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  1. richardjohns


    If you talking about gas giants included in the mix its 11. Remember, I can live on them all. One of my home systems has 7 regular planets, 4 gas giants, and 17 moons.
  2. richardjohns

    Warp Point Class J

    What we found in Draco is it is easier to crack them.
  3. richardjohns

    Game Mechanics

    Do you believe that Air Force leaders add their ECM bonus multiplier to the ATR of air transport units.?
  4. richardjohns

    Game 101

    I am still playing. However, I suspect their are less than 25. Their appear to be puppet position run by certain countries. I would guess their are 2/3 that number.
  5. richardjohns

    Returning Player Questions for Draco

    Take a breath. Your racial design combined (certain research without facilities can decrease losses) determine whether it will be ongoing. Subterranean Installation construction gives that special bonus. For a uber it has only a minor impact and does not decrease the losses enough to remove the domed city. My race is a uber colonizer. I live on gas giants to freezing worlds and only need a domed city at most. I only have one world that had issues similar to yours i.e a special high loss world and that requires a domed city and I use immigration to deal with losses. However, I cannot land more colonist until I get higher tech items. All other worlds no matter what they say take at most a domed city if you are an uber. Ideal is needed for no losses on a consistent basis. Note that once you get to higher numbers of pop immigration facilities have a difficult time dealing with losses. Build facilities and research things that reduce loses. For non uber races, I would give this advice... I would start with the Domed City. Try not to use immigration to offset losses because of the immigration cap. I would research better techs. I would remove the colonists if that does not work. P.S. You do not need anything beyond the Domed City to colonize a planet with all mines manned even if you are not an uber but that is another story.
  6. richardjohns

    Game 101

    Master Spy Baa its not about winning its all about who has the Chilled Beer 🐑. Remember if you need some just send us a postcard. It's free
  7. richardjohns

    Returning Player Questions for Draco

    A scientist for my race, has only increased one tech one RC once. I have scientist hits but they do not seem to help overall in Draco. I see your point about the brain and the colonizer. In combat that seems good to know. If your predictions about the brain vs colonizer are true does that mean I am doomed versus a ground pounder. The ground pounder is whipping me good in colonization and I am slowly falling behind.
  8. richardjohns

    Game 102

    Sandy Sheep reporting from the beaches of.... Shhhh, we are delivering the balloons, Master spy baa said. What does LCI stand for anyways and why do I have to wear this this tacky t-shirt with Spain in the summer, Sandy sheep sighed? Oh nothing, it is for a commercial, Master Spy Baa said while standing in front of a passing Tunisia Marine unit playing with balloons in the next fleet. Why can't we deliver it in cargo ships... Sandy sighed? Errr, they are all being used to transport balloons to other cities. Why of course, that makes sense now could you move that case of Children's Balloons so I can put on my makeup the breeze from the ... coast is ... We interrupt this broadcast to talk about sheep hair straightener...
  9. richardjohns

    Returning Player Questions for Draco

    I know I'm going to open a can of worms here but hey that's what I do. I do not believe that certain modifiers even do anything in game. Certain people will claim that the modifiers do something and always have but really have no information to back themselves up either way. If a modifier used to do three things even if it does one thing others say at least it is doing one. However, I say if it used to do three it needs to be boosted. I keep detailed records. I have one point of increased research. For breakthroughs and explore orders I have effectively increased by one point in one area in 51 turns. It means it is totally useless in game terms for these two things. However, for research races it does mean something in Draco not my race. I only receive the 5 percent gain. In Andromeda, it meant something for everyone. This means it has been reduced to effectively zero accept for a minor effect every 2+ years for both my empires. My race is a colonizer. However, in Draco colonization installations have been so inflated that a race that increases it production is not hampered by having to build them and can keep pace with me. Also, a research race gains the technology so fast it has no real wait time. A research race starting on a cold world with no negatives is almost just as effective as mine but gains the research bonus as well. How do I know this, I keep detailed records on different set up on large spreadsheets? There is no game balance anymore. A research race will always outpace other worlds if it starts on a cold world near asteroid belts or iron rich worlds. This is not conjecture it is because of the data. It would be nice to throw around opinions, but the data is for sure.
  10. richardjohns

    Returning Player Questions for Draco

    In Draco, I would say yes. There are neutral worlds. I have never seen any but suspect there are. However, some people have colonies on almost every world they encounter.
  11. richardjohns

    Game 102

    Sandy Sheep looks asks Master Spy Baa what are the shipyards used for? To deliver Children's Balloons for the orphans in Spain. Master Spy waves to the sheep on his right and left of Libya. Is it true that we will be trying to match shipyards with the other sheep, Sandy asked while watching Master Spy Baa have to use both his legs and Sandy's legs to count all the sheep? Of course not, they are not building new shipyards those are balloon factories, Master Spy Baa said while distracting her while making Balloon animals. We'll this is Sandy sheep signing off and reminding people to be nice to sheep even those sheep in Norway. Austria has declared war on Yugoslavia France has declared war on Switzerland Italy has declared war on Switzerland Hungary has declared war on Yugoslavia Finland has declared war on Norway Iraq has declared war on Trans-Jordan
  12. richardjohns

    Colonization Draco

    The Poll is to see how many people you have on colonies in Draco. Lets see how you compare to others. I have 60090 on other worlds for the rabbits
  13. richardjohns

    Colonial attrition

    The PMAP, I think is still useful for microorganisms only. However, it make no sense for other reasons. A world with no issues but has higher than normal losses. Worlds covered in trees but no lumber. The lines used to mean something but have no use at all in Draco. All of the installations that improve immigration are non functioning.
  14. richardjohns

    Game 101

    Reporter Sandy Sheep reporting from a party at xLondon, Are those French Battleships attacking London, Sandy Sheep asked? OMG! Those drunk French sailors sailed right into our 21 gun salute, Master Spy Baa said from the Legendary fortress walls. Yep! those are French sailors in the water floating next to the chilled beer. Sandy couldn't shake the feeling Master Spy Baa wasn't exactly telling her everything as she sipped another drink...
  15. richardjohns

    Colonial attrition

    Remember, Ideal to Extremely High have no real meaning in our game. Disregard these unless you are a colonizer. For a colonizer they mean use a colony dome if it is not err ideal. However, higher than ideal does not mean a colony dome is needed. The difference between all the ranges is nothing after I put down the colony dome. Also, note that each world has hidden potential to prevent losses until a certain level is reached. This has nothing to do with your CSV level. I would watch using the Imperial medical Centers on certain worlds in low numbers as they can cause a decrease potential of growth. In English, this means that you will say your getting growth but it will get none and reduce secondary growth factors. I currently have 13 Ideal worlds in my new empires home system without using anything. Best advantages 1. You start on a cold world. The funny thing is starting on a hot world doesn't really help with gas giants. 2. You have the best breathing. 3. You are temperature resistant. 4. You are long lived. 5. Max growth. (There is a way to equal this without facilities but you have to figure it out) Growth rate does impact your growth but also decreases the secondary potential after high levels of colonization. Each world should be tested for growth potential but only if you are bootstrapping. (i.e. you can move so many people you are limiting both potentials to minimum) I would improve my colonization bonuses. An installation does not exactly work at 100 per pop but is impacted by different things. One installation can be lot more than a hundred or a lot less. Depending on how many you have impacts your losses significantly. Certain amounts at low levels can cause more bang for your buck or a total loss.