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  1. Returning Player Questions for Draco

    Also kinda makes you wonder what the diplomacy modifier is used for? I say get rid of it and add that modifier to something else that’s more worthwhile like the exploration modifier
  2. Draco Galaxy turns

    yet another Nor'easter coming this way but this time it looks like it will hit a bit further south. just south of where I live in Jersey by the current expected track
  3. Returning Player Questions for Draco

    I think the DMX eliminated all ‘neutrals’ there may still be some TcKon outposts about but they probably won’t be detectable unless you somehow make yourself worthy.
  4. Draco Galaxy turns

    So.... did Starship Pete weather the ion storm relatively intact? Or will she need another day to make repairs to her main reactor and communications systems?
  5. Colonization Draco

    The Fremen have 86127 total pop off world. We will be off that chart pretty soon
  6. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Looks like Pete's shields held. He was browsing the Forum 6 min ago. yay!
  7. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    And I hear there is yet another storm that they expect next Tuesday
  8. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    I just did a weather channel update on the area where Pete lives and they are currently under a Blizzzard warning 😕 Energize those MK IX Force Shields Pete. Andromeda version plz😊
  9. Colonial attrition

    That’s not very practical. How many HW’s mirror conditions on asteroid belts? I would say zero and yet that’s where all players will find the very highest concentration of the most critical resources needed.
  10. Colonial attrition

    It is for sure. Loading up colonists and dropping them off at a suitable and desirable world is a pretty straightforward mechanic. That isn’t the issue as I see it. My main concern is how to increase my population everywhere possible by the maximum possible amount. Unlike Andromeda you just can’t go and conquer another HW for some population. In Draco immigration has taken a more prominent role then it ever did in Andromeda. I believe that’s why there are so many new installations designed to improve it. The problem is that immigration seems very erratic with some worlds getting some and others never getting any. With so many colonies on many different types of worlds I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually 😊
  11. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Pete you definitely have a flare for writing very entertaining narratives
  12. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Yes up until the next Nor’easter hits which is scheduled for tonight into tomorrow 😕
  13. Colonial attrition

    Sudden decrease in immigration from the addition of an installation for one. I had kept detailed records but gave up after I realized that something wasn’t quite right. As far as random goes. I have many very large colonies and it’s ALWAYS the very same ones that get immigration. I find that to be very not random.
  14. Colonial attrition

    I have had unexpected effects from building installations. Some bad some good. That part of about random immigration isn’t quite right. While you do get random immigration the colonies you get them on aren’t. That isn’t random at all.
  15. Game 101