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  1. Landmine, I think Hobknob is correct. I, too, know that a few empires have encountered nonactive empires and conquered them. Just play your planed strategies and keep a strong defense network. Happy hunting.
  2. Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire possesses a very strong navy, boasting more firepower than most others that they have encountered.
  3. Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire possesses a very strong navy, boasting more firepower than most others that they have encountered. Interstellar trading and rumormonger dens were buzzing with activity as word poured in concerning no less than three major worlds falling to neighboring district governors recently. It has become quite clear that basic Bastion defenses are highly suspect in even reasonably developed regions. Construction of superior fortified defenses, fast-tracked pursuit of advanced armor and space combat weaponry, forging of strong defensive pacts to discourage attacks or simple conscription of massive armies combined with heavy ground combat research investment are all likely required at this point in even moderately dangerous areas of what has come to be known as the Draco star cluster. Rumors of an impending Annuit Coeptis # 7358 ground assault were confirmed when their divisions deployed via orbital drop pods in a massive invasion of the Imperium Romanum Sol # 6905 home planet. The friendly terrain and superior ground combat technology aided the defenders greatly as they took up key positions to repulse the attackers, but it was to no avail as the superior Annuit invasion force overcame every obstacle placed in its path to subjugate the targeted planet. The fair Annuit citizens never expected to see the dread 'Binary Ship Sailing A Sea Of Corpses On A Black Flag' flying over their cities, but on this day their fate was sealed. Perhaps they should have constructed superior space defenses to prevent such a thing from ever occurring, but consideration of such matters was behind them now..... House Agano # 9587 naval forces recently engaged and obliterated Alcornia # 8174's homeworld space defenses in a surprise attack. The Alcornians put up a good fight but were no match for the enormous House Agano Dreadnaught that shrugged off even their most devastating strikes. Soon thereafter, Agano divisions deployed via orbital drop pods and rapidly overran the Alcornian ground forces, easily overcoming their defensive measures with both superior numbers and technology. In a separate simultaneous engagement an even larger House Agano # 9587 ship--this time a massive Battle Dreadnaught-- engaged and obliterated the space defenses of the Watership Shogunate # 5977 homeworld. The Shogunate fought valiantly, but they were both outclassed and outgunned. Debris from the battle in orbit was still raining down upon their beloved homeworld when House Agano troopers began arriving on the surface. The outcome was never in doubt as Agano soldiers moved from one city to the next, quelling all resistance in short order. The flags of both vanquished empires--the Alcornian 'Unicorn With A Black Background And Stars' and 'Wight Rabbit Skull And Crossed Bones On Black Background' of the Watership Shogunate--were each replaced when the somewhat perplexing House Agano 'White Rabbit In A Snowstorm' was raised in their stead..... Note - edited just to add some blank lines to make this post a bit less stressful on your eyestalks --Pete
  4. Still getting good reports. And congrats to Empire 5098. ========================================================================================================================= Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire's navy is among the largest they have encountered, boasting a most impressive display of firepower. Rumors of an impending DragonianX # 9367 ground assault were confirmed when their divisions deployed via orbital drop pods in a massive invasion of the Urodelan Realm # 5098 home world. The friendly terrain and superior ground combat technology aided the defenders greatly as they took up key positions to repulse the attackers. In some cases the fighting came down to hand to hand combat, claws flashing, poisonous stingers striking true and mighty jaws snapping shut on both sides. In the end the defenders held strong, overrunning every DragonianX beachhead in dramatic fashion to maintain control of their beloved home planet. Proudly waving flags bearing their 'Triangle Of Three White Stars On A Dark Blue Background', Urodelan soldiers were cheered on by throngs of grateful civilians during spectacular world-wide celebrations....
  5. Good job, Grey Raven. It takes a lot of effort to put it all together. Bravo. The Wiki looks good. Thank you.
  6. Now that, sir, is what I'm talking about. I agree with you. I'm not for giving a guide on public forum for, say, siege plasma hellbores. Something up around gen 4 to act as guide only. They still need to do whatever is in their game plan. The learning curve is how to actually implement all that tech into useful defenses and offensive strategy. As you know, high tech doesn't guarantee success in this game. Lol. I will never tell anyone how they should run their empire. I give pros and cons to different situations so they can make their own decisions. That advice only goes in private conversation and on individual cases. Happy hunting.
  7. Oh. It seems I found a topic to get someone to post in public forum again. See I did a good thing. Ok. John makes a point that I agree with. I don't think the game would die, but it's hard to recruit new players if they don't believe they'll have a chance to grow after spending money to play if some greedy troll (no offense if your empire race is trollkind) comes in and mows him down to begin over. Yes. I know ships can survive. Note past responses that I've been playing over 10 years. Been in a few skirmishes. I wasn't trying to mean it in a literal sense. I forgot that you have to be crystal clear in things with some people bc they'll miss the ocean for the waves. If you don't understand that reference it's on purpose. Not digging on you, Fremen. Please, don't take offense. I'm no rookie player. My opinions are like everyone else's, mine. If the old players are so afraid that new players might find out some high end tech, maybe they should stick to Andromada and leave Draco to modern thinking folks. I've got a lot of positive feedback from younger (not age related) players for what I've said about sharing tech. If I give a guy reqs on negative nova cannons today, how long would it be before he could build them? (Not asking literally so don't crunch the numbers and think I should hear the total) I'd be farther ahead in my development. I shouldn't have to explain this. If you've played this game for years, you should know this already. Everyone has different strategies. I only asked one simple question and this has blown up into ridiculous theory. Lol. But, I got some new posts on the board. Something good has come out of it. I was beginning to think no one was active on this forum. So, thanks for all the input. I've had fun. I've even met some new friends. And that's why I like to play this game. So, happy hunting out there. Don't let the machines blast you into oblivion. If they do get the T-shirts. Lol. Good luck.
  8. In Yoda voice: Learn you have not. About chances this is not. Search oneself you must. Hmmm....Yes. Berry berry interersting.
  9. Well I've noticed there's long periods of time between last posts in other threads. Lol. Secret Squirrel pm stuff I suppose. All good. I don't mind the dialogue back and forth. I enjoy the talk, personally. I did suspect you were getting at newbies who just expect to be shown the light, so to speak. When I started I was gifted an old copy of the rules. I received some help to get my economy setup for balance. For the next 7 years or so I found everything else the hard way. Then I met a couple of players who had complied a ton of info on weapons and other stats of the game. I had most of everything on the massive list and several things they didn't. I added my info to their list bc I thought it was a great idea. Imagine if you could plan your empire to be strong without spending a couple hundred dollars and 3 years on tech you can't use at all. I'm not talking going up to 8th gen techs. It still takes years to research the tech and, if you're so advanced, the lower tech shouldn't worry you. I think something like that would help bring in new players to the game. I don't see the issue over it. Someone asking about one tech indicates to me that they, probably, have a lot of other techs done. I think strategy has more in play than techs. When DMX shows up with 60k ships with 20 cm Gauss Guns, do you really think your 2B ton ship with 5k Negative Nova Cannons has a chance? If you have a FC of 1? My point is it's not the tech research you should fear. And giving some small info to a player you don't know might benefit you in the long run, like when he takes out the DMX Core on your border or sends aid in your repulsion of an invading empire. All I was trying to do was see what I had missed for the last several years of looking, but not really needing, one piece of tech. Now I must do my orders for this cycle. Look forward to my new friends response.
  10. Well I see I touched a nerve here. So let me see if I have this straight. This forum is full of people sharing information about the game. Then, it seems, it's become taboo to share information because some players fear another player might use that information to attack their empire. But, those players see nothing wrong with destroying anyone else's empire. Ok. If you'd like to keep your information secret then don't answer a request or post that information. You all want to use the "hard work effort to get this information" as an excuse, it seems. I'm not worried about the trade or war aspect bc I've been attacked by ppl who pose as ally, then hunt until they ran into home sys. I, sir, expect attacks and that's part of the game. So go ahead and gang up on me for asking a simple question and then speaking up for the guy who helped me. He didn't give me the whole pathway. You should be happy. And if you're so worried that a player getting one tech might take out your empire, then you're not prepared properly. Build another 100B ton ship and go destroy some weaker guy's budding empire. I don't care. If making me out to be the bad guy and desiring to find and wipe me out makes you feel better, I don't care. I've done no wrong to you or Hobknob. Players have different styles like we all have different opinions. I can disagree with someone without it bothering me so bad I've got to hunt his empire down. So if everyone's through hammering on the new poster, can we get back to playing the game? Hobknob, I'm sorry if my ideas don't line up with yours. I just disagree with the fear of someone getting a tech that anyone has the probability of getting coming to rule the universe. My apologies, sir. So...Spinal Meson Accelerator is the secret weapon to destroy the other empires...🤔
  11. Maybe so. As a true gamer, though, I play because I enjoy the challenge of solving the game. I want others to enjoy the game as well. There's plenty of universe to work in so I believe in fairness. Most of the older players I encountered when I first started in Andromada wouldn't even attempt a purposeful battle with anyone unless they were comparable in development. I'm glad that Pete made the AI in Draco "smart" bc it's more interesting than just dropping troops on their planet for takeover. You actually have to battle DMX and they're evolving.
  12. I could see your point if you were so secretive and not sharing things yourself. To lash at another player who decides to help someone seems a bit harsh to me. I'd help anyone if I could, even if I saw them as enemy to my empire. I've run into several other empires so far. I see DMX as the common threat to all empires. I'd rather work on taking out the machines than other active players. I wasn't trying to flame on you. Just sticking up for someone kind enough to answer my question. I have a few techs I've researched for years trying to find after recovering certain "freebies". That was the one that's been evading me after all the hunting and research I've put into it.
  13. Gee, Hobknob, I didn't know you owned the rights to asking about a tech. I noticed some posts that you've shared information about strategy, technology, and other such informational help in the past. I'm not new to the game. I've been playing for around10 years. I left Andromada bc of the "old hands" who roll their super dreadnauts into your 2 year old empire and wipe out all the money and time one has to invest to enjoy the game just bc they were so advanced. And the super pac alliances of 10 players who can't advance on their own without help. I've been looking for this tech since 2009. Thank you, Lord Deependra, for the info. Glad you didn't post the whole pathway. Who knows what that would've gotten as a jealous response from his Highness.
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