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  1. That was a good read Hobknob. there was one item I’d like to see eventually as well. It’s listed on everyone’s starting RTD but in all my years of playing have never seen one much like that energy sapper creature. Has anyone ever seen a ‘Special Religious’. Apparently it’s a type of ground unit which would fit right in with The Fremen Hordes. 😈
  2. Your a good egg MarklenX 😁
  3. Like you said it’s the propaganda ministry😁 perhaps you’re nation hasn’t ( I’m assuming Libya) but can the same be said about the rest of your alliance? Plus how I feel about an aspect of the game doesn’t change anything about it. It is what it is. Very early drops change things drastically. France and Switzerland gave up the ghost rather early in this game. This allowed Italy to dominate for a good portion of the mid game. I hear there was some kind of truce between your group and theirs which allowed quite a buildup with little to no challenges. Libyan advances were written in stone as no nation can fight a 2 or 3 front war and expect to prevail. That’s exactly what Portugal and Spain had to deal with and as you can see the result was predictable. in game 102 we have conquered 10 IMDL10 cities and the resources to support them. That doesn’t include the 9 in our home country. With no real opposition we will just continue to build and build and do exactly what your doing in 101. Unfortunately we were able to do this because a few nations decided that the loss of one nations army and airforce was enough to cause all of them to drop 😡 Btw. We 🐑 give you this one chance to surrender and avoid the humiliation of hordes of us eating up all your choice grass. 😈
  4. it wasnt exactly by ourselves was it? Your buddy Egypt got into it too. all good though. The initial encounters didnt go well for either side but that was to be expected. Although the loss of at least 7 Queen Mary's and the heavy damage on a few more had to sting just a little. It would take nearly till the end of the game to replace those. Our losses can be replaced much much sooner( even the CV losses). Still I now know why you guys wanted to extend the game. It's a forgone conclusion as to who would emerge victorious as we wouldnt be able to fight a war of attrition. You guys have just been rolling over computer positions for far too long without incurring losses unlike our side. Its one of the unbalancing aspects of the game that cant be remedied any time soon I'm afraid.
  5. Welcome aboard Steerpike!!! yes Thursday after the Tuesday due date is usually the day we get results back but sometimes it’s Friday and on one very rare occasion we got on Saturday. Sometimes RTG has to deal with RL issues. Sometimes warmongers like myself slow things down by getting involved in big space or land battles 😁. But I can attest that in the 30+ years that I have been playing RTG games not once have they failed to post results for any game they offer. Good luck!! And Godspeed
  6. It sure does. Until an option becomes available( unlikely) that will allow fleets to transfer items carried aboard the ONLY way to do this with any degree of accuracy is to OC items onto a pop ID you control and then LC. In other words You will need a 'forward operating base'. This isnt as tough as it sounds though as this base doesnt need any pop to function. You just need to drop a colony beacon and your golden. This issue is really a pain though if there are no orbits to drop a beacon on. if your in a nexus forgetaboutit.
  7. No info on those 2 Hobo. Send an in game message and see if you get a response. also park your ships next to theirs and see if they move. If nothing for a few turns then it’s a high probability that the lights are on but no one is home 😈
  8. I believe the fleet you split off will fill up their bays with whatever ordnance is available. It won’t be based on a percentage
  9. Hmmmmmm is right. That won’t be the only aggression that won’t stand we assure you. We aren’t just your typical run of the mill 🐑 mind you. We are now a battle hardened savage warlike vicious bloodthirsty group of grazers 😈 bring it. we bleat at your supposed might...and laugh a bit too Baaaahaha😁
  10. MarklenX. the western alliance is in.
  11. Waiting to hear from one member of the alliance. So for its 4 yay. 😁
  12. Hey Mark! Im a yes vote on the condition we get to research ‘fat man’ so we can load it on our B-29’s and blow stuff up. 😂 ok still a yes if we can’t 😁 Joe Sanchez(Ireland)
  13. Just wondering if I can stop looking for turns in my in box today and begin in earnest tomorrow 😁
  14. Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire has constructed the most impressive warfleet that they have come across in their travels (other than the dreaded DMX, of course) I guess this means The Fremen have attained the top spot in this category 😈 can also be read mess with us and our giant worms will tear you a new one!! 😂
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