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  1. ZMH500

    Can't remember an order

    As Far as i know you can't stop it Wish there was a order to destroy them it would very helpful
  2. ZMH500

    Entry program

    MESS is used to sent a mess to a empire you want to talk to in the game it shows up in the next turn
  3. ZMH500

    Official: Turns Are In Thread

    That why use should be on a antimatter power plant :))))))
  4. ZMH500

    Future Resource Needs

    What i could figure out he was want to know what he need to know what to build is how i seen it
  5. ZMH500

    Future Resource Needs

    Gaseous Elements,Industrial Chemicals,,Petrochemicals,Radioactive Elements, Rare Elements,Gemstones,Grains,Precious Metals,Meat,Rare Herbs & Spices, Shenn Stones,Fibers,Fruits & Vegetables
  6. ZMH500


    I use open office drawing to make my maps
  7. ZMH500

    Division types

    It would be nice if some one would and Anz on all them
  8. ZMH500

    Official: Turns Are In Thread

  9. ZMH500

    Holiday Greetings

    Best Wishes to everyone and Happy New Year