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  1. Darn Rabbits in Draco Space

    I think there might be more rabbits in the Galaxy than we feared! I have heard of the empires:- Wight Rabbit Watership Shogunate Black Warrens Everyone beware! :-) PS Plus there are pandas - Panda-Monium.
  2. Draco Galaxy turns

    I think its less about "reducing" and more about legibility. Now its a lot easier to see at a glance where on pop group's production stops and another starts.
  3. Upest and angry

    Since there was no announcement, I suspect it may be a bug on this turn. You can get around it this turn by looking at last turn's list, plus the Newly Researchable Items on this turn.
  4. Contact has been made

    The Klade have now encountered 5 player run empires. Two were at 3 jumps, 2 at 6 and one at 12. My other empire has met 2 empires so far.
  5. Contact has been made

    Two more contacts this turn:- TMB The Tumbleweed Triumvirate # 5336 'A Triskelion That Spirals Out To Encompass Itself' FSM Federal States of Mooge # 7300 'Black Background With A White Silhouette Of A Four Armed Tailless Reptilian Humanoid Gazing Up At A Shooting Star'
  6. More Items to take off turn if possible

    For those of you who are printing their turns, it sounds to me that a new section at the end called Turn Summary with the new stuff you'd like to print might be the way to go. That way no-one is confused by stuff moving from where it is now and all the details is still there when you need them. Each turn you could print the Summary section to add to your hard copy.
  7. Death

    What sort of Grim Reaper smiles and drinks? This might not be the REAL Death.
  8. Draco Rumours

    We are the Klade Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire has obliterated more tonnage of DMX shipping than any other they have encountered. Furthermore, your sources indicate that your explorers have discovered a significant number of star systems.
  9. Empire Ownership Issue

    If you want to do that, you need to find an empire with your scout ships in game, then talk the owner of that empire into giving you ownership. If the empire's Privacy setting is on, you will have to ask around to see if anyone knows who it is.
  10. Death

    And a cheery hello to you too.
  11. Superterran Star Kingdom of Rex

    Alert! Alert! Internet Political Discussion!! We all know where these lead, so I will cut to the chase to save time and friendships. I formally invoke Godwin's Law: "I am like Hitler - he wore clothes and so do I" :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8nmeNcFefI
  12. Superterran Star Kingdom of Rex

    Without wanting to get too political, the US has the highest rate of incarceration in the world (0.7% of all Americans are in jail), with almost a quarter of all prisoners in the world being Americans. Sentencing periods are generally a lot longer in the US than in other countries, especially with the three-strikes law. Some inmates no doubt deserve to spend decades in prison, but repeat offenders of petty crimes? Having said that, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and each county is entitled to handle crime in the way they feel suits their culture the best.
  13. Superterran Star Kingdom of Rex

    That is run by an inmate, Pat Smith, with whom I have just started talking. He seems fairly sane and reasonable so far :-) I can pass him your e-mail, if you like.
  14. Wormhole Generators

    I suspect you can't, but the only time I ever asked Pete to change one was when he accidentally linked a wormhole to the wrong system (and he fixed it)..
  15. Wormhole Generators

    In Andromeda, I had a network of over 100 wormholes, linking 25 home worlds, with convoy routes running through them.