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  1. Game 95

    It is a surprise. 1k in ldbs, 1k in laa 50 fighters on fighter cover. If that is considered undefended then I have nothing defend.
  2. Game 98

    Lord Patton- 1) You are correct- the circles are major cities. 2) the gray are/were available. Open positions for whomever wants to jump in to.
  3. Game 98

    I believe I clearly announced who I was. I have to update my signature. Dag likes making maps. They are tremendous!! So he has an interest in all the games. Thanks for the new VOPE Hamish but sorry, I hate it. I have an old PC I use for the game. Just have to keep it running.
  4. Game 98

    Canada checking in. looking for TAs jaxom@roadrunner.com
  5. Game 98

    Maybe I should try something new and dangerous- signing up for a game WITHOUT established allies. It will be a challenge to finish this game as I plan to be homeless in 2 1/2 years. Of course that's assuming I make it that far.
  6. Game 95

    Good fighters are available, you just haven't built them. You are waiting for the OTHER great American fighter. It's almost here!!!!
  7. Game 95

    Games already decided. We are just playing for second.
  8. Game 95

    Predator seems to be. After several threats of stopping during this game, he leaves without saying goodbye? Such a shame. All the more reason that the rest of the world should all concentrate on the big bad of the Balkan (BBB). Now there are some Persians, Turks and Russians in the way.... Game, set, match-The Balkans have won. Next game?
  9. Game 95

    Not by you, and for how long? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTghUoScGO8 Until the next invader.
  10. Game 95

    Corum is retaken this turn!
  11. Game 95

    I'm sure Green is willing to fill the void.
  12. Game 95

    Hey Falco, I do understand that you want to play out Choclate and Burgundy against eachother, but this is a bit obvious. I have no doubt that the Chocolate and Burgundy 'alliance' will last forever. Assuming they can save Turkey, I'm sure S.R. and Persia will have no problem sitting in their little corner of the map content with what they achieved in the first 10-15 turns of the game. I'm in danger?!? I've stopped the Greek advance and have started to retake my territory. If Greece has any surprises they will be short lived. Rebuilding all those armament factories won't be that easy. Losing that much production for even one turn is crushing. If it wasn't for Greece attacking me, your alliance would be sitting in a much better position. You would have half the enemies to deal with. Some day you should divulge the name of that genius. As for peace between Chocolate and Burgundy- I hope it last. I have already said I have other places I'd rather be. Time will tell, but keep stirring the pot Ken.
  13. V91

    THANKS! We hung in there and tried. I was a defensive battle for many turns.
  14. Game 95

    He was Czech- the first country out.
  15. Game 95

    It is a very complicated political game. Perhaps it will become clear at some point.