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    destroying aspirations through tactical use of plausibly deniable methods. World and/or Galactic Conquests. Using accents from different parts of the United Kingdom (ok, maybe not Wales) to annoy people at work and in my personal life. Games. Those are fun too.

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  1. Just gonna get some popcorn and enjoy the fun!
  2. I guess i would look at it the same way i would look at intelligence in the political world... State secrets are hard to keep. There are actors/[players who are adept at obtaining and/or discerning information. There are those that are less so. Most of the information is somewhat available, either privately or more publicly. Most will not oppose the public discussion of "lower level" intel. Higher level intel is more likely to be controversial. There are those who want to keep information closely guarded, and those who want to open-source information. They usually do not agree Although the game involves conquest, it also involves exploration, and learning the game itself. Some people prefer conquest, some exploration and building. If the game was closed ended, then conquest/scoring would be more of a priority. This game is open ended, which does not remove conquest. but tilts the balance somewhat towards exploration and building. If too many players are eliminated, the game will likely die. Life is always an entertaining tradeoff Good hunting!
  3. Thank you for doing this, it is a lot of work and is well done!
  4. But what is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
  5. I think the Tea Tree Oil Empire destroyed the Fungal Infestation... (sorry, bad natural medical remedy humour)
  6. I got mine, but I am a nice person and don't use Yahoo Not that the first statement is true and the two are not related...
  7. I received mine on schedule! If only the idiot entering the orders would start doing a better job... oh wait. that is me... 🙃
  8. well, on the almost 5th year anniversary of the last post.... Amlodipine Imperium #6557, Union Jack Over the Galaxy.
  9. The key is to make a list and check it twice... oh wait, different list...
  10. Did the directory materialize?
  11. Thanks, will do. Fun scouring the last 15 years of forum posts Great to find a fun, challenging game as well!
  12. well speaking from the perspective of someone doing their 5th turn this week, any insights into more versus less useful techs is appreciated. I have done ANZ on anything that I can, so have some general ideas, but ideas without context are, well of variable value... Thanks!
  13. Thanks, as a new player to SuperNova: ROE, this is quite helpful. (not new to gaming, did Starmaster, Beyond the Stellar Empire, and Victory (about a decade ago). It is good to see that there is an active group of players. I am just hoping I do not get stomped early on in the game... Amlodipine Imperium Union Jack Over the Galaxy
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