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  1. I never thought planet cracking would be contentious... Anyway, he is the next one... 1) Reduction in shield strength a. This looks to be a pretty decent reduction and I think it is great. I have lost billions of tons of shipping to fleets for a number of reasons without doing any significant damage since the shields would be back to full the next order. Draco will be much more about attrition and being able to wear down the enemy force, even if the only way to do it is with suicide wave attacks.
  2. A few thoughts. In the beginning the only way to get a jump on industrial requirements is to colonize. You can do the math to see what the ROI is, but it is not that far off so for many empires that is the way to go. I don't find it of much value to mine low yield planets so I don't, but others do. What is low yield is not fixed but based on many factors. The primary of these is if the planet is in the home system, how defensible is the home system, are there good yields of some other desirable material on the planet and how can I defend the colony. On the HW just about anything is fair game since it is handed to you. For most folks iron will be needed most so I will base this on iron. If you have a planet with yield of 1000 for iron you could colonize with 4000 pop give or take the support installations. At this point you will mine 2.4M iron a turn. To get the same result out of stripmines and the industries needed to convert RAW to iron will require 120,000 pop or a 30:1 ratio. If you sit home and rely on stripmines you will use 90+% of your industrial power to convert RAW to iron. It gets better as you get better tech and once you get to advanced industries and advanced stripmines the number would drop to just under 15k and this does not consider Industrial Bonus nor power costs. If instead of 1000 for the yield you found a planet of yield 1500 then the same amount of pop would net you 4.4M iron. If you can find planets with yields that high it will always be better to mine them, however most yields that are considered to be good are in the 400-600 range. At those numbers the gap is much narrower. Using a yield of 500 with 2000 mines it would take 30,000 pop to do the same thing with RAW and industries. or a 15:1 ratio. As you can see stripmines become more viable as yields go down. From my experience you colonize a lot in the beginning since tech is low and enemies are far away. In a few years tech is better, you may have gotten improved industries/stripmines and would rather expend effort on building up a defensible HW so this makes the use of Deep Core Surveyors desirable. At the same time the low yield mining colonies that were better than nothing are now a liability so return migration starts to happen. Better to bring them home than to let an enemy capture them. A few high yield colonies can be defended to a certain extent, but not all. So, the empire shrinks back to the Home system and the use of stripmines which will reduce overall production by up to 90% as opposed to being able to mine for resources. A starting HW has an industrial output of about 110,000,000, for 450k insustry The same HW converted to Improved with no industrial bonus and only 400k improved industry will be 300M. An advanced world is close to 900M and by the time you get there you should have industrial bonuses so actual production could be closer to 2B That sounds pretty good, however, the amount of iron, lumber etc. mined does not change and with DCS's being limited in scope to barely minimal improvements all this extra industrial power will only be fed by stripmines. You can pretty much figure that the amounts mined will be paultry compared to required and can be left out of the calculations all together without too much problem. So once you get to advanced with bonus the balance point will be something like 1.86 to 1. So for each 2 industries you add you will need 1 Advanced stripmine. All of this coupled with distances traveled, slow ships, poor engines even at the highest levels and the scarcity of mining colonies empires will find it challenging to feed them selves. This says nothing about an empire that is growing by several 1000 a turn so could have twice the industrial capacity but no more deposits to mine. Planet Cracking would not change the long term need for materials but if the yields were not reduced from andromeda then they could be quite useful in the mid term. What would also be nice is improved and advanced mines that mine better and what about those mining shuttles the DMX use? I would never choose to keep using stripmines of any variety, but if that is the design of the universe....
  3. Warning - Opinion Ahead!!! Having planet crackers would do little to make Draco like Andro. They are a singular method to reduce planets to asteroids and a real pain in the neck to actually use so you have to be dedicated. Of course I have my own opinions, which these are. I am looking at long term viability of a position. In this case there should be a way for a veteran empire that has spent the research to get the tech to be able to improve a position in ways that are not easily replicated by others and provide an advantage just like a better weapon does. With strict limits to the usefulness of DCS's there is no other known method to increase yields of a planet. It could be that the idea here is to have every empire reliant for 95% of their industrial materials coming from stripmines. I would hope not as that would really suck, but it is a possibility. Otherwise you would need to have lots of tiny colonies. This is possible as well, but with strict AP limits, no gates, engines nerfed to being pretty useless, it is not a good solution. It may be the only solution, but again, I hope not. If we are eventually just needing RAW since other sources will not keep up at all, then even more energy could be saved by converting all production costs to pure RAW numbers and saving the need for any sort of individual item. This would sort of take us back to the first supernova with IOP and MCR. Having a tech that all can research is the definition of an "even playing field". Being reliant on random planet yield generation is completely random and is not even. I have seen the set ups for lots of positions, scores by now, and some are great while others are complete dogs and certainly not even with the neighbors. There is no such thing as an even playing field with random setups. Your opinion may vary, but please have one that is more than " I don't like it". It's hard to have discussion otherwise. edit - The planet cracking tech does does use Planet Cracker MDD's but is not a Bomb that you drop. There are other requirements and then Pete has to work his magic manually. I suspect this is the real reason to remove them as they had not been automated.
  4. Next... 1) Rankings in various categories appear from time to time. a. These are great when we get them. However if you aren’t one of the oldest positions it does not seem likely that you get them. Also, if you aren’t on the list you don’t even know there is a list to be on. This will only get worse as time goes, positions get older and bigger and more new positions are started. b. I love them. However, I think some of the information should be made public. We need bragging rights and we need to get some info on our neighbors. This could be one of the ways to get some additional info. None of the details are actionable, but knowing someone colonizes a lot or shoots at every DMX will mean something to a neighbor. In addition, I think it would be nice to list the top 50 or so of each category so that you know on turn X you are ranked 45th and on turn x+5 you are ranked 43rd and now know that you have risen on the scale. This seems like it would be much better than just a statement that “your empire attacks the DMX at every opportunity”. c. I also like the idea that you get something for being top in any category, similar to the original supernova where you got planet scan or something if you were a top worshipper of "Yamal the Lawgiver". In this case it could be something like a research bump, mining bump, boost to LC chances etc. etc.
  5. Next... 1) NWTX Planet Cracker removed a. So many things are being removed that help an empire feed itself and grow. This one is quite complicated and should be reinstated. There is little way to abuse the system with this and all you get out of it is an asteroid field with yields in the 5000 range (Andromeda numbers here) and even then a good number of them wind up with high radiation and harder to colonize afterward. I would push for this coming back, but if all MDD’s go with the BOMB order then it might need a new tech path. Can’t think of any reason it was removed except to limit empire growth. Three years in and I have to say that is not a good reason from my view.
  6. Time for another one. 1) Start with Robotic Shipyards a. This is great but is a two edge sword. Ships cost more in Draco due to many factors so bigger ships cost more. Building the minimum sized ship to picket a wp and be a target wastes a tremendous amount of resources. I would rather be losing 12k ton pathfinders to DMX forces rather than 25k ships. On the other hand it is one less thing to research and it reduces the number of really small targets by some amount, possibly large. Along with this I would like to have seen the ship categories adjusted so that a Corvette was up to say 125k and everything else bumped up a lot. A BB should be 10M or more in my view. This is just an aesthetic thing and has no real game impact but would be nicer to see IMHO. b. Also while I am here I have noticed that too many designs default to Auxiliary due to % of mass devoted to engines or some component. This isn’t awesome or useful in my view. I like to play with different ship classes but by the time you get to a ship big enough to have a few weapons and a bit of armor and still go 2 AP you are up to 300-400k tons and have passed a large number of ship classifications. Again, this has no impact on playability and is primarily a gripe after years of everything being a Nova Dreadnaught in Andromeda. I think the size classes need some real inflation so when you show up with a BB it is something to be impressed by.
  7. The position in question has suffered serious losses over the years. I would say that over 1.5T tons have been reduced to slag. The previous owner retired and passed along the position to somebody else, no idea who, and it is my understanding that it has since changed hands one or more times. That is the short history. If you see fleets moving around then it is active. If you can't tell then attack it and see if it moves. If you are it just looking to see if it all clear, just stand up proud and announce it.
  8. Next on the list 2) Lack of Neutrals The idea the DMX have exterminated all the neutrals doesn’t work for me. There should still be neutrals. They were never worth anything EVER except to develop the pop group into a viable colony. In that regard they could be very important to a poor colonizer or somebody on an extreme end of the temp scale. I think this should be changed, at least for the newer parts of the universe if that is the best that can be done. This should also be considered a money maker for RTG as without neutrals there is much less incentive to scan planets looking for them. More scans is more orders and more orders should be better for the bottom line as well as for play-ability.
  9. If that is the difference just between 24k and 63 k, a planet that is 170k should have massive yields by comparison. I would also consider gravity as a factor. Higher gravity should indicate higher metals content. This only works for me on minerals and such. For the softer stuff, meat, grain , lumber etc., , I would expect the Terraforming station to be used to increase yields and not the DCS. As asteroid fields are huge in comparison and could be multiple planets crushed and laid out to inspect I would say the yields there should be increasable much more than a planet.
  10. I suppose that it all depends on what you consider "super high yields". I don't consider the 32k (exactly the same as andromeda) cap on DCS as not really high. What is really high is the yields over 1M that you get with ICE. It takes years to get to 32k with DCS's even in Andromeda so it will take even longer in Draco, assuming you can ever get that high. I don't mind lower levels, they just have to be worth the investment. Not knowing when things are supposed to top out it is hard to say at this point. I would also hope that world caps relate to world size and not some arbitrary number as either a finite value or how many DCS operations have been conducted.
  11. The biggest impediment to colonization is temperature and the installations have indeed been tweaked. However, if you start at a temp of 250 or hotter, good luck with asteroids as they are mostly at 50 or lower. The Thermal transfer center is awesome at giving you an extra 200 degrees. I am still looking at all sorts of planets and I have yet to see a Hot planet that does for those starting on hot worlds what the asteroid field does for those a bit cooler. It would sure be nice to have something for them too...
  12. There has always been a cap on DCS use. I certainly hope this new cap is not ridiculously low. Hungry empires need resources and while iron and a few others are improved at asteroids they are not all an empire needs. I know I will feel really disappointed if my empire uses the vast majority of its industrial mite to convert RAW to iron...
  13. I think the formula is (yield*20)+1000 for both hydro and geothermal power production. You get 1000 power even on a planet without any yield at all, in case you were unaware. Also, there is not a reduction of output based on the number of power plants you build. At lease this is the formula that I use and it seems to square with my produced power. ex a yield of 400 will give you 9000 power per unit built.
  14. What formula are you using?
  15. An obvious place to start is something completely new that was added to Draco and that is the Death Machines. 1) Draco is more dangerous and has death machines, DMX forces. a. In my view this probably one of the best additions to the region. They are everywhere and they are a pain. Almost any player will have a target to beat up on without it being another player and some really like that as they are really nice guys and would prefer to be friendly to anybody they run into. b. They seem to be tough enough at first and certainly help to trim the number of explorers. I can speak from personal experience about losing explorers, scientist and even Emperors to them. c. While they seem to be tough enough at first they also seem to be like navigation hazards, once you know where they are you just avoid them. They seem to move once in a while but I would really like to see them move more. d. DMX ship design is what it is, but it lacks in variety. It would be nice if there was more variation with some being heavily defended with DEF systems and less offence, and not all CIDS, and others with a wider variety of offense and defensive systems etc, etc,. e. Recently the nature of encounters increased and the DMX force jumped from a Heavy Cruiser to a Battleship. This was a bit surprising and unexpected. One would assume a more gradual increase in numbers and sizes of ships rather than jumping from 400k to 3M +. If this sort of trend continues then DMX forces may be something more than a navigational hazard in the future. f. One downside or unknown is what if any spoils are to be had for the effort of defeating the dreaded DMX forces. It does take serious effort to kill off a large DMX force and there should be something in return beyond eliminating the DMX ships. With a player one would expect booty in the form of pop, goods, colonies and the enemy HW. If there is nothing programmed with the DMX than perhaps there should be such as captured ships, stockpiles if they have a pop group or a tech bump on the "alien" tech. On the whole, the DMX forces seem to be working to liven up the universe and make it a much more dangerous/interesting place. I would place this in the successful category.
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