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  1. Scrambled I'm afraid....
  2. Don't take my posts too seriously.... I am not criticizing you for attacking Poland and Norway, I know you had no other options. And the only way to survive a game of Victory is to double team someone early in the game and hope you don't get killed by someone else, like you said we did it too. This post was my attempt at 'light banter' as you put it. Maybe I overdid it a little. Could be good old Dutch directness. Although we were a little disappointed you dropped game 100 so soon. You were going to loose, but the fight was far from over.
  3. Yeah, you're doing a great job! Three of you wipe out Poland who has no allies. Excellent work, well played! Meanwhile your allies in Scandinavia wipe out Norway who has allies, but no one close enough to really help. Another great show of your amazing skills. You and your allies then try to take on Denmark and Lowlands, but your allies seem to have resorted to just night bombing now. Afraid of that weak British tech maybe? Everything has gone your way in this game so far, except the battle for Germany and SKA3, and now you're complaining I sent some scouts into Poland? Seems a bit silly to taunt the only players that have been able to stop you so far, even if it was 4 of you against 2 of us. We'll see how this game turns out. At least you lasted longer than in game 100......
  4. I've never heard of one, and I don't think I'll be able to convert the new one to MacOS. Wouldn't know where to begin. Sorry, I guess you're stuck with Wine, Bootcamp or a virtual machine.
  5. I can't send any e-mail to Russ at the moment. Am I the only one having this problem?
  6. My biggest problem is how to handle OMG results. For all others: APD will assume success (5%) BPA will assume success DW will assume success FP will assume failure RPD will assume failure The program is not completely working yet, you cannot enter all orders and so far there is no export function, so it's not useful as a replacement for VOEP. I will give a shout when it is ready and need more testers.
  7. Just FYI, setting up #100 is a bit more complicated than a normal game. Sort of like the Y2K issue. Russ needs to test if things still work with a 3 digit game number. That's why it's taking longer.
  8. Looking for some input on this: My new program will take a turn results file and analyze it. It will then keep a predicted game state in memory that changes when you enter orders. This way it can help avoid some order failures, like using too much rail capacity or moving an army that does not exist. Now I come to some orders that have a random factor in them. For example APD. What do you think is best to do in those cases. Assume failure? Assume success? Generate a random result? The latter will change every time you change an order, so it seems a bit less helpful.
  9. Russ told me it's probably be going to be February.
  10. Alt+Enter is very buggy. I've used it often enough, but usually it doesn't add a line with a new number, but uses the same number. Adding with the (+) never gives any problems. Still a big fan of your work. Even with the 120 orders in game 95. Save and save again. Export a couple of times also works if the orders get screwed up after a crash. Really? I have never had problems with Alt+Enter.... The idea is that in a future version most orders can be given without using the order entry part at all. Like selecting a political agreement and clicking a 'Break' button will generate the appropriate BPA order. For now I am working on a versions that reads a results file, compiles tabular data from it to show shortages etc, and improving the order entry part to be more stable.
  11. Have you unzipped the package or are you running the program from the zipped folder? If you did unzip, did the help file (Victory!.chm) extract to the same folder as the executable?
  12. Tip for everyone: If you have completed an order and want to add another, press Alt+Enter And I know about the crashing after approx. 70 orders, I seem to be unable to find the root cause though. That's the problem with hobby-programmers..... Working on a whole new program though, that combines VicMan and VOEP and should be more stable (but more CPU/Memory required). Hamish
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