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  1. Guess ya haven’t heard yet. That’s ok you will soon. 😈
  2. I don’t take offense at all. I’m not a rookie player either. Been here since day one in Andromeda and Draco and even before that with SuperNova II. I’m also one of those willing to share but not on the forum and not directly. I will point ya in the right direction. The rest is up to the player. There is a HUGE learning curve with SN as there are so many things not listed in the rules about a great many things. I for one want the game to continue to flourish and new players that start the game may feel a bit overwhelmed. Rather than set them up for assimilation I help them prepare so they may have a fighting chance when the time comes.
  3. Well the game has been going since 2003 and believe me you MANY positions have been eliminated and it’s still going 😁
  4. Are you unaware that it’s possible for a space battle to end with ships still alive on both sides?? I stick by my assertion. 😊
  5. (In Miagi voice) ayi! Have guuud chance but only if there is a Grand Admiral aboard that 2 billion ton ship. Also if those DMX can’t kill that monster in about 750 battle pulses then it lives to fight again and annihilate those DMX the next turn.
  6. Maybe you have but I’m pretty sure when this news is received it won’t be good at all. In fact it will be very very bad and only gets worse. Needless to say vengeance was ours. 😈
  7. Not the same can be said of the latest target of the Irish 🐑 baaaaaahahahha😈 I’m pretty sure they will find out very soon of the disaster that befell that country. 😁
  8. Call me crazy but the girl with the wine glass is much more appealing 😁
  9. Whatever it takes. War is a nasty business. 😈
  10. ahhh the sheep master plan is finally underway. Baaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha
  11. Has anyone else not received their turns yet??
  12. Out of curiosity do you use yahoo mail to get your email from RTG?
  13. Looks like there was a small glitch.😁
  14. No doubt about it. Lots of death and destruction going on all over the map.
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