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  1. Deep Core Surveyors

    In my view advanced stripmines are a waste. With that much production pluc ice you should have a colony for any resource you don't have on the hw. You also can't recycle tgd Adv HM once you are done with it. ICE is nice!
  2. Convoy Route

    Do it in one try and then fix the mistakes. It uses less orders. Pete is spot on. The failure to close the order had been my friend. It makes a real mess.
  3. Official: Turns Are In Thread

  4. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Just curious what is considered massive these days. Care to share?
  5. Draco Rumours

    I think it all depends on circumstances. I want to push out exploration as quickly as possible, but at some point I won't have many orders to devote to that due to colonization, wars, building etc. It will be relatively easy for a person who really pursues exploration to pass me, even years later. Now if my neighbor who started on day on is an exploration fiend then it might take a bit longer. Also, I can say with a great deal of experience, that a very large fleet can go away in a single turn, then you have to build a new one. That was 750B tons in Andromeda....
  6. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Wow, must have been a really big load of mailed in turns....
  7. Just open the order file up in a text editor and make all the changes you like. I have a copy of every set of orders I have ever submitted from my email records of attachments.
  8. (Draco) Tech Tree Variance

    I would not go so far as to think it will be any easier to have borders in Draco. It was never gates and WHG's that made borders in Andromeda hard to have and nothing has changed that in Draco. The biggest change in Draco is that you can't bug out and it is a much slower and complicated prospect to concentrate your assets. this invites the slow nibbling away at an enemy who can't defend every front.
  9. Minimum Colony size

    Depends on lots factors including growth rate, CB, planet attrition and lifeform choices and installations present. some will grow at 11 and others not until 15. I would say 14 should grow. You will know in a single turn. There may also be some impact for having a legendary character or other installations in the same system. The details seem to be a bit sketchy on stuff like that.
  10. Draco Galaxy turns

    Will they be in ascending order of PG #'s or still random?
  11. Bombs revisted

    Well, in my experience one bomb is much the same as any other bomb, the higher the level the better and the more of them the better. Using enough of them will turn a planet into a cinder and kill off most all the population, but not the army. The planet is then pretty much useless to about anybody. There are a few that are required for more advanced techs, primarily for drones. The main use for MDD tech is for the ground combat bonus that you get. Many of these are the mental powers and are the only way to boost those numbers after the mental power itself. In my view the easiest one to research is the best one to go for if you are looking to BOMB your neighbor. For the GATK bonus you will eventually want them all. Construction costs are negligible as you won't ever need that many so it matters not if one is a bit easier to build or not. The defense is the same for all. Don't let ships over your worlds and you are safe. If that is not possible then you will want to build Planetary Shield Generators. I can't say that I have ever seen them do anything, but it could be that they were overwhelmed by the number of MDD's dropped. disclaimer... This is based on Andromeda data and experience. At present the BOMB order is not an option and only Pete knows if it will be making a return. I would like to see it in Andromeda but not Draco. Pete could have also changed the tech, given other uses etc.
  12. Bombs revisted

    Just to clarify... Is this question in hopes that the BOMB order will be working at some point or for other reasons?
  13. Upest and angry

    I agree that we need researchable tech every turn. It's two pages at most, and can be down to one. I have used old turns data and mistakes get made. Not much savings in paper for the potential problems it can cause. IMHO Having said that, I do recall the occasional turn without something that was due to a technical glitch. I hope this was one of those and not the other thing.
  14. Contact has been made

    How many is that now? And how far out are you finding them?
  15. More Items to take off turn if possible

    That is a lot of stuff to move around. I have been playing since Andromda started and for the most part I like stuff where it is. I don't like the idea of not getting some of my info. I don't like the idea that the army report is seldom if ever reported. Dropping the WP survey list and many other changes will reduce paper, but do little to help manage my empire. I need to know WP's when I need to know them and it is almost never when it is convenient for it to be printed. However, having several 100 pages of WP's surveyed in Andromeda I do see how there will be a significant savings to printed pages. It would be nice if we could get a "new since the last major print out" section so we always have it in print someplace. I would like to have added to the fleet report how much fuel the fleet requires for a type A wp. It is not that hard to calculate but I do make mistakes all the time. Exploration orders have very nice flavor language. We used to think this was valuable, if it is, then leave it otherwise a one liner "fleet x explored "location X, found something, nothing . for production I am fine with what is printed and would not want to lose any of it, but I would like it top be in the same order every time, either by Pop group ID or planet name or something, just be consistent. that would speed up my use of the section. I would like all of the MESS orders at the top of the turn and not buried throughout. I would like warnings when ever I run out of power at the top as well. I would like to be able to split out damaged ships and would need them to be so indicated on the fleet report. I would also like the fleet report to list them as well, ie. 4 pathfinder, 2 pathfinder minor damage, 1 pathfinder crippled etc. I would not want to see the convoy route listing go away, or the ship design or the standing order section. they are used most turns. Same with Character list. And as long as we are wishing for stuff... I would like a combined order that does the PMAP and GEO at the same time. I would like orbitals that can either be towed through a WP or a mobile shipyard that could assemble something on site. I would like the print to be a bit darker on the turn. It often seems washed out and is getting more difficult to read as I get old and decrepit. I want to be able to BOMB somebody. I would like the MESS order to be more like 150-300 characters so a reasonable message can be sent. I would like some of the legendary characters to increase fleet repair. (they may do now and I just never noticed)