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  1. Lord Deependra


    To answer your specific question, yes you can. All my colonisation convoy routes offload colonists and construction materials of the various types then build the mines and colonisation building in the next few orders. Eg Priority 10 - CTRN: 11111, 100 Priority 20 - LC: 11111, **, Construction Materials, 50000, Colonists, 100, Fuel, 100000 Priority 30 - MOVE: **, Mouse, 12345 Priority 40 - WARP: ** Priority 50 - MOVE: **, Elephant, 67890 Priority 60 - WARP: ** Priority 70 - NM: **, Duck, 3 Priority 80 - OC: **, 22222, ALL NO FUEL Priority 90 - CON: 43, Iron Mine, 22222 Priority 100 - CON: 34, Light Metals Mine, 22222 Priority 110 - CON: 23, Gas Refinery, 22222 Priority 120 - CON: 1,Colonial Training Center, 22222 Priority 130 - LC: 29234, **, ALL Priority 140 - MOVE: **, Duck, 55332 Priority 150 - WARP: ** Priority 160 - MOVE: **, Elephant, 74636 Priority 170 - WARP: ** Priority 180 - NM: **, Mouse, 1 Priority 190 - OC: **, 11111, ALL NO FUEL
  2. Lord Deependra

    Imperial Reforms

    The 1000 ship limit isn't too bad, since you can always build bigger ships. The 1000 division limit is pretty severe though.
  3. Lord Deependra

    Imperial Reforms

    ANZ: Imperial Reforms Imperial Reforms: A tidal wave of reforms aimed at improving efficiency sweeps across the empire. Unnecessary, duplicative bureaucratic institutions are abolished out right. Bureaucrats whose positions are deemed pointless are reassigned or are simply fired. Rules and regulations are sharply relaxed across the board with an eye toward maintaining their importance wherever possible while minimizing their impact on the overall efficiency of actually getting things done. Countless other changes are made to the government with an eye toward improving efficiency at every turn. If your government happens to be a Bureaucracy, it realizes all of these effects as well, simply making it better in every regard. As a result of instituting these reforms, the following significant effects are gained immediately: [1] Colonist influx rate boosted, [2] Industrial output levels boosted, [3] Research output boosted, [4] Legendary Character promotion chances increased, [5] The Imperial Army is capped at 1000 divisions and [6] The Imperial Navy is capped at 1000 ships. If you have excess ships in fleets or already in your shipyards, some will be flagged to be scrapped upon completion to comply with the new Imperial limits, or even scuttled directly from existing fleets. Excess Divisions in armies, fleet cargo or stockpiles, or orders to build those in excess, may be lost. WARNING # 1: Once this technology is developed, all of the above benefits and restrictions will instantly snap into place everywhere in your empire. WARNING # 2: Be fully aware of the effects on your existing fleets, armies, stockpiles, shipyards, fleet cargo and divisional build orders before enacting this technology, though you have nothing to worry about if you are below the ship and divisional limits, and simply gain the benefits out right. Classification: Horizon Technology This Item cannot be manufactured, and is either a ground combat upgrade or a prerequisite for other technologies
  4. Lord Deependra


    I draw my map in a spreadsheet., with circles representing each system and lines linking them for the warp points. Then all I need to do is drag systems around when the map needs to be re-arranged. Also, I write my fleets onto the map so I can quickly search for them.
  5. Lord Deependra

    Draco Alert!

    Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur
  6. Lord Deependra

    Draco Alert!

    No, that indicates he only did a MOVE. In my case, the message was "[warp move by empire # 9999]" PS I presume you changed the names of the systems to protect the innocent.
  7. Lord Deependra

    Draco Alert!

    I was also attacked this turn by a DMX fleet of 1 Battleship, 3 heavy cruisers and a minelayer. Unfortunately, my picket ship was overwhelmed and only managed to destroy the minelayer. My ship was picketing the only warp point out of a system with a CORE fleet. Two turns ago, an empire (not one of mine) attacked a CORE fleet with a single ship to check it was unchanged in strength. Nothing had changed from the standard ships, so he attacked with his fleet on the next turn. When he arrived, there was an additional fleet of a battleship, 3 heavy cruisers and a minelayer. He was able to destroy this fleet plus the CORE fleet, losing less than half of his fleet in the process. It looks to me that last turn, all CORE fleets generated this new standard Battleship fleet, and then sent it out this turn. If that is true, then I would expect there to be a CORE fleet 1 AP away from where Glamdring was attacked. As to how to defeat a CORE fleet, have a look at its stats. For all its firepower, it has a significant weakness that can be exploited.
  8. Lord Deependra

    Draco Alert!

    I would have to agree with the Fremen. The DMX have destroyed a lot of scouts, but they don't pose a serious threat. They are going down - at least one CORE fleet has been destroyed.
  9. Lord Deependra

    Templars Draco

    Those Darn Rabbits have met TEM The Templars # 7066 'Golden Lion Rampant On A Field Of Black'.
  10. Lord Deependra


    ANZ: Advanced Bionics Advanced Bionics: Advanced Bionics represents understanding of the concepts of meshing machines and lifeforms into a more complete being. This leads the way to development of advanced man-machine interactions and improved robotics. Classification: Horizon Technology This Item cannot be manufactured, and is either a ground combat upgrade or a prerequisite for other technologies Prerequisite Technologies: Advanced Genetics The drop off in damage is per location, (2 is 10%, 3 is 20% etc) so ships sitting way back will deal a lot less damage than those at the front. The maximum drop off is 95%, so a weapon will always do some damage, even if you deploy the ship waaaay at the back.
  11. Lord Deependra

    TKD Telchar Kazad-Dum #5731

    Does anyone know anything about this Draco empire? TKD Telchar Kazad-Dum #5731 "Forged Out of Iron Tempered by Fire"
  12. Lord Deependra

    Draco Alert!

    I ran a scout into 12 light cruisers this turn. It did not end well.
  13. Lord Deependra

    What would you do?

    Yes. the initial turn results on the 14th had some problems. Pete sent a replacement out 2 hours later. Are you looking at the corrected turn or the dodgy one? "Your Supernova turn results are attached. Disregard the results sent a couple of hours ago (this version has corrected ship counts and sorted stockpiles)."
  14. Lord Deependra

    Santa Points?

    You can buy techs with SRP – leftover points from your race creation. You could only buy up to a 2nd generation tech and it cost you the remaining points needed for that tech (not counting the current turn’s research). For example if you decided to buy a second generation (costing 12) and had already researched it for 6 turns, it would cost 5 SRP – i.e. 6 points from the last 6 turns, 1 from this turn’s research and 5 from SRP. Each turn, SRPs are spent on one tech. The program will check the tech in the first slot and buy it if it is 2nd generation or less. If not, it will try the second slot and so on. Once you have put in a SRP order, one tech a turn will be purchased in this way until you either run out of SRPs or you are only researching 3rd generation techs. On the anniversary of the start of the game (around 30 September), Santa Pete will deliver you some additional SRPs to be spent on first and second generation tech (as detailed in the previous paragraph). On the first anniversary, each empire received 75 additional points. Pete has now expanded this to 3rd generation tech.
  15. Lord Deependra

    Draco Galaxy turns

    Turns! And third generation tech from Santa!