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  1. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Thanks For the updated
  2. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Pete was on 2 times last nite and didn't say a word about any problems And also some empire could a big ground combat or a big space combat also but who knows
  3. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    The Fremen I already pissed them off i took 10,000 of his people And he already calling fowl about it And Don't leave 2 div to protect yourself know i have start point looking Shhhhhhhhhhhh I'm Hunting for The Unified World Hive # 2128 slugs
  4. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Has Anybody run across this empire OGG: The Unified World Hive # 2128
  5. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    i know i was bored is all
  6. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Wonder if we will get them on time Thursday or is it be Friday
  7. Deep Core Surveyors

    more ice-x you can drop the better you are . The less you need those deep core or you fine a allied with surplus and trade with them also
  8. Universal Gates

    Will one of those taxes is 180,000,000 for 2 billion tons of stuff the other is 120,000,000 on the other 2 billion tons so i will be glad to do it any day
  9. Combat In Draco

    Will you figured by know one of empire's would have ground combat
  10. Combat In Draco

    i did it that way in case you didn't win the war the first time around
  11. Combat In Draco

    Who has had ground combat in Draco
  12. Draco - ROE settings

    Naw it does not matter if your weak or strong you still loss ether way in battle some might take longer then others and some won't. Beside that I don't trust anybody anymore everybody is out to get you one way or other in this game
  13. Draco - ROE settings

    Just blow everybody up and let the aliens figured it out :))))))) Its a Dog eat Dog in draco anyways
  14. Official: Turns Are In Thread