect. You then proceed to talk trash, threaten, wander around attacking others considered allies and then wonder why you are being attacked. Here is my suggestion, drop the position and start a new position in Draco where you are not starting in the middle of established empires. I put up with you out of sufferance as you are small fish. Now that the bigger fish has been fried it is your turn. It is nothing personal, its just empire management. I wish you well in Draco. I can't say the same for Andromeda. Good Bye
  5. LOL! Boy, the boards have been a bit quiet of late so maybe this is just pent up boredom coming through. My entire point was that tech has value and should not just be given away. This applies to folks with the tech that should not give away and those without it that should not expect it to be given to them. Period. As far as other discussions, there are lots of them about game mechanics, wars, enemies, friends, DMX, strategy etc. All fare game as far as I am concerned. Heck, I will even take the HW coordinates, planet number, scan, routing info etc if somebody wants to post it. This was never about a single poster, rather the community as a whole. This is especially geared toward those that are new to the game in an effort to explain why those of us that have been playing for years now( over 17) would not just be as helpful as one might like. And yes, there has been much "hard work" keeping positions going for that long. Yes, I will keep secrets and I will probably tell you I know about something but won't just hand it over. I am not the only person with the tech, I just seem to be the most vocal on not just giving it away. This has nothing to do with one empire beating up on another for whatever reason. In Andromeda folks have been building positions for a long time and attacking somebody else is just part of it. Whether it is honorable or deceitful is a different issue and a discussion for another thread. We can keep going back and forth on this if you like. Your turn...
  6. Fair enough. On the dmx front, if i only wanted to go up against slow comper ai positions there are any number of computer games to be had. They are mearly a side distraction and an outlet for some to test ship designs...
  7. Never claimed to own anything. Just think it is pretty rich to just give stuff away sight unseen. I freely give strategy and tactics as they are there for the thinking about. I even give away some tech. I am particularly fond of providing folks all the stuff they start with so they just don't need to do the masses of orders to ANZ it all. I am sure if you were one of the first to find a tech you would not be so glib about giving it away. Anyway. I hope that my point will forestall the giving away of all the state secrets. If you are getting back into Andromeda then more power to you. The universe is what it is. Just because a target is not as large or as advanced as you are does not make it an invalid target. Ships have gotten a bit bigger lately with fleets in the 100's of billions. Ships are pretty much stuck at 40B tons if you want to move much but bigger ships have been seen.
  8. Greetings - Especially to all the haters out there who have left rants and 4 letter messages in my box. I suppose the cat is out of the bag now, but tech is one of the few advantages in this game and it amazes me when folks just expect that the path to a very valuable and difficult tech to just be handed over. You work really hard for the knowledge with multiple positions/allies all pitching in and then it is all gone in a flash, for what? I am not opposed to hints or suggestions, etc., etc., and I try and help out folks with basic stuff, especially when we are talking about something like the stats of the mk iv version when there is no surprise in the research path. However, for this particular tech, I recall spending a very long time trying to ferret out the secret to it and I am talking years here, not just a couple of turns or months. Once discovered it was of strategic importance and was not passed along for a very long time and even then only in trade for some other obscure tech. So, I would encourage anybody with tech info to think carefully before just giving it away to a complete unknown, no offense. You never know when that unknown is your next neighbor/enemy. If you have already gotten to a where you think a tech should be and can't find it, then is the time to as a few questions. Just knowing a tech is available by en exploration find is not getting close either. Carry on...
  9. no, the Draco version has never materialized.
  10. Greetings All, This last battle was a WP assault through an E type WP so fleet sizes were limited to 125B tons each. This limited the attackers total force to a maximum of 500B tons theoretical. In reality there was only about 450B tons. The defender had better than 600B tons and enjoyed the bottleneck of the WP so we used fighters and drones. As you should be aware, all fighters and drones transit the WP with the first ship so with our first ship also went 200M + fighters and 80M+ drones ( I said before there were 160M but 1/2 of the expected drones didn't make it for some reason). These fighters and drones then did the work of defeating the defenders while more ships transited the WP. As for tech, both sides enjoy all of the best weapons tech. We all had best fighters, drones and direct fire weapons at our disposal. The SFG's were also in play but figured little to the outcome. They are hideously expensive to build and are only of limited utility. If the situation merits they are still worth it but if not then they are just expensive. A devastator is just a weapon, nothing especially exciting. It is not used much, in my view, since it costs more to build than many others. However, once you get to be a certain size those considerations are not relevant any more and you build them just for variety. For those keeping score this is the most recent in a series of battles involving MEGA and is most likely the last. The battles have not all been one sided and between all the participants the losses have probably exceeded 1.5T tons of ships. It has taken years to get this far, but I understand that this may be the last. Evidently our opposition has fled the field, transferring assets to other positions. I could go on for some time about the tactics used and why and so forth, but I will suffice it to say that the results appear to have been exactly as the rules and Pete's clarification of the rules indicated it should work. There was insufficient data to really dig into some aspects of the battle, but the results are what was anticipated and expected. Final totals for this battle MEGA - lost 657,376,050,200 tons, 60,019,154 fighters and drones and 30+ admirals and such. The rest of us, 4 total empires losses included 327M fighters/drones and some 55B tons of ships, ( the tonnage of the fighter/drones was in excess of 123B tons) There you have it.
  11. Greetings all - An assault was made upon MEGA forces and the MEGA forces lost. Some of the details; It was a WP assault The attackers had about 400B tons The defender had 600B tons The attackers won. This will certainly be a significant set back for MEGA as the following notable ships were destroyed in addition to others. **DESTROYED** [5573rd] NDNF Homeland Security (Flag Nova Dreadnaught - 159,822,902,100 tons) [Integrity: 0 / 159,227,902,060] [Shields: 0 / 217,574,200,000,000] (Green, Reliable) 3,042 800cm Spinal Rail Gun, 2,902 Graviton Beam, 160,000 Integrated Dimensional Field Stabilizer 16,000,000 Integrated Energy-Phase Inverters, 16,000,000 Mk IV Deflector, 16,000,000 Mk IV Flux Capacitor 1,750 Mk IV Holographic Cybernetic Battle Director, 16,005,910 Mk IV Meson Screen, 870,296,800 Mk IX Force Shield 1 Mk VI Antimatter Engine, 1 Mk VI Flag Bridge, 719 Negative Nova Cannon, 5,196 Siege Nova Cannon 7,709 Siege Tachyon Blaster, 20,000,000 Tachyon Blaster CIDS, 320,000 Type D Black Sphere Generator 1,600,000 Type D ECM Package, 17,694 Type D Spinal Meson Accelerator, 2,800 Type D Spinal Starbore 12,400 Type F Spinal Incinerator, 550,000 Type F Stasis Field Generator, 76,200 Type G Plasma Torpedo Cold: 8,835,072,000, Fusion: 5,653,207,040,000, Gravitonic: 3,714,560,000,000, Particle Beam: 3,200,367,360,000 Plasma: 3,174,400,000,000, Plasma Torpedo: 4,291,584,000,000, Projectile: 4,672,512,000,000 Black Sphere: 51.40 %, Deflectors: 51.40 %, Displacement: 46.10 %, ECM: 51.40 %, Field Stabilization: 51.40 % Flux Capacitance: 51.40 %, Meson Web: 51.40 %, Molecular Pattern Stabilization: 43.00 %, Phase Inversion: 51.40 % Missile Defense: 53.80 %, Reflective Coating: 39.60 %, Screens: 39.60 %, Sensors: 39.60 % Tachyon Grid: 39.60 %, Thermal Regulation: 39.60 % **DESTROYED** [5461st] NDNF OMG 2 da OGG (Flag Nova Dreadnaught - 200,000,000,000 tons) [Integrity: 0 / 199,999,999,920] [Shields: 0 / 281,176,499,750,000] (Green, Timid) 36,835 Devastator, 4,305 Graviton Beam, 650,000 Hercules Laser Cannon, 200,000 Integrated Dimensional Field Stabilizer 20,000,000 Integrated Energy-Phase Inverters, 20,000,000 Mk IV Deflector, 20,000,000 Mk IV Flux Capacitor 20,000,000 Mk IV Meson Screen, 1 Mk IV Total Conversion Engine, 1,124,705,999 Mk IX Force Shield 1 Mk VI Flag Bridge, 500,000 Negative Nova Cannon, 10,000,000 Tachyon Blaster CIDS, 400,000 Type D Black Sphere Generator 2,000,000 Type D ECM Package, 6,986 Type D Spinal Meson Accelerator, 400,000 Type E Disintegrator 5,000 Type F Spinal Incinerator, 200,000 Type F Stasis Field Generator Coherent Beam: 9,984,000,000,000, Cold: 6,144,000,000,000, Energy Disruptor: 2,560,000,000,000 Gravitonic: 5,510,400,000,000, Matter Disruptor: 2,560,000,000,000, Particle Beam: 1,251,891,200,000 Plasma: 1,280,000,000,000, Sonic: 5,280,665,600,000 Black Sphere: 37.20 %, Deflectors: 37.20 %, Displacement: 28.10 %, ECM: 37.20 %, Field Stabilization: 37.20 % Flux Capacitance: 37.20 %, Meson Web: 37.20 %, Molecular Pattern Stabilization: 22.50 %, Phase Inversion: 37.20 % Missile Defense: 28.30 %, Reflective Coating: 16.00 %, Screens: 16.00 %, Sensors: 16.00 % Tachyon Grid: 16.00 %, Thermal Regulation: 16.00 % **DESTROYED** [5262nd] NDNF The Craven ORI (Flag Nova Dreadnaught - 292,554,148,100 tons) [Integrity: 0 / 292,492,588,100] [Shields: 0 / 390,895,750,000,000] (Green, Reliable) 224 800cm Spinal Rail Gun, 2,600 Drone Rack, 3,000,000 Fighter Bay, 775 Graviton Beam, 1,500,000 Hercules Laser Cannon 148,001 Integrated Dimensional Field Stabilizer, 11,880,900 Integrated Energy-Phase Inverters 1 Mk I Nuclear Engine, 181 Mk IV Holographic Cybernetic Battle Director, 12,030,400 Mk IV Meson Screen 1,563,583,000 Mk IX Force Shield, 1 Mk VI Flag Bridge, 1,992,820 Mk VIII Thunderbolt Arc Generator 1 Nuclear Transwarp Drive, 11,500,000 Tachyon Blaster CIDS, 238,217 Type D Black Sphere Generator 831,888 Type D ECM Package, 10,383 Type D Spinal Meson Accelerator, 624 Type D Spinal Starbore 150,000 Type E Stasis Field Generator, 1,470 Type F Plasma Torpedo, 38,759 Type F Spinal Incinerator 67,107 Type G Plasma Torpedo Coherent Beam: 23,040,000,000,000, Energy Discharge: 8,162,590,720,000, Fusion: 1,248,000,000,000 Gravitonic: 992,000,000,000, Particle Beam: 1,860,633,600,000, Plasma: 9,922,304,000,000, Plasma Torpedo: 3,820,861,440,000 Projectile: 344,064,000,000 Black Sphere: 19.70 %, Deflectors: 7.60 %, Displacement: 15.50 %, ECM: 16.40 %, Field Stabilization: 22.20 % Flux Capacitance: 7.60 %, Meson Web: 19.80 %, Molecular Pattern Stabilization: 11.80 %, Phase Inversion: 19.70 % Missile Defense: 19.60 %, Reflective Coating: 7.60 %, Screens: 7.60 %, Sensors: 7.60 %, Tachyon Grid: 7.60 % Thermal Regulation: 7.60 % Along with the ships were 30+ Admirals and other such types that we hope to never see again. This battle was many moons in the making and lasted 20 hours or so. Well fought MEGA, I wish you the best. Games like this require combatants.
  12. Sorry, it was probably a long battle...
  13. The best way to turn off a beacon is to not place it in the first place. They are just bread crumbs leading back to your space. If you really need it removed just have your neighbor wander in with a fleet on Zulu and away it will go.
  14. There is some mention of diminishing returns with multiple units running so it could easily be that.
  15. This game is plenty slow enough without waiting to ensure you can do something and succeed. There is no reason to wait to do the SURV when you enter the system. If it fails it fails, so what. However, that majority of the time it will not fail and then you are done. Also, in the land of few AP's it will just postpone the inevitable try. It is just a good habit to get into if you have the AP's to use. If you do the SS and then wait you might get blown up before the next turn. And finally, once you get to higher JSS's you can expect to be successful most all the time anyway.
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