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  1. Nym-2185

    Draco Galaxy turns

    That not nice of the elves you might look at the other game also i know my slot one didn't finish ether
  2. Nym-2185

    Santa Points?

    I did i put a item in slot 1 and it didn't finsh it ether
  3. Nym-2185

    What would you do?

    Kewl Thanks Pete for the update on them
  4. Nym-2185

    What would you do?

    Not to change subjects here , Pete how is the turns going for tonite or sometime friday
  5. Nym-2185

    Who Knows Anything About Math Spreadsheets

    lugal Thank you for the help im kind like you on stuff i learn as i go but i didn't know will to start with it
  6. Nym-2185

    Who Knows Anything About Math Spreadsheets

    It is corrected i use it all the time on a calculator i just want to change over to a spreadsheet and it not rude And I'm not world greats try to learn things from video it took me a lot of time to do the things on a spreadsheet this one has me stump is all
  7. I need help on figured out a math formula I use to convert it over to a math spreadsheet one Here is a copy of it ((C/XB)/100)A*(1+(XD/M))/100 And one more thing X there will have to have it on line one down the sheet like a1 b1 c1 so on X will change also and also M will change also and C will also change to
  8. But if your iPad has window os on it you can
  9. Nym-2185

    Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Hey Pete any word about turns tonite or will it friday afternoon
  10. Nym-2185

    Deep Core Surveyors

    You can do it thur Universal Gates i don't think you can thur wormhole routes but i can be wrong there it been abit since i played with ice
  11. Nym-2185

    Wormhole Generators

    wormhole are nice one of my route is 14 one way and 14 going back just make sure you have lots of cal for them
  12. Nym-2185

    Deep Core Surveyors

    Just think What Ice-4 will do for you if i remember right you can't go thur a warp point with ice you will millions of pieces of a ship then that way you need universal gates to do it :)) . I would start reducing your deep cores now if you are making to much it is nice to have very large stockpile of items
  13. Nym-2185

    Global Exclusion

    Ok Thanks Lord Deependra
  14. Nym-2185

    Global Exclusion

    How do you write it i did it last turn and it fail
  15. Nym-2185

    Official: Turns Are In Thread