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  1. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Naw you have to save the good water for Coors beer up there
  2. Draco - Galactic Directory

    It was late i nite when i wrote it and very sleepy Sorry about that The Fremen
  3. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Con, 1, Antimatter power station , Aurora Con, 1, Subterranean City, Aurora Con,1,Domed City.Aurora
  4. Draco - Galactic Directory

    I know not to trust you The Fremen I'm still trying to get a wormhole worked out HA HAHAHA
  5. Draco - Galactic Directory

    You just dont worry about it and just blast them away is how you deal with them dont treat them like a baby Isemann2 just remember one thing dont trust know one in this game
  6. Beginning Ships

    ok kool
  7. Beginning Ships

    So were can u download this Crystal Palace entry program and also does anybody know a program match warp point info to a different empire warp point info also
  8. Official: Turns Are In Thread

  9. Russ: It would be nice to update the sn entry program if possible . what i would like to see on it as fellow . 1)Make it were you can get unwanted pop group (like you drop one to many on a planet you own ) but you make it were you cant take one away from a planet you don't own 2)Make it were you can see the characters number next to there name 3)Make it were you can do eliminate design with option of All ( to get ships you will use again ) This list a wish list is all Thanks
  10. Andromeda or Draco

    Just wanted to know who playing what is all
  11. Naval Encounter Order

    I think Empire Charlie would attack both of them that is just my thoughts about it
  12. Draco Alert!

    Didn't know there was any in andromeda game
  13. Darn Rabbits in Draco Space

    My there wabbit souls rest in peace I have order NATS flag to half staff
  14. Naval Encounter Order

    mmmmmmmmmmmm Nuclear wabbit sounds good