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  1. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    HW's can get it too, but it is not cost effective to build that many installations. It is much easier to see after a HW has been stripped of most of the pop.
  2. System beacons

    They are easier and more useful since they do not expire. In andromeda they expire in 26 turns if memory serves. Perhaps this has changed but it might not. As to the other question, it is all up to you. Do you want anybody who travels through to know that you have been there? Will the beacon actually deter anything? Do you expect your neighbors to agree with your claim to the system or is this just a way of meeting your neighbors? I have not found them too valuable myself, but others have. I would find them more valuable if they at least would tell you a fleet moved past. As it sits, the only info you get from them is when they cease to exist, and then you have to notice that they are no longer there.
  3. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    All ground tech is pointless until you are able to take out the orbital defenses, so I encourage all ground pounders to specialize in ground techs....
  4. Draco Galaxy turns

    Slow ISP...
  5. Draco Galaxy turns

    Refresh,.... nothing wait 10 sec. Refresh.... nothing wait 10 sec Repeat.
  6. SNFindPath Problems

    Back up to a previous versions. Nothing worth anything in the newer versions of win 10, imho.
  7. More Items to take off turn if possible

    I wonder how long that one lasted...
  8. More Items to take off turn if possible

    Perhaps, but I have heard of battles of small ships with little FP taking a very long time as well. On my last turn I got a note from Pete that said "to prevent a really long battle and print out, I killed it. many B tons rolling over something under 1M tons I think.
  9. More Items to take off turn if possible

    I have had battles that have lasted 20+ hours and I would say that it is those types of things that push turns later and later.
  10. SNFindPath Problems

    Then I can't help you. All I can say is that is works on my Windows 10 machine and has always worked their. If you continue to have problems you might want to ask Marcus who created the utility.
  11. SNFindPath Problems

    Been using findpath with windows 10 for quite a while without issues, however I also avoid updates for the most part. What is it doing or not doing?
  12. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    It isnt that different with a few notable exceptions Max ap is 8 No ice No neutrals Lots of death machines that kill your explorers No gates Some tech balancing
  13. Production Clarification

    That was a fair bit of ICE-X...
  14. Production Clarification

    Here's a big one... 9,850,900,000,000 Crystals
  15. Can't remember an order