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  1. I believe that a ground pounder with no negatives is a good choice. It is also good to colonize aggressively.
  2. Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire possesses a very strong colonization effort. They also report that your navy is among the largest they have encountered--a truly impressive display of firepower.
  3. From around the empire… The Honored One looked at over 1200 ships blinking within their home system on his battle screen. Fresh carrots were difficult to find with so many rabbits spreading out each turn. From the television of reporter Jessica Rabbit… News flash… more rabbits ships are vaporized in outlying systems… From the computer of little Mikey Bur Rabbit, pictures of 38 new shiny war ships are in the shipyards this turn. These will be leaving the system soon all set on Zulu to fight the 16 warships entering Rabbit Space. Business leaders agreed to release 33 million energy dispersion armor to the war effort. From the local newspaper from the cities on Tovias, citizens are requesting help from the home system and have noticed large ships leaving the home system bristling with weapons. From the Carrot Wall Street Journal, Carrol Rabbit has found that some colony worlds no longer need to send resources back to the home world and are using industrial complexes off world. Scientist are arguing whether landing 7K+ colonists last turn hurt are growth potentials but we shall see. From the Military News, Fleet Commander reports that rabbits everywhere are joining the growing space fleet.
  4. I would like to say I appreciate everyone's input from Andromeda. My experience is limited with ground combat. I am still going to avoid the ship limits in the imperial reforms though.
  5. As a colonizer, If you bring 2500 to the battle and we both have the same tech I will always lose.
  6. Woohoo, Just got my turns, Thanks to everyone.
  7. I am editing this I have a really bad week.
  8. Guess no turns for me tonight. 😪
  9. Thank goodness someone is making headway.
  10. Good question. Those are techs we receive on our first turn sheet that we can research.
  11. The Star Kingdoms goal is to finish all starting techs in Draco. I wanted to start a dialogue with any empire that has finished all starting tech in Draco. I am not interested in combined empires but one empire with all techs. My group is searching for any missing paths on the tech tree. We have finished about 1/3 of all known techs for Andromeda in Draco. It will be about another year before I am done with the starting set. I only have one research bonus so I am slow in this process. I will buying all the mental powers when they become available.
  12. The Libya sheep are very depressed that their enemies are refusing to attack their airbase as well. They need target practice and think they can shoot down more aircraft than their fellow sheep next door.
  13. Since you listed domed cities. If you are super colonizer the domed city will be replaced by either the Deep Core Heat Sink or the Thermal Transfer Center. These bring the worst worlds to Ideal by themselves most of the time. Then you will need to change the Convoy route.
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