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  1. Game 102

    Thanks!! It was awesome and I’m still celebrating over here in the Magic Kingdom with my family. 😊
  2. Game 101

    I predict there will be more😎
  3. Game 101

    As someone said a very long time ago we 🐑 have not yet begun to fight!! 😂
  4. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    Yes colonies only. HW’s just get pop growth no immmigration.
  5. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    That installation is supposed to increase the chance of civilian immigration to the colony it is built on. And no it’s not from other colonies. Civilian immigration is basically free population that you can atttact to your colonies with the proper installations. It’s supposed to be random but my experience has shown that’s far from the case. My advice to you is if you find one that does get immigration consistently then load up on those installations on those only. It would be wasted on colonies that get zero immigration ever. I have those too
  6. Returning Player Questions for Draco

    Is this the world you were nearly ideal on? If so did you build the correct temperature installation? and 3 did you remember to make sure it had enough power to run? The deep core heat sink for example requires 25000 power to operate. You might have built it but if you didn’t power it, it’s just a nice big paperweight. 😉
  7. Game 102

    There is a 3rd possibility. That being the Spanish troops die very near where they have gathered. They can run around but they can’t hde 😈
  8. More Items to take off turn if possible

    In the very early days I saw Draco turns on Wednesday once
  9. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    In Draco saving 5 RC’s just for ground combat tech IS specializing. 😉
  10. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    But I think the big difference will be ground combat tech. To be a good ground pounder you will need good tech and to have good tech you will be skimping a bit on other tech. Ground pounders will need to specialize
  11. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    They seem to be
  12. More Items to take off turn if possible

    Well we got Draco on Friday this cycle. It happens to both
  13. Draco: Real or Fake News? Discuss...

    That stuff is pretty much useless
  14. Naval

    You won’t need you starting guards divisions for quite some time so you could DETACH your HW army and they will end up in stockpile. Then do an ANZ on each one and it will give you a hint of what techs you will need to build them. You’ll be amazed to know that those guys need generation 5 and 6 ground combat tech to actually build! Ouch!
  15. Draco Galaxy turns

  16. Game 101

    We shall see soon enough. 😈
  17. Game 101

    I don’t think funny is quite the word for what might have gone down. 😈
  18. Draco Galaxy turns

    I suspect technical issues as Pete would have posted something by now. 😕
  19. Draco Galaxy turns

  20. Game 101

    Well you did say you put some bait out there didn’t you? Now you complain that you got a few nibbles?? 😂
  21. More Items to take off turn if possible

    It happened in Draco about 1.5 years in I don’t recall getting the turn late. Speaking of which this cycles Draco turns must have run into a snag. They usually don’t take till this late on Thursday
  22. SNFindPath Problems

    Good timing Cestvel as there seem to be a few more new faces on the boards that could definitely make use of this awesome program. 👍
  23. More Items to take off turn if possible

    I had a battle way back where my 50 million+ ton unarmed colony fleet got attacked by a single enemy scout armed with 1 light magnetic grapple. The battle had to last past 700 combat rounds but apparently timed out with my colony fleet surviving the encounter. That was a close one 😊
  24. Game 102

    That’s what I figured. They aren’t suing for peace either yes? That’s a dead give a way as well.
  25. More Items to take off turn if possible

    I doubt that the battles in Draco will ever get so big as to require that much time to process. At least I’m hoping that’s the case. 😊