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  1. Convoy Route

    And it’s highly probable that you will be there again😂
  2. Deep Core Surveyors

    Yes it is. It’s what allowed the kind of resource extraction needed to build those monster warships massing in the 10’s of billions of tons in Andromeda. If a ships of those tonnages ever get built in Draco it would be an effort worth legendary status to the builder😎
  3. Game 101

    Welcome to yet another insighful report straight from the land of the sheep! Count em 8! yes 8 declarations of war so far from the tiny country of Lowlands. Who would have thought that the Dutch would have so many enemies? The game is still young so I wonder who the Dutch will declare war on next? It looks like the Germans have gotten off thier collective butts and kicked the Poles out of xBerlin. I hear the Poles are even now mounting a counter-offensive to push them right back out again. We shall see. Iceland seems to be having issues with its pilots not being able to hit ANYTHING. By contrast they drop out of the skies like flies with one airgroup suffering 50% casualty rates. We suggest a crash training program there Iceland or the war will be over quickly. There seems to be much activity in northern Africa with Algeria on a tear through Morroco. I hear it wont be long before the capital itself falls. In southern europe the waring sides seemed to have pulled back a bit and might be waiting the onset of spring. dont know why exactly. The weather in Southern France is quite pleasant this time of year. Until next time. This is the vicious savage bloodthirsty warlike sheep signing off.
  4. Deep Core Surveyors

    160-200 orders per turn?.In the 14 plus years I have played the game Ive never needed more then 2 turn sheets. I think some stream lining is in order.
  5. Game 101

    75%???? That’s some pretty rotten luck there Predator.
  6. Game 101

    Time for summary executions for pilots refusing to do their duty.
  7. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Massive coastal flooding in Massachusetts. Let’s hope Pete’s abode weathered the storm 👍
  8. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    I hear ya!! Brrrrrrr now that’s a deep freeze. I don’t think my diesel would start after that long at sub zero. The other day I added some oil and it looked like pancake syrup pouring out of the bottle.
  9. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Here’s hoping you don’t live near the coast of Massachusetts Pete. Your gonna get absolutely hammered if you are. I live on the southern Jersey coast and we are getting at least 1.5 feet maybe more.
  10. Game 101

    Actually Pete you do have a TA. Our intel operatives have informed us that Norway is a total ally of yours. He’s not doing so good at the moment but it should not preclude him from giving you something. It would also have helped just a tiny bit to have had some kind of defense other then zero.
  11. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Haha!! It’s also summertime in your neck of the woods
  12. Official: Turns Are In Thread

  13. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    oh my. Massachusetts. I avoid driving my rig there like the plague. They allow cars to drive on the shoulders even through the off ramps and they don’t use salt when it snows😕 I wouldn’t mind movin west either but in a more southerly direction 😊
  14. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Did you guys move to the east coast?? That’s the only area of the nation getting hit with a blizzard. Weather forecast for Aroura Co is 48 degrees and 🌞
  15. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    I feel your pain. We have a nor’easter comin this way and with temps struggling to get past 20 it’s not gonna be much fun 😕
  16. Game 98

    I’m assuming the reverse isn’t true? More damage because of perfect weather conditions unlimited visibility etc etc
  17. Game 98

    where TAS damage is reduced by 50%. where in the rules is this stated or was it an add on somewhere along the way.
  18. Game 101

    May the new year bring you all good tidings. Some will need more then most by the looks of this latest turn report. First off..... Italian forces seem to be having issues pacifying those pesky Swiss mountain men. Did the Italians forget that the Swiss citizens are heavily encouraged to acquire the heaviest weaponry they can afford? Looks like the Austria group is recruiting more vict.. er members to their cause. The latest seems to be Poland who has declared war on those same pesky Swiss mountaineers. Good luck there Poles. You may need more then is available. The Icelandiers fell asleep at the wheel once again this cycle. Unemployment which were already at horrid levels just shot up again. We predict rioting in the streets of xReykjavik if there aren’t riots already in progress. The Dutch declaration of war on the 🐑 last turn seemed to be a defensive measure in some way. Did the Dutch believe that We sheep would undertake some kind of hostilities vs the Dutch? Well maybe we did and maybe we didn’t. We’ll never tell😈. But I would definitely keep your guard up..... way way up Happy New Year!!!!! The 🐑
  19. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Oh but so much more fun!!!!
  20. Game 102

    All is quiet on all fronts but then the war hasn’t really started yet😈
  21. Official: Turns Are In Thread

    Massive?? hostile?? Unless you have an equally massive and hostile force to confront him it’s unlikely he is there to talk. 😊. Best of luck!
  22. Draco Rumours

    We would like to extend our warmest Christmas greetings to all SuperNova players 🖖🏼
  23. Game 101

    The 🐑 would like to extend our warmest Christmas greetings to our fellow Victory players. 🖖🏼
  24. Draco Rumours

    Your still king of the hill in DMX destruction 👍 we we are still at the top of he heap in colonization 😊
  25. Game 101

    Btw ElPasoPete It might be a good idea to defend your captitol from attack by sea. We can assure you that we will be back again and again. Just a reminder from your vicious bloodthirsty savage warlike 🐑 neighbors 😈