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  1. Lord Deependra

    What would you do?

    Yes. the initial turn results on the 14th had some problems. Pete sent a replacement out 2 hours later. Are you looking at the corrected turn or the dodgy one? "Your Supernova turn results are attached. Disregard the results sent a couple of hours ago (this version has corrected ship counts and sorted stockpiles)."
  2. Lord Deependra

    Santa Points?

    You can buy techs with SRP – leftover points from your race creation. You could only buy up to a 2nd generation tech and it cost you the remaining points needed for that tech (not counting the current turn’s research). For example if you decided to buy a second generation (costing 12) and had already researched it for 6 turns, it would cost 5 SRP – i.e. 6 points from the last 6 turns, 1 from this turn’s research and 5 from SRP. Each turn, SRPs are spent on one tech. The program will check the tech in the first slot and buy it if it is 2nd generation or less. If not, it will try the second slot and so on. Once you have put in a SRP order, one tech a turn will be purchased in this way until you either run out of SRPs or you are only researching 3rd generation techs. On the anniversary of the start of the game (around 30 September), Santa Pete will deliver you some additional SRPs to be spent on first and second generation tech (as detailed in the previous paragraph). On the first anniversary, each empire received 75 additional points. Pete has now expanded this to 3rd generation tech.
  3. Lord Deependra

    Draco Galaxy turns

    Turns! And third generation tech from Santa!
  4. Lord Deependra

    Global Exclusion

    Lists for LC (Load Cargo) and OC (Offload Cargo) have been added. During execution of an LC, ALL order, if an item is found in the Load Cargo exclusion list, that item will not load. It is skipped as if it was not present in the population group. The same is true for OC, ALL orders - items in Fleet Cargo will be skipped if they are encountered during an OC, ALL order and are listed in your OC exclusion list. To add items to your LC exclusion list, issue an LC order with the special keyword GLOBAL EXCLUDE as the first item. Example: 'LC, 12345, 25, GLOBAL EXCLUDE, EXCLUDE, Processed Radioactives, EXCLUDE, Light Beam Laser, EXCLUDE ' would add Processed Radioactives and Light Beam Laser to your LC exclude list. This order acts like a toggle, so if either or both of those items happened to be on your LC exclude list already, they would be removed. 'OC, 12345, 501, GLOBAL EXCLUDE, EXCLUDE, Fuel, EXCLUDE, Light Drone, EXCLUDE, Interceptor, EXCLUDE ' would add Fuel, Light Drone and Interceptor to your OC exclude list (or remove them if already on that list). These lists are only checked when an LC, ALL or OC, ALL order is encountered. It is also checked if you happen to enter an LC, ALL NO FUEL or OC, ALL NO FUEL order. The population group and fleet #'s entered in these GLOBAL EXCLUDE LC and OC orders do not matter, because these are global lists used for your entire empire. You can still use the ALL NO FUEL option if you like, but this system sort of replaces it - you could simply add Fuel to your LC exclude list. For example, my current LC exclusions are:- ** Imperial Cargomaster Report: Global Exclusions ** LC (Load Cargo) ... Colony Beacon ... Construction Materials ... Imperial Flag ... Improved Textiles ... Processed Radioactives ... Textiles ...
  5. Lord Deependra

    Global Exclusion

    LC, (any pop group), (any fleet), GLOBAL EXCLUDE, EXCLUDE, Construction Materials, EXCLUDE, Improved Construction Materials, and so on
  6. Lord Deependra

    Draco Alert!

    1) That's all I've seen. 2) I haven't seen any adaption on their part. 3) I haven't seen any reaction at all. Haven't seen 317.
  7. Lord Deependra

    Draco Alert!

    I've only run into one Heavy Cruiser and it was so far from my HW that it hasn't been worth my time sending warships after it. But I have more than enough fleet to treat one as a speed bump. The next big milestone will be the CORE fleets. I wonder what events will be triggered by taking out one of those?
  8. Lord Deependra

    Robotic ShipYards

    From memory, there used to be a maximum amount of tonnage that could be built per turn in a pop group. no matter how many shipyards you had, but I can't remember the number as I never expect to hit it in Draco.
  9. Lord Deependra

    Robotic ShipYards

    Shipyards build ships, not your Industrial Complexes. The Industrial Complexes are used to build the ship components eg weapons, engines and the Shipyards assemble them into completed ships.
  10. Lord Deependra


    I just remember that, in the game, Lumber is Lousy and Timber is Terrific.
  11. Lord Deependra

    Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    The difference between the different types of unit is their Tactical Ratings There are 35 different tactical ratings. Each ground unit is rated in several of these. The actual tactical benefit provided by a unit is based on the ground techs you have with that tactical rating. All units are equal in terms of damage dealt and durability. The only difference is in the Tactical Ratings. (Exception: A fortress is equal to 10 units).
  12. Lord Deependra

    Draco Galaxy turns

    Now you get to test the spreadsheets!
  13. Lord Deependra

    War Declaration

    That just means time for more popcorn! They are already fighting, so there is stuff to watch now, if they feel like sharing :-)
  14. Lord Deependra

    War Declaration

    Both those empires are in Draco.
  15. Lord Deependra

    Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    I upload any files I want to share onto my website and then post a link here.