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  1. We are the Klade Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire's annihilation of DMX shipping is among the largest they have come across. Also, your sources report that your industrial base is among the largest they have encountered in their travels.
  2. Traditionally, its more than "a few moments" and less than "a while"
  3. Interesting. What information are you storing about each division? I thought each division of the same type was identical.
  4. Another thing to keep in mind is Draco armies will be much smaller than Andromeda ones. With no ICE, I can't see anyone ever building 800,000 divisions. BTW, that's not a complaint, just an observation. In the end, Pete's proposed cap was to fix an internal database problem, and not to fix a game balance problem.
  5. My guess is the division cap won't be needed, but it depends on the database solution Pete finds.
  6. The 1000 ship limit isn't a huge restriction because you can always build bigger ships, How hard would it be to code in bigger divisions? Add a new tech path that opens up oversized divisions. You could then cap the number of ground units per position, but they could keep increasing the effective number of troops by building Brigades, Legions, Army Groups etc. It would take a bit of work, but there is no immediate hurry to implement the changes as no-one in Draco has too many troops yet. For example, to build an Imperial Army Infantry Brigade you would need the 1st Generation Logistics tech and 2 Imperial Army Infantry as the components. ,
  7. In Supernova, I call 100 years "short term plans". 😁
  8. We are the Klade. Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire stands firmly against the dreaded DMX, destroying their shipping whenever possible. Also, your sources indicate that your industrial base is quite strong
  9. ...or is it? Maybe its all a ploy to lead you down a false research path ..... There you go, Hobnob, all fixed. But seriously, point taken.
  10. In Andromeda, it is Light Tachyon Blaster and 100cm Spinal Rail Gun.
  11. I have been maintaining a list privately and sharing it with the contributors. The list is up to 1947 different systems so far.
  12. To answer your specific question, yes you can. All my colonisation convoy routes offload colonists and construction materials of the various types then build the mines and colonisation building in the next few orders. Eg Priority 10 - CTRN: 11111, 100 Priority 20 - LC: 11111, **, Construction Materials, 50000, Colonists, 100, Fuel, 100000 Priority 30 - MOVE: **, Mouse, 12345 Priority 40 - WARP: ** Priority 50 - MOVE: **, Elephant, 67890 Priority 60 - WARP: ** Priority 70 - NM: **, Duck, 3 Priority 80 - OC: **, 22222, ALL NO FUEL Priority 90 - CON: 43, Iron Mine, 22222 Priority 100 - CON: 34, Light Metals Mine, 22222 Priority 110 - CON: 23, Gas Refinery, 22222 Priority 120 - CON: 1,Colonial Training Center, 22222 Priority 130 - LC: 29234, **, ALL Priority 140 - MOVE: **, Duck, 55332 Priority 150 - WARP: ** Priority 160 - MOVE: **, Elephant, 74636 Priority 170 - WARP: ** Priority 180 - NM: **, Mouse, 1 Priority 190 - OC: **, 11111, ALL NO FUEL
  13. The 1000 ship limit isn't too bad, since you can always build bigger ships. The 1000 division limit is pretty severe though.
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