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  1. The Fremen

    Game 101

    ..... News Flash....... Breaking News from the desk of intrepid reporter Sandy 🐑. A particularly nasty bunch of ravenous man eating 🐑 were mistakenly dropped into as yet to be undetermined Spanish city yesterday. Eyewitnesses reported that the 🐑 began eating the cities industrial complexes. One resident described them as “demonios!!” Unemployment in that city unfortunately shot sky high as a result .
  2. The Fremen

    Game 102

  3. The Fremen

    Can't remember an order

    Thanks Nym!!👍
  4. The Fremen

    Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Error code: 2C171/1 thats what I got when I clicked the link
  5. The Fremen

    Game 102

    Yup that’s exactly what Spain is doing.
  6. The Fremen

    Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    You can already make one. A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 etc etc Just square the value associated with each WP and that’s your fuel modifier.
  7. The Fremen

    Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    Accurate to last drop of fuel. 😊
  8. The Fremen

    Game Mechanics

    No doubt about it. They don’t. But apparently it was believed to be so as far back as 2006.
  9. The Fremen

    Game 102

    🐑 reconquer their own lands (Check). 😈 not looking so pyrrhic after all is it? Baaaahahahahahaha!
  10. The Fremen

    Warp Point Class J

    They are but we we are bound to run into those classes in Draco. I have encountered several H’s already. Won’t be long before we run into a one of those
  11. The Fremen

    Game Mechanics

    And it’s a valid question no?
  12. The Fremen

    Game Mechanics

    That’s your prerogative. We will be waiting for you. 😈
  13. The Fremen

    Game Mechanics

    I voted yes as I believed what was posted here in 2006 several years after the last major changes. Guess it was all fake news
  14. The Fremen

    Air Transport Rating

    Ok show of hands. How many players here believe that Air Force leaders add their ECM bonus multiplier to the ATR of air transport units.? I believed they did. Raised 🤚
  15. The Fremen

    Warp Point Class J

    Divide 899213000 by 1000 and then multiply by the suspected fuel modifier of 79. My fuzzy math gives me just over 71 million tons of fuel required. 71037827 to be exact. But that’s assuming the fuel modifier progression holds from I WP to J WP.