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  1. richardjohns

    Templars Draco

    The Templars tried to take another warp point this turn. Unfortunately, the viscous rabbits noticed carrots in their holds... The Templars # 7066 [Golden Lion Rampant On A Field Of Black] Pathfinder [ROE: Q] *Templar Line* (Fleet Tonnage: 117,000) [Deploy Location 1] 1 AUXM Ranger (Medium Auxiliary - 117,000 tons [each]) <1 Colony Beacon>--<9,426 Fuel>--<100 Strike Fighter>--<9 System Beacon> -------------------------------------------------- DepLoc 1 ----------------------------------------------------------- **DESTROYED** [2nd] AUXM Ranger (Medium Auxiliary - 117,000 tons) [Integrity: 0 / 250,000] (Green, Timid) 2 20cm Gauss Gun, 5,000 Cargo Bay, 1 Drone Rack, 1 Fighter Bay, 5 Fuel Shuttle, 12,000 Fuel Tankage 2 Laser Communications Gear, 5 Light Magnetic Grapple, 3 Mk I Computer System, 25 Mk I Medium Range Sensor 1 Mk I Nuclear Jump Drive, 1 Mk II Heavy Missile, 520 Mk II Nuclear Engine, 2 Mk III Jump Survey Sensor 7,500 Selenite Battle Weave, 1 Survey Lander, 1 Type A Science Lab Gravitonic: 1,100, Missile: 3,800, Projectile: 3,200 Maneuverability: 2.00, Missile Defense: 14.60 %, Sensors: 9.70 %
  2. richardjohns

    Zulu in Draco

    What do you think about having all fleets at Zulu?
  3. richardjohns

    Darn Rabbits in Draco Space

    Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire boasts one of the most extensive colonization efforts they have seen anywhere. The rabbits awaken in a frenzied state. Two ships are destroyed on the frontier. Viscous rabbits yell Zulu, Zulu, …
  4. richardjohns

    What would you do?

    I need the turn we just got back fixed as well. It seems that both of the turns are having issues with production stockpiles which means it could be ongoing. I need to look back farther to check.
  5. richardjohns

    What would you do?

    So far I went back to the 14th turn and found that the production queue had been changed to have the iron at the bottom of the inventory with construction materials instead at the top. That was before it was revised. It seems that the production queue is being manipulated by coding. I am going to have to go through my turn with a fine tooth comb so that I can understand what is going on for the last month or longer. I will have to wait until I receive the new update before I understand it better. I still need the new turn sent to me and have sent off two emails.
  6. richardjohns

    What would you do?

    You need to go through everyone's stockpile because it is game changing.
  7. richardjohns

    What would you do?

    Could you send me a corrected pdf please?
  8. richardjohns

    Santa Points?

  9. richardjohns

    What would you do?

    I somehow missed that I have been stockpiling iron (2,000,000,000+)? and about the same amount of radioactives. What would you do with the iron? ?
  10. richardjohns

    Santa Points?

    Is Wild Weasel Drone a 3rd generation tech?
  11. richardjohns


    If you talking about gas giants included in the mix its 11. Remember, I can live on them all. One of my home systems has 7 regular planets, 4 gas giants, and 17 moons.
  12. richardjohns

    Warp Point Class J

    What we found in Draco is it is easier to crack them.
  13. richardjohns

    Game Mechanics

    Do you believe that Air Force leaders add their ECM bonus multiplier to the ATR of air transport units.?
  14. richardjohns

    Game 101

    I am still playing. However, I suspect their are less than 25. Their appear to be puppet position run by certain countries. I would guess their are 2/3 that number.
  15. richardjohns

    Returning Player Questions for Draco

    Take a breath. Your racial design combined (certain research without facilities can decrease losses) determine whether it will be ongoing. Subterranean Installation construction gives that special bonus. For a uber it has only a minor impact and does not decrease the losses enough to remove the domed city. My race is a uber colonizer. I live on gas giants to freezing worlds and only need a domed city at most. I only have one world that had issues similar to yours i.e a special high loss world and that requires a domed city and I use immigration to deal with losses. However, I cannot land more colonist until I get higher tech items. All other worlds no matter what they say take at most a domed city if you are an uber. Ideal is needed for no losses on a consistent basis. Note that once you get to higher numbers of pop immigration facilities have a difficult time dealing with losses. Build facilities and research things that reduce loses. For non uber races, I would give this advice... I would start with the Domed City. Try not to use immigration to offset losses because of the immigration cap. I would research better techs. I would remove the colonists if that does not work. P.S. You do not need anything beyond the Domed City to colonize a planet with all mines manned even if you are not an uber but that is another story.